Bed Racks for F150

    Bed Racks for Ford F150

    If you are looking for a bed rack for F150, you have come to the right place!

    Bed racks are one of the most useful truck accessories out there today. They have a high weight capacity (over 900 lbs) and let you mount heavy gears like mountain bikes, kayaks, roof top tents, etc with ease.

    As Ford F150 is a very popular truck, tons of brands out there make bed racks for it. So in the article, we will be reviewing 5 of the best bed racks for f150 currently on the market and answer a few questions you might have about bed racks in general. Without further due, Let's jump right into it.

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    4 Best Bed Racks for F150 (2023)

    Freedom Bed Rack for Ford F150

    OVS Bed Rack for F150

    #1 Best Bed Rack for F150

    Overland Vehicle Systems Freedom Bed Rack is an adjustable bed rack that is perfect for the Ford F150. It offers a degree of performance that no other bed rack on the market today can match.

    It comes with a dynamic weight capacity of 450 lbs and a static weight capacity of 1350 lbs -- this should be more than enough for you mount heavy equipments and gears like roof top tents, kayaks, mountain bikes, etc.

    Freedom F150 Bed Rack comes equipped with 4 heavy-duty towers, 2 long bed sidebars, and 2 heavy-duty crossbars, and it also comes with all the required equipments you need to install it on your F150.

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    • Height Adjustable Design
    • Super Easy Installation
    • High Static Weight Capacity
    • Built-in T-slot channels
    CBI Bed Rack for Ford F150

    CBI Bed Rack for F150

    Best Premium Bed Rack for F150

    CBI F150 bed rack is one of the best premium-quality bed racks available for F150. It comes in cab height and is available in 2 different lengths (5.6" and 6.5") and fits all F150 models from 2004-2021.

    The static weight capacity of this rack is about 900 lbs. Even though it's not as high as the Freedom rack we saw before, it is still more than enough to mount roof top tents and other heavy gears without any issues.

    One of the top features of this rack is its assembly and installation process. It comes with a bolt-together assembly process that lets you assemble the rack in minutes and a super simple installation process that enables you to install the rack without any drilling or modifications to your F150.

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    • Fits all 2004-2021 F150 models
    • Highly durable
    • 900 lbs Static Weight Capacity
    • No Drill Installation
    Venture Bed Rack for Ford F150

    Putco Venture Bed Rack for F150

    Best F150 Bed Rack for Mounting Roof Top Tents

    The Putco Venture Tec Rack is a solid yet lightweight rack that will complement the elegant appearance of your F150. This bed rack has a static weight capacity of 1000 lbs and a dynamic weight capacity of 600 lbs and comes with all the required pieces of equipment you need to mount your roof top tent.

    While most bed racks are manufactured in China, the Venture F150 Bed Rack is made right here in the United States; thus the quality of the materials is unrivaled.

    As for the construction, It is made using lightweight and durable 6061 T6 Aluminum and is designed to be very easy to install without any drilling to your Ford F150.

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    • 1000 lbs static weight capacity
    • CNC 7 Axis Bending creates a sleek look
    • Lightweight and Durable
    • Includes roof top tent mounting kit
    • Made in USA
    ADD Bed Rack for Ford F150

    ADD Overland Bed Rack for F150

    Most Innovative Bed Rack for F150

    Addictive Desert Designs overland bed rack for F150 elevates form and function to new heights. The rack is made of a combination of tube and plate steel, giving it a one-of-a-kind appearance. Slotted mounting holes on the side rails and center cross members allow you to mount any accessories you want.

    Constructed from Plate steel with Hammer black powder coat finish, This rack is extremely sturdy, allowing you to mount heavy items on top, such as rooftop tents, mountain bikes, paddleboards, etc. Like the other racks on this list, ADD F150 bed rack can also be installed without any modifications to your truck.

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    • Heavy-Duty Plate Steel Construction
    • Uses a clamp mounting system
    • Sleek Look
    • Heigh weight capacity
    • Made in the USA

    F150 Bed Racks FAQ

    Can I use these F150 bed racks to put roof top tents?
    Yes, practically any roof top tent can be mounted on these bed racks.

    How much weight can these racks hold?
    On average, The above f150 bed racks can hold anywhere from 900 lbs to 1350 lbs.

    What are they made using?
    While a couple of the racks are made using aluminum, others use bare and plate steel.

    How much do they weigh?
    On average, they weigh anywhere from 50 lbs to 100 lbs.

    Is there a T-Slot channel?
    Yes, all of the racks include many t-slot channels at the top for easy hard mounting and tying down of gear.

    Are they easy to install?
    Almost all the racks above are super easy to install and don't require any drilling or modifications to your truck.

    Got Questions about F150 Bed Racks?

    Overland Junction can assist you in buying the right bed rack for your Ford F150. If you have any more questions or concerns before making a purchase, please browse our website or contact our customer service department by phone or email at 833-205-7703 or

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