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    Roam Adventure Overview

    Started in 2017 by a small group of friends from Austin, Texas -- Roam Adventure Co is a brand known for making rugged Overlanding products that last a lifetime.

    They are primarily known for their line of Vagabond roof top tents, awnings, and rugged storage cases. All of them are made using high-quality materials and offered at reasonable prices.

    In the following sections, We will review all the Roam Adventure Co roof top tents, and awnings discuss how Roam is different from other similar brands on the market today.

    Roam Adventure Co Roof Top Tent on a Truck

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    Roam Adventure Co 2 Person RTT

    Vagabond Lite

    Roam Adventure Co Vagabond lite roof top tent on a Subaru


    Vagabond Lite by Roam Adventure Co is the best premium 2 person roof top tent on the market today.

    The Roam Adventure Co Vagabond Lite is a two-person lightweight roof top tent with Waterproof PU coated 280g poly cotton ripstop tent body fabric and diamond ripstop 600D rainfly to keep you safe comfortable in all weather conditions. It fits on most cars and weighs as low as 110 lbs.

    The mattress built into Roam Vagabond Lite is made using 3-inch thick high-density foam to make sure you get a good night's sleep regardless of your camping location. Also, All windows come with insect screens to keep the mosquitos from entering your tent and disturbing your sleep.

    Setting up and taking down Vagabond Lite is as simple as ABC. You can do it on your own in under two minutes. It comes with universal sliding brackets, making it easy to mount on your vehicle. 720GSM PVC road cover is also provided to keep it safe during the journey.

    A 7.5' telescopic aluminum ladder is included to make it easy for you to get in and out of the tent. It is entirely adjustable and retractable -- You can store it inside the tent itself.


    •   Sleeps 2 people
    •   Weighs 110 lbs
    •   Designed for All Weather Conditions
    •   Premium Mattress
    •   In-built Skylight Windows

    Roam Adventure Co 3 Person RTT


    Roam Adventure Co Vagabond Roof Top Tent


    Vagabond by Roam Adventure Co is the perfect roof top tent for groups of 3 people.

    Roam Adventure Vagabond is the big brother of Vagabond Lite. Most of its design is similar to Vagabond lite, but it's way bigger and can sleep up to 3 people. Unlike Vagabond lite, Roam Vagabond has an option for you to add an annex room in case you need additional sleeping space.

    The body of Roam Vagabond is made using Waterproof PU-coated 280g poly-cotton ripstop fabric and Diamond ripstop 600D rainfly to make sure that it can handle extreme weather conditions and prevent any leaks during heavy rainfall. The frame is made using 1" aluminum for extra durability.

    Like the Vagabond Lite, Roam Vagabond also comes with a 3" thick foam mattress and an in-built skylight window to improve ventilation at night and let you gaze at the stars right from your bed. An anti-condensation mat is also included under the mattress to avoid moisture build-up.

    Nobody likes a dirty tent! So to keep your tent clean, Vagabond comes with a shoe bag where you can store all your muddy footwear after exploring the nature around you. Plus, a 720 GSM PVC cover is also included to keep the outer layer of the tent clean during your travel.


    •   Sleeps 3 People
    •   Extreme Weather Protection
    •   In-built Skylight Window
    •   3" thick memory foam mattress
    •   Includes Telescopic ladder
    •   Optional Annex Room
    •   Includes Anti-Condensation Mat
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    Roam Adventure Co 4 Person RTT

    Vagabond XL

    Roam Adventure Co Vagabond XL Roof Top Tent


    Vagabond XL by Roam Adventure Co is one of the best 4 person roof top tents currently on the market.

    With a sleeping capacity of 4 people, Roam Adventure Co Vagabond XL is one of the largest roof top tents on the market today. It provides a good sleeping experience that will make your night's sleep in the woods feel like a 5-star hotel.

    The mattress is about 3 inches thick and is made using high-density foam. It also includes an anti-condensation mat to prevent moisture from building up underneath the mattress. Two skylight windows are built into the roof to make your nights more magical.

    Even though its Vagabond XL is large -- it is still pretty easy to set up and take down. The whole process shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes. It also comes with universal sliding brackets to make it easy for you to mount it on your roof rack.

    Like the Vagabond, If you want to add more sleeping space, Roam Adventure Vagabond XL has an option for you to add an annex room to it. The Annex is made of 600D fabric and comes with a laminated floor -- it can easily sleep 1 person.


    •   Sleeps 4 People
    •   Easy setup and installation
    •   Comfortable to sleep in
    •   All-Weather Protection
    •   Option to add an Annex Room
    •   5 Years Limited Warranty

    Roam Adventure Co Rambler RTT

    Rambler Hard Shell

    Roam Adventure Co Rambler Roof Top Tent


    Rambler by Roam Adventure Co is currently one of the best hard shell roof top tents on the market.

    Rambler is the newest addition to the Roam Adventure Co's amazing roof top tent line. It is a two person hard shell roof top tent that features an ABS fiberglass and poly-cotton ripstop body and is designed to keep you safe even in extreme weather conditions.

    Like the Vagabond roof top tents, Roam Adventure Co Rambler comes with a super comfortable mattress that will help you sleep like a baby -- It is about 2.5" thick and includes an anti-condensation at the bottom to prevent condensation.

    Heat management is crucial to a good night's sleep. Keeping that in mind, Roam Adventure Co added insulation to both base and ceiling of Rambler to make sure that the tent stays at a perfect temperature all night long.

    Rambler offers a 360-degree view and is super easy to set up and takedown -- It shouldn't take more than 60 seconds. It includes side awnings on the windows and a ladder to make it easy for you to get in and out of the tent.


    •   Highly Durable
    •   60-second setup
    •   360-degree view
    •   Comfortable Mattress
    •   Insulated Base and Ceiling

    Roam Adventure Co Awning

    Roam Adventure Awning

    Roam Rooftop Awning

    Rooftop Awning is Roam Adventure's most popular product.

    Roam Rooftop Awning is a standard awning that is designed to provide you shelter on both sunny and rainy days. It comes in over four different sizes -- the smallest is 4' and the largest is 8'.

    The body of the awning is made using waterproof, polycotton ripstop material with all-aluminum framing to ensure it can withstand harsh conditions and prevent leaks during heavy rainfall.

    Roam Rooftop awning comes with an option for you to add walls to the awning and turn it into a proper room. The wall set comes with an in-built door, floor, and windows.

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    • Can be used in windy conditions
    • Available in many different colors and sizes
    • Option to add wall sets
    • Mounts on any roof rack
    • 5 Years Limited Warranty

    Roam Adventure Co Accessories

    Roam Adventure Co Rugged Case

    Roam Rugged Case

    Roam Adventure Co Rugged Case is a heavy-duty storage case that is perfect for storing all your tools and off-road gear. It comes in many different colors and sizes. 52L is the smallest size, and 160L is the largest size.

    Roam Rugged Case is made using a durable LLDPE shell, Nylon rope handles, steel lockable latches, and a dust/waterproof gasket seal to make sure your gear is protected at all times.

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    • Available in many different sizes
    • Made with high-quality material
    • Includes Tie-Down Channels
    • Includes Drain Plug
    • In-built Bottle Opener
    Roam Adventure Co Rugged Coolers

    Roam Rugged Coolers

    Roam Adventure Co Rugged Coolers are perfect for keeping your food and beverages cool for long periods. They come in three different sizes. 20QT being the smallest and 65QT being the largest.

    All the Roam Rugged Coolers are made using weather-tight seal and premium materials to yield 8-day ice retention. They also include drain plugs and latches that are easy to open.

    Starting at



    • Comes in three different sizes
    • Weather-tight seal
    • 8-day ice retention
    • Includes dry plus and latches
    • Lockable Lid

    Roam Adventure Co FAQ

    Can you mount Roam Vagabond on any roof rack?
    Yes! Roam Vagabond roof top tents are designed to be mounted on almost all factory/after-market roof racks.

    Are Vagabond roof top tents waterproof?
    All Vagabond roof top tents come are made with waterproof fabric. Plus, they also come with a rainfly to prevent any leaks during heavy rainfall.

    How long does it take to set up Roam Vagabond tents?
    On average, You can set up Roam Adventure Vagabond roof top tents in 3-5 minutes (Assuming you already have it mounted on your roof rack).

    Can Roam Rooftop Awnings be used in windy conditions?
    Yes, You can use Roam rooftop Awnings even in windy conditions.

    Do Roam Adventure Co products come with a warranty?
    All Roam Adventure roof top tents and awnings come with a 5-year warranty, whereas the coolers and cases come with a lifetime warranty.

    Why Choose Roam Adventure Co?

    Durable Products

    Roam Adventure Co products are made with high-quality materials and are incredibly durable!

    Extreme Weather Protection

    All Roam Adventure products come with extreme weather protection. Meaning they can handle almost any weather you find yourself in.

    Great Warranty

    Roam Adventure products come with a minimum of 5 years limited warranty. Some even come with a lifetime warranty.

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