For riders, brands, and tour operators alike, the Milestones motorcycle adventure map is a unique way to chart ride reports in geographical context by linking to existing blog, forum, or social media posts, as well as being a powerful research tool.

Here are seven examples of how different Milestones members use the motorcycle adventure map. Click on the map images to explore each set of Milestones in more detail.

Tour Operator

Kaapstad Motorcycle Adventure Tours blog about their past tours and their recce rides around Southern Africa. Each blog post is linked to from a Milestone on the map, which illustrates the geographical scope of the company’s activity and helps with its search engine optimisation.

Kaapstad Motorcycle Adventure Tours - Milestones in Southern Africa

Kaapstad Motorcycle Adventure Tours – Milestones in Southern Africa

Sponsored Rider

Adventure Spec sponsors Lyndon Poskitt on his round-the-world journey (as well as supporting his entry in the 2017 Dakar) and produces the “Races To Places” video series. Each episode of the series is represented by a Milestone on the map, which in turn links to the Adventure Spec blog.

Lyndon Poskitt Races to Places journey

Lyndon Poskitt’s Races to Places journey

Brand Riders

The Milestones map display can be filtered to only show riders using a particular brand. Brand members like Giant Loop can extend that even further by linking Milestones to their own blog posts about riders.

Giant Loop Riders Milestones

Giant Loop Riders Milestones

Charting Journeys

The most common way the Milestones map is used is to chart individual rides, whether they’re weekend trail adventures or long-term journeys. All the Milestones in these four examples link to the riders’ blog posts, but could just as easily link to forum ride reports or social media posts.

Rachel Lasham - Wander on a Honda

Rachel Lasham’s Wander on a Honda journey

Two Bikers One World

Anders and Petra Stridfeldt’s Two Bikers One World journey

Adventures in Yellow

Norman and Maggie Magowon’s Adventures in Yellow journey

Nigel Grace across the USA

Nigel Grace’s journey across the USA


To learn more about how Milestones work and how you could add your own, read the FAQ.


Iain Harper