The first day of Spring dawned cold and grey over North West London as hundreds of adventure motorcyclists gathered at the iconic Ace Cafe for the annual ‘Overland Adventure Day’.

Rally Raid Products, the UK-based specialist motorcycle engineers, was there to showcase the latest version of its CB500X Adventure – exactly a year from the debut of the original production machine.

Watch the video (above) to hear Rally Raid’s Jenny Morgan explain all the features of the new bike and why she believes it’s the “perfect solo adventure machine.”

2016 Overland Adventure Day at London' Ace Cafe

2016 Overland Adventure Day at London’s Ace Cafe

Based on the renowned Honda CB500X, the Rally Raid ‘Adventure’ conversion is a compact, twin-cylinder, all-terrain adventure bike that uses a unique combination of high-quality suspension and spoked wheel components, engine protection, and luggage accessories to turn the affordable, entry-level Honda into a truly capable and versatile adventure motorcycle.

The foundation of the Rally Raid modifications is a comprehensive reworking of the original budget suspension that transforms the quality of the ride and handling, with an increase in travel to 170mm both front and rear. The CB500X Adventure uses a high-quality fully-adjustable rear shock and unique internal fork components developed in conjunction with European suspension specialists TracTive Suspension.

The all-terrain specification also includes a pair of heavy-duty spoked wheels (with a 19” front rim) to replace the original cast aluminium 17” front and rear wheels.

As well as a standard tank range in excess of 250 miles thanks to the refined and exceptionally frugal 471cc parallel twin engine, the Honda CB500X offers the reliability required of a serious long-distance, all-road adventure motorcycle. During the past year, Jenny Morgan has proved that point over the course of tens of thousands of miles through some of the harshest riding conditions available.

The conversion kit has been designed primarily for existing owners to fit themselves. Its increasing popularity means customers are now sourcing either second-hand or brand-new CB500X models specifically to convert – as this still remains a very affordable option for those wishing to create a personalised and genuine all-road adventure-ready motorcycle.

For UK customers, Rally Raid Products can supply CB500X Adventure conversion kits or a full turn-key option where they’ll convert a brand new 2016 bike on your behalf. In the USA, the conversion kits are available from Rally Raid’s distributor, Giant Loop, who’ll be exhibiting two CB500X Adventure bikes at this May’s Overland Expo in Arizona.

2016 Rally Raid CB500X Adventure

2016 Rally Raid CB500X Adventure


Iain Harper