Roof Racks

    Best Roof Racks in 2024

    A great roof rack is usually the first addition to any vehicle you want to adventure with. It lets you dramatically increase your gear carrying capacity, from a cargo case to kayaks, bikes, roof top tents, and more.

    But do you need one? It depends what you're trying to carry. For lighter gear, your factory rack might work great. Check your owner's manual to see the weight capacity of your factory side rails or crossbars.

    Or, if you have raised side rails but no crossbars, you might just want a solid pair of after-market crossbars like the OVS Freedom Bars.

    And if you're totally unsure on what you want or need, simply reach out to us! We'd love to help.

    But if you think you want a full-fledged rack so you can take your adventures to the next level, check out the info below - these racks are worth the investment!

    Prinsu Rack on Rav4

    Roof Racks by Vehicle

    Click your vehicle below to see a guide (when there's multiple racks) or a product page of a great, high-quality rack. If your vehicle isn't listed here, there are almost certainly still good options. You can search yourself - look for racks that can handle the weight of whatever you want to haul - or reach out to us for support.

    Toyota Subaru Ford Jeep Lexus More

    Don't see your vehicle listed here? Reach out to us and we'd be glad to help!

    Crestone Sherpa Roof RackSherpa Rack with Aspen V2 Freespirit4runner roof rack Prinsu

    Have Additional Questions About Roof Racks?

    If you have questions about finding the best roof rack for your car (even if yours isn't listed above), don't hesitate to reach out - we're always happy to help! Contact our team by text or phone at 833-205-7703 or email at

    Prinsu Rav4 5th Gen Roof Rack
    Rav4 Prinsu Roof Rack front angle
    Prinsu Toyota Rav4 Roof Rack
    Sale price $799.00 Regular price $899.00 Save $100
    Prinsu Full Non-Drill 4Runner Roof Rack (2010-2024)
    from $899.00 Regular price $999.00 Save $100