Overland Junction Golden Roof Top Tent

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Overland Junction SKU: Goldentent
Overland Junction Golden 360 Roof Top Tent
Overland Junction Golden Roof Top Tent
Overland Junction Golden Roof Top Tent - strong tent fabric
Overland Junction Golden roof top tent waterproof shell
Overland Junction Golden windows opened
Overland Junction Golden roof top tent 4 windows
Overland Junction Golden Roof Top Tent roof
Overland Junction Golden Roof Top Tent window poles
Overland Junction Golden Roof Top Tent storage
Overland Junction Golden Mesh Layer
Overland Junction Golden roof top tent open with mesh netting
Overland Junction Golden roof top tent with adult male
Overland Junction Golden - no walls tent
Overland Junction Golden roof top tent open
Overland Junction Golden Roof Top Tent twilight
Overland Junction Golden Roof Top Tent mattress
Overland Junction Golden 3" mattress roof top tent
Overland Junction Golden ladder with child
Overland Junction Golden roof top tent woman and child
Overland Junction Golden Roof Top Tent latches closed
Overland Junction Golden roof top tent mounting brackets
Overland Junction Golden Roof Top Tent ladder
Overland Junction Golden Roof Top Tent Closed on car
Overland Junction Golden Roof Top Tent on Subaru Forester

Overland Junction Golden Roof Top Tent

7 Reviews
Overland Junction SKU: Goldentent
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Overland Junction Golden sleeps 2 people

Sleeps 2 People

The Golden sleeps 2 people comfortably.

Overland Junction Golden provides extreme weather protection

Extreme Weather Protection

The Golden is designed to handle all weather.

Overland Junction Golden fits most vehicles

Fits Most Vehicles

The Golden fits almost all cars and trucks.

The Overland Junction Golden comes with a free gift

Free Gift

The Golden comes with a free gift.

Overland Junction Golden Overview

The Golden Roof Top Tent has unmatched 360-degree views. You'll feel like you're camping in the open air, while still having the comfort and protection of one of the highest-quality tents around.

If your ideal start to an adventure day is watching the sun rise over the mountains with uninhibited views from your plush mattress, this hard shell roof top tent is for you.

Or, if the weather isn't cooperating, simply zip up for full protection: this pop-up tent was designed and tested at 9,000' in the Rockies.

Read on to see why the Overland Junction Golden is the hottest new tent of 2024.

What's Included

Everything you need is included with the Overland Junction Golden roof top tent:

Tent: Waterproof outer layer, mesh inner layer, and shell

Mattress: 2.75" high-density foam mattress

Mat: Anti-condensation mat

Ladder: 7.5-foot telescopic ladder

Storage: 4 large pockets + removable ceiling netting

Light: USB-powered LED light

Poles: Carbon steel door poles to keep them open

Mounting: Mounting rails and hardware - fits almost any crossbars

Gift: 3 months free subscription to onX maps

Golden: Truly 360-Degree Views

Many tents promise 360-degree views because they have a door or window on each side. The Golden Roof Top Tent from Overland Junction makes those tents squirm.

Like those tents, the Overland Junction Golden has a door on each long side, and a window on each short side. And then it goes MUCH further.

Here's how: The tent's outer layer has a zipper all the way around, so you can unfasten the walls and drop them to the floor, giving you truly panoramic, open-air, 360-degree views. Nothing separates you from nature. 

Worried about bugs in an open air tent? We've got you! See more below.

Overland Junction Golden Roof Top Tent
Overland Junction Golden Mesh Layer

Fully Open With Mesh

Want bug protection? Simply zip the mesh layer to keep the views and fresh air, but block bugs. The mesh has windows and doors.

Overland Junction Golden - Doors and Windows

Windows and Doors

Want more protection but still views and air flow? There's a window on each short side and a door on each long side.

Fully Closed

Views and fresh air are great, but sometimes you need comfort and warmth! Especially if it's raining or snowing. Simply zip everything up.

Extreme Weather Protection

Don't let the 360-degree views fool you: If you find yourself rain, snow, or cold, you can zip right up and stay warm and comfortable.

We designed and tested this tent at 9,000' in the Colorado Rockies, where we get 300 inches of snow a year. It works great in snow, rain, and hot summer sun.

The body fabric is a high-quality 280g polycotton rip-stop. It's waterproof to a jaw-dropping 5000mm.

The shell is glass fiber reinforced plastic. That's what protects the tent when you're not in it, and serves as your floor and roof when you are in it.

Overland Junction Golden Roof Top Tent - Extreme Weather Protection
Overland Junction Golden Roof Top Tent Mattress

Golden Sleeping Experience

Unbeatable views can only go so far - when it's time to sleep, you want comfort. The Overland Junction Golden has a 2.75 inch high-density foam mattress with a washable cover.

Plus, there's a polyester anti-condensation mat underneath the mattress to help you avoid any moisture buildup and stay dry no matter how tightly you've zipped yourself in.

If you're sleeping with the walls up and doors and windows closed, the thick, all black tent fabric also helps keep the inside dark.

And if you want light while you're closed in, we've included a USB-powered LED light and 3M magnets so you can hang your light and read, play cards, or just hang out.

Golden Tent Storage

The last thing you want when you're camping on top of your vehicle is to have to keep climbing down to get things. So, we've given you plenty of storage inside the tent.

There are two sets of large, hanging pockets (four pockets total). And there is also a removeable netting across the top of the tent, giving you plenty of space for even larger items.

Often, people will put phones, flashlights, glasses, water bottles, and books in the side pockets. And extra layers or changes of clothes up top. Everything you need, within reach.

Overland Junction Golden Storage
Overland Junction Golden Setup

Overland Junction Golden Setup

When you roll into camp late at night, you want a tent that sets up in a flash. Enter: The Overland Junction Golden.

Set up takes about a minute - even less once you get the hang of it. Simply unfasten the latches, give the tent side a push, and the hydraulic rods do the rest. Then, grab the ladder from the tent, extend it out, and you're good to go.

Pro tip: You can leave the doors and windows open or closed when you pack up. People who know they often arrive late will leave their preferred door open and everything else closed, so when you pop open the tent, you can simply climb right in and go to sleep. 

Packing up is almost as fast. Put the ladder back in the tent, and then use the hanging ropes to pull the tent back down. Fasten the Velcro straps to hold it in place, tuck the tent fabric inside, and fasten the latches. Easy peasy.

Overland Junction Golden latches

Latches and Straps

Each corner of the shell has a velcro strap and stainless steel latch to securely fasten it in place.

Overland Junction Golden ladder

Adjustable Ladder

The 7.5-foot ladder closes down to fit conveniently inside the tent when you're not using it.

Overland Junction Golden Mounting Hardware


Thanks to the pre-installed mounting rails and brackets, the tent installs on almost any vehicle's crossbars.

Free onx off road maps subscription banner

Free onX Maps Subscription

A Free 3 months subscription to onX Off-Road Maps is included with your order. Below are some of the top features of onX maps:

  • Tons of Off-Road Trails - You can find thousands of trails for adventuring, overlanding, SxS, 4×4, ATV, dirt bike, and snowmobiles across the nation.
  • Save Maps for Offline Use - Heading somewhere remote? You can Save maps to your phone or tablet, including all interactive land and trail data.
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Overland Junction Golden Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it possible to put this tent on my car?
Yes, the Overland Junction Golden is compatible with the vast majority of cars and trucks.

What do I need to get this roof top tent installed on my car/truck?
To mount the Overland Junction Golden on your vehicle, you'll need crossbars or a roof rack or bed rack that has crossbars. Crossbars are the ones that run from one side of the car to the other.

Will this tent work on my factory roof rack?
Because the Overland Junction Golden is only 154 pounds (light for a high quality hard shell tent), it works on many factory roof racks. You need crossbars (the ones that run from one side of the car to the other) not just side rails (the ones that run from front to back). And the dynamic weight capacity of your roof rack needs to be able to handle the weight of the tent.

My roof rack weight capacity is only 165 pounds and I weigh more than that - can I not have a roof top tent?
You can almost certainly still use a tent! You're confusing dynamic and static weight capacity. 165 pounds is a very common dynamic weight capacity. 150-200 is where almost all factory roof racks fall. But that's the weight capacity when you're driving down the highway at 80 mph and the wind is trying to rip the tent off the car. The static weight capacity is the one you need to worry about when you're actually in the tent - when the car is not moving. That weight capacity is almost always a non-concern because it's several times higher than the dynamic weight capacity. Be sure to consult your owner's manual to confirm weight capacities.

When it comes to set up and takedown, how long does it take?
You can set the tent up by yourself in under a minute. Take down is about 90 seconds, but you can get that down once you get the hang of it.

How safe are rooftop tents?
Roof top tents are far safer than ground tents, because they are elevated off the ground, away from animals and other critters, and they are larger and more heavy duty than typical ground tents.

Do you leave your roof top tent on all the time?
Lots of customers put the tent on their vehicle one time, and never take it off. The heavy duty shell keeps the tent safe from the elements. However, some customers choose to remove the tent if they know they will not be using it for an extended period of time. 

Does it come with a warranty?
Yes! It comes with a 2-year warranty. 

How much weight can a roof top tent take? 
The weight capacity of the Overland Junction Golden Roof Top Tent is 660 pounds.

Is it a good idea to have a rooftop tent?
We may be biased, but heck yeah! They are hands down the best way to explore the great outdoors. You never have to worry about lodging: you have a comfortable, safe (even luxurious in the case of the Overland Junction Golden) home traveling with you wherever you go that's convenient to set up and fun for the whole family. But don't just take our word for it. Read below for Overland Junction Golden roof top tent reviews.

Golden Tent Dimensions and Specifications

Black fabric and shell with orange trim and logos
Size closed 85" x 51" x 11"
Size open 85" x 51" x 41"
Sleeping area 80" x 48" x 40"
154 pounds
Weight capacity
660 pounds
Shell Glass fiber reinforced plastic shell
Body fabric
280g polycotton rip-stop, waterproof 5000mm, UV and mold resistant
Mesh layer
110g environmentally-friendly solid color gauze
Mattress 2.75 inches - high density (30) foam with washable cover
Mat Polyester anti-condensation mat beneath mattress
4 large pockets on inner walls; top net for additional storage
SBS metal zippers with rope pulls
USB-powered LED light and 3M magnetic fasteners (USB power device not included)
Ladder 7.5 foot aluminum anodized telescopic ladder
Structural poles
One stainless steel hydraulic rod in each corner
Latches Stainless steel along with a Velcro strap next to each
Door poles
4 total (2 per door) - carbon steel
Mounting rails 2 pre-installed aluminum rails
Mountain brackets 4 stainless steel brackets - 2 per rail - with all hardware
Warranty 2 Years Limited

Overland Junction Golden Roof Top TentOverland Junction Golden Dog

Golden Roof Top Tent Instructions

Want instructions for installing your Overland Junction Golden on your vehicle? Please reference the owner's manual.

Read on for Overland Junction Golden roof top tent reviews.

Overland Junction Golden Roof Top Tent Reviews

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Ryan V.


Thanks to George expediting shipping, I had this in time for an eclipse trip and it was AMAZING! Because you can drop the walls we didn't have to worry about orienting the car the right way. Watched the whole thing from texas from our tent - mattress was great. Can't wait to watch more views with this.

United States United States


Love it! Checks all the boxes and super easy to set up. Would absolutely recommend!

Henry S.


Yeah, this is what it's cracked up to be. Glad I pulled the trigger

Mason J.

Back for the tent

I bought an awning from OJ last year and the customer service was so good I decided to take a chance on this new tent. Not disappointed. Great customer serviec again and tent seems awesome

Jason R.


This tent is baller. My one nitpick is that the internal storage pockets are on the walls, so when you drop the walls to fully open thigns up, you have no pockets. You still have the overhead, storage which is why this isn't that big a deal, but I prfer things in the side pockets cause they're easier to grab and don't hang down and lessen your storage space. Otherwise super happy