9 Best Roof Top Tents for Trucks

    Top Roof Top Tents for Trucks (Review)

    Looking for the best roof top tent for your truck? Then you have come to the right place!

    Because of how comfortable they are to sleep in and easy to set up compared to ground tents, Roof Top Tents are now more popular than ever. They genuinely elevate your overlanding experience to a whole another level.

    In the following sections, we will review 9 of the best roof top tents for trucks currently available on the market and answer a few common questions you might have about RTTs. Without further due, let's jump into it.

    Freespirit Evo roof top tent on a Toyota Tacoma

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    Best Roof Top Tent for Trucks (2023)

    OVS Nomadic 3 on Tacoma

    Nomadic 3 Roof Top Tent for Trucks

    #1 Best Roof Top Tent for Trucks

    Overland Vehicle Systems' Nomadic 3 roof top tent is made of Marine Grade Canvas and is one of the toughest roof top tents for trucks on the market today. It is large enough to sleep three people and was designed to keep you secure and warm even in the most terrible weather.

    The Nomadic 3 is not only robust but also quite comfy to sleep in. All Nomadic tents from Overland Vehicle Systems include a built-in 3" thick memory foam mattress to ensure a restful night's sleep! Plus, the windows include an insect screen to keep the mosquitos from entering inside the tent.

    Nomadic 3 is available in a variety of sizes. If you're searching for a smaller size, Nomadic 2 is a good option (Sleeps 2 people). However, if you need a larger size, Nomadic 4 is the way to go (sleeps four people).

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    • 3" Memory Foam Mattress
    • Available in Multiple Sizes
    • Insect Screen Windows
    • Mounts on most Trucks
    • LBad Weather Protection
    Evo Roof Top Tent on White Tacoma

    FSR Evolution Roof Top Tent for Trucks

    Best Hard Shell Roof Top Tent for Trucks

    Even when you're deep in the woods, camping with Evolution will make you feel like you're in a 5-star hotel. It provides a degree of comfort that is absent in most roof top tents out there. It's without a doubt one of the best hard shell roof top tents.

    The FSR Evolution has a built-in foam mattress that is extremely comfortable to sleep on. It is designed to accommodate 2-3 people and comes with a tri-layer body to keep you safe and comfortable in adverse weather conditions.

    When you install a roof top tent on your truck, you will notice a slight decrease in MPG. FSR Evolution, on the other hand, isn't like that at all. It boasts a low-profile, aerodynamic design that has no effect on your truck's MPG.

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    • Tri-Layer Body Protection
    • Sleeps 2-3 People
    • Low Profile Design
    • Built-in Boot Bags
    • Automated Setup and Takedown
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    Adventure Manual Roof Top Tent on Blue Toyota Tacoma

    Adventure Manual Roof Top Tent for Trucks

    Best Affordable Roof Top Tent for Trucks

    Although the Adventure Manual looks like a softshell tent, it offers the same level of comfort as a hard shell roof top tent. It has everything a good beginner tent should have, including easy setup and takedown and a low-profile design.

    The Adventure Manual can accommodate up to two people for sleeping. You could try to cram three people in there, but it can get crowded. While the included mattress isn't super cozy, it's good enough for getting a decent night's sleep.

    The Adventure Manual's body is made of 600D Poly-Oxford fabric and a robust & lightweight metal frame. It also comes with a 210D Poly-Oxford Rainfly to keep the water from entering inside during heavy rainfall.

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    • Sleeps 2 people
    • 60 seconds setup
    • Durable Body Construction
    • Premium Rainfly
    • Low Profile Design
    Vagabond Roof Top Tent on Black Toyota Tacoma

    Roam Vagabond Roof Top Tent for Trucks

    Most Durable Roof Top Tent for Trucks

    The Roam Adventure Vagabond is a sturdy, all-weather truck roof top tent with one of the best memory foam mattresses on the market. The mattress is about 3" thick and includes an anti-condensation mat underneath to prevent moisture build-up.

    Vagabond comes in three sizes: The smallest size - Vagabond lite sleeps two, The medium size - Vagabond sleeps three people, and the largest size - Vagabond XL sleeps four people. All three tents are super durable and built to handle extreme weather conditions.

    Setting up and taking down Roam Vagabond is fairly simple and straightforward. It shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes. Also, If you need extra sleeping space, Vagabond has an option for you to add an annex to it.

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    • Sleeps 2-4 people
    • Very Durable
    • Handles Bad Weather Conditions
    • Straightforward Setup
    • 3" Memory Foam Mattress
    TMBK Roof Top Tent on White Toyota Tacoma

    OVS TMBK 3 Roof Top Tent for Trucks

    Best Cheap Roof Top Tent for Trucks

    If you are looking for something cheaper than the FSR Adventure Manual, then the OVS TMBK 3 is a perfect choice. It is big enough to sleep three people and weighs only 100 lbs (110 lbs if you include the ladder).

    TMBK's body is made of ripstop canvas with a waterproof rainfly, enabling it to withstand adverse weather like a pro. In addition, all hinges are made of heavy-duty stainless steel for long-term durability.

    TMBK also includes a 2.5" high-density mattress and a built-in skylight window, making it ideal for nighttime stargazing right from your mattress. It also comes with a universal mounting construction, making it easy to install on your truck.

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    • Sleeps 3 people
    • In-built Skylight Window
    • 2.5" Memory Foam Mattress
    • Lightweight (100 lbs)
    • Universal Mounting Construction
    Bundutec Bunutop Roof Top Tent on White Truck

    Bundutec Bunutop Roof Top Tent for Trucks

    Best Electric Roof Top Tent for Trucks

    BunduTec BunduTop is a premium hard shell roof top tent featuring amenities that no other roof top tent has. BunduTop, unlike other RTTs, can be opened and closed with the touch of a button. And to make it easy for you to connect your solar panels, It comes with solar wirings built into it.

    One nice option of this tent is that you can enter it from any of the four sides, and when all of the windows are completely open, you get a fantastic 360-degree view of the nature around you. If you want more space, there is also an option to install an additional room.

    Bundutec's body is comprised of aluminum and a strong 300gsm rip-tech canvas to keep you safe and comfortable even in adverse weather conditions. Plus, It can endure high gusts of up to 50 mph without any issues.

    Starting at



    • In-built Solar Wiring
    • 360 Degree View
    • Withstands High Gusts
    • Electric Setup Process
    • Optional Annex
    High Country 80 roof top tent on Grey toyota tundra

    High Country 80" Roof Top Tent for Trucks

    Largest Roof Top Tent for Trucks

    Manufactured from high-quality materials, The GoFSR High Country 80" sleeps up to 5 people and is one of the largest rooftop tents currently available.

    High Country 80", like the Evolution, comes with a tri-layer body construction to keep you comfortable regardless of the weather conditions. Plus, It includes a premium rainfly to keep the water out during heavy rainfall.

    Given its size, one may anticipate it to be hard and time-consuming to set up and take down; nevertheless, that is not the case! The High Country 80"s revolutionary design makes it extremely easy and quick to set up and takedown. The entire process can be completed in less than 60 seconds.

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    • Sleeps 5 People
    • In-built rainfly
    • 60 Seconds Setup
    • Tri-Layer Body
    • Premium Mattress
    Eezi Awn Stealth roof top tent on black truck

    Eezi Awn Stealth Roof Top Tent for Trucks

    Best Premium Roof Top Tent for Trucks

    Designed to sleep 2 people, Eezi Awn Stealth features a lightweight aluminum body with 260 Teflon-coated polyester ripstop material, which is robust enough to keep you safe in inclement weather.

    Stealth comes with double-size 80mm thick laminated mattress with a quilted surface. It's a high-quality mattress that's quite comfy to sleep on. Furthermore, to keep the cold out and you comfortable on chilly winter evenings, the tent's roof and floor are completely insulated.

    You can set up and take down the Eezi-Awn Stealth in around 10-15 seconds. All you have to do is undo latches and gently lift the tent upwards, and you're done.

    Starting at



    • 80mm Thick Mattress
    • 30 Seconds Setup & Takedown
    • Insulated Roof & Floor
    • Lightweight Body
    • Includes Rainfly
    Badass Tents Recon roof top tent

    Badass Tents Recon Roof Top Tent for Trucks

    Best Low Profile Roof Top Tent for Trucks

    If you are looking for a low-profile and slim roof top tent for your truck, then the Recon by Badass Tents is perfect for you. Made in the USA, Recon weighs only 135 lbs and is spacious enough to sleep 2 people comfortably.

    The Recon pop-up roof top tent blends the stylish external shell with the rigid frame to create the ideal balance of style and space. Plus, You can mount this tent 1" above your truck's roof, significantly reducing wind drag and noise.

    Recon is fairly easy to set up and takedown. It shouldn't take any more than 2 minutes. Also, As the tent is low profile and lightweight, You won't see any drop in MPG of your truck.

    Starting at



    • Lightweight (Weighs 135 lbs)
    • Low Profile Design
    • Sleeps 2 People
    • 420D Nylon Oxford Fabric
    • 4 Large Windows

    Truck Roof Top Tents FAQ:

    What do I need to mount a roof top tent on my truck?
    You will need a roof rack or a bed rack to mount a roof top tent on your truck.

    Do roof top tents decrease my truck's MPG?
    Yes, Some roof top tents -- mainly soft shell, slighlty decrease your trucks MPG, but you shouldn't see any change in your vehicles MPG if you are using a hard shell roof top tent.

    How long do these tents take to setup and takedown?
    Soft shell roof top tents take about 5-10 minutes, whereas the hard shell roof top tents can be setup in under 30 seconds.

    Are they safe to use when its raining?
    Yes, All the above roof top tents come with rainfly to protect you during heavy rainfall.

    How do I get in and out of the tent?
    Most of the tents above include an aluminum ladder which you can use to get in and out of the tent.

    Got Questions About Roof Top Tent for Trucks?

    Overland Junction can assist you in choosing the right roof top tent for your truck. Please browse our website or call or email our customer service department at 833-205-7703 or support@overlandjunction.com if you have any further questions or concerns before completing your purchase.

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