4 Best Ford Raptor Roof Top Tents

    Ford Raptor Roof Top Tents Review

    You've come to the right place if you're looking for a roof top tent for your Ford Raptor.

    Rooftop tents add a touch of style and comfort, making your adventures more fun. They're also far more comfortable to sleep in than ground tents and are simple to set up.

    In the sections below, we'll go through 4 of the best Ford Raptor roof top tents currently available and answer some frequent questions about them.

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    Top Ford Raptor Roof Top Tents

    For those on a tight budget, the Overland Vehicle Systems TMBK Ford Raptor Roof Top Tent is perfect. When compared to other RTTs, it is fairly light (110 lbs) and can sleep three people comfortably. It also only takes five minutes to set up and takedown.

    • ✔ Sleeps 3 People
    • ✔ Affordable
    • ✔ Lightweight

    With a 30-second setup and takedown time, the Tuff Stuf Alpha Ford Raptor Roof Top Tent is currently one of the best hard shell roof top tents on the market. It has a thick memory foam mattress that sleeps four people comfortably.

    • ✔ Sleeps 4 People
    • ✔ 30 Second Setup
    • ✔ Optional Add-On-Room

    The Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic Roof Top Tent is a two-person Ford Raptor Roof Top Tent that is built to withstand the elements and keep you comfortable even in the harshest weather. It includes a skylight window to brighten your nights.

    • ✔ Sleeps 2 People
    • ✔ Memory Foam Mattress
    • ✔ Quick Setup

    With a sleeping capacity of 5, The Tuff Stuff Elite is one of the largest Ford Raptor roof top tents on the market. It is extremely durable and can keep you safe and warm even in the most challenging weather conditions.

    • ✔ Sleeps 5 People
    • ✔ Setup in under 5 min
    • ✔ Extreme Weather Protection

    Ford Raptor Roof Top Tents FAQ

    What do I need to get a roof tent installed on my Ford Raptor?
    You'll need crossbars or a roof rack system to install a roof top tent on your Ford Raptor.

    Do these roof top tents come with mattresses, or do I need to buy one separately?
    Each of the Ford Raptor roof top tents seen above includes a comfortable memory foam mattress.

    How long does it take to put these tents together?
    These roof top tents may be set up and taken down in 1-5 minutes.

    Does a warranty cover these roof top tent?
    Yes, each roof top tent on our list is backed by a great warranty.

    Why should you buy a roof top tent for your Ford Raptor?

    Roof Top Tent on grey jeep

    Camp Anywhere

    You won't have to look for a level spot to set up your tent. You can camp anywhere with a roof tent on your Ford Raptor, from a muddy mountain to a sandy beach!

    Man setting up a roof top tent

    Simple Installation

    The days of setting up a tent in 15 to 30 minutes are over. Setting up roof top tents is super easy and takes less than 1-5 minutes.

    Roof top tent mattress with skylight window

    Very Comfortable

    All roof top tents include a comfortable mattress and a rainfly to keep you warm and dry in all weather conditions.