6 Best Jeep Roof Tents (2024)

    Jeep Roof Top Tents Review

    Looking for the best jeep roof tent for your next overlanding adventure? You have come to the right place.

    Roof Top tents have gained a lot of popularity in recent years as they are way more comfortable and easy to use compared to ground tents.

    As a result of their popularity, tons of brands that make roof top tents for Jeep have popped up in the last few years, making it a bit hard and time-consuming for you to find the perfect tent.

    So to help you, In the following sections, we will be reviewing 6 of the Best Jeep Roof Tents currently on the market and answer a few common questions about them. Without further due, let's jump into.

    Best Roof Top Tents for Jeep

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    #1 Best Jeep Roof Tent

    OVS Nomadic 3

    OVS Nomadic 3 Roof Top Tent for Jeep


    Nomadic 3 by Overland Vehicle Systems is currently the #1 Best Jeep Roof Tent on the market.

    Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic 3 Jeep roof tent is made of Marine Grade Canvas and is one of the most durable roof top tents on the market today. It can sleep three people and is designed to keep you secure and comfortable even in adverse weather conditions.

    Not only is the Nomadic 3s durable, but it is also quite pleasant to sleep in. It includes a thick 3" memory foam mattress to make sure your night in the woods is as comfortable as possible. Plus, All the windows have insect screens to prevent mosquitos from disturbing your sleep at night.

    If you want additional sleeping space, Nomadic 3 allows you to install an annex room that is made of 420D Polyester Oxford Waterproof Body Material and a 1000g PVC-based floor; it is large enough to sleep one person.

    Nomadic 3 is available in a variety of sizes. If you're searching for a smaller size, Nomadic 2 is a good option (2 Person roof top tent). However, if you need a larger size, Nomadic 4 is the way to go (which sleeps four people).


    •   Extreme Weather Protection
    •   3" Memory Foam Mattress
    •   In-built Skylight Window
    •   Insect Screen Windows
    •   Optional Annex Room

    Premium Hard Shell Jeep Roof Tent

    Tuff Stuff Alpha

    Tuff Stuff Alpha Roof Top Tent for Jeep


    Alpha by Tuff Stuff is the best hard shell Jeep roof tent currently on the market.

    Tuff Stuff Alpha is one of the best hard shell roof top tents currently available for Jeeps. It has a one-of-a-kind heavy-duty hydraulic lift technology that allows you to set it up and take it down in less than 2 minutes.

    Unlike other roof top tents, Tuff Stuff Alpha is designed to be versatile and lightweight, resulting in very little wind resistance when driving. Also, because the Alpha has a little higher profile than other hardshell tents, you can put your bedding, blankets, and other items inside the tent while it is closed.

    The Tuff Stuff Alpha's body is constructed of an ABS shell, 280g poly/cotton ripstop fabric, and a 210D Polyester/Oxford PU coated 5000mm premium rainfly. This should be plenty to keep you safe and comfortable in any weather situation.

    You can also add an annex room to Alpha, which can be used as more extra sleeping space or a change room. The annex Room comes with 600D Polyester/Oxford material Walls and is Aluminized coated for better heat retention and privacy while inside. Currently, Alpha is in two sizes: 2 person and 4 person.


    •   Quick set up and takedown
    •   In-built Skylight window
    •   Multiple sizes: 2 person and 4 person
    •   Bad weather protection
    •   LED Lights for Interior and Exterior
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    Best Cheap Jeep Roof Tent


    OVS TMBK Roof Top Tent for Jeep


    TMBK by Overland Vehicle Systems is the best cheap jeep roof tent on the market.

    If you're on a limited budget, the Overland Vehicle Systems TMBK Jeep Roof Tent could be the best option for you. Made with high-quality materials, TMBK is built to last and withstand inclement weather like a pro.

    Roof top tents have a bad reputation for weighing more over 130-150 pounds; however, that is not the case with TMBK. It is one of the lightest roof top tents on the market, weighing only 100 pounds. It is also spacious enough to sleep three people.

    TMBK has a 2.5" High-Density Foam Mattress with a Washable Cotton Cover to ensure you sleep comfortably at all times. In addition, all of the windows have a mesh screen to increase ventilation and keep mosquitos out.

    TMBK has a reasonably easy and straightforward setup and take-down process that can be completed in less than 5 minutes. Furthermore, Overland Vehicle Systems developed TMBK to be compatible with almost all Jeep factory or aftermarket roof racks on the market today.


    •   Designed for 3 seasons
    •   2.5" Memory Foam Mattress
    •   Aluminium Insulated Base
    •   Sleeps 3 People
    •   Lightweight (weighs only 100 lbs)

    Best 2 Door Jeep Roof Tent

    Freespirit Adventure Manual

    Freespirit Adventure Manual Roof Top Tent for Jeep


    If you are looking for the best 2 door Jeep roof tent, FSR Adventure Manual is perfect for you.

    Priced at around $1399, the Freespirit Adventure Manual is compact and lightweight -- making it perfect for 2 door Jeeps. It features an aerodynamical design that allows it to resist high winds and shed snow & rainfall easily.

    The Freespirit Recreation Adventure Manual is big enough to accommodate 2-3 people and includes a 3" high-density foam mattress to help you sleep like a baby. It is also a very simple setup and take-down process that takes no more than 2 minutes.

    The Adventure Manual's body is made of 600D Poly-Oxford fabric and a robust and lightweight metal frame. It also comes with a 210D Poly-Oxford Rainfly to prevent water leaks during heavy rainfall. In summary, the Freespirit Recreation Adventure Manual is built to resist and keep you safe in a variety of weather situations.

    Finally, Adventure Manual boasts one of the greatest panoramic views of any tent on the market, making it ideal for shooting Instagram-worthy images while enjoying the natural surroundings. It's available in many different vibrant colors.


    •   Durable and Lightweight
    •   Aerodynamic Design
    •   Sleeps 2-3 people comfortably
    •   Incredible panoramic views
    •   Thick Foam Mattress

    Best 4 Person Jeep Roof Tent

    Roam Vagabond XL

    Roam Vagabond XL Roof Top Tent for Jeep


    Vagabond XL by Roam is the best 4 person Jeep roof top tent on the market.

    With a sleeping capacity of 4 people, The Roam Adventure Co Vagabond XL Jeep Roof Tent is one of the largest roof top tents on the market today. It provides a comfortable sleeping environment that will make your night in the woods feel like a 5-star hotel.

    The mattress it includes is approximately 3 inches thick and built of high-density foam. It also comes with an anti-condensation pad to keep moisture from accumulating beneath the mattress. Also, two skylight windows are installed on the roof to make your nights more beautiful.

    Even though the Vagabond XL is huge, it is still relatively simple to set up and takedown. The entire procedure should take no more than 5-10 minutes. It also comes with universal sliding brackets to make mounting it on your roof rack a breeze.

    If you want extra sleeping space, the Roam Adventure Vagabond XL, provides the option of adding an annex room. The Annex is constructed of 600D fabric and has a laminated floor; it can comfortably sleep one person.


    •   Sleeps 4 People
    •   Easy setup and installation
    •   Comfortable to sleep in
    •   All-Weather Protection
    •   Option to add an Annex Room

    Best 5 Person Jeep Roof Tent

    Tuff Stuff Elite

    Tuff Stuff Elite Roof Top Tent for Jeep


    Elite by Tuff Stuff is the best 5 person Jeep roof tent available on the market.

    Tuff Stuff Elite is one of only two or three 5 person jeep roof top tents on the market today. Like the tents we've seen previously, Elite has a very sturdy body design and can withstand adverse weather conditions like a pro.

    Tuff Stuff Elite has a huge 2.75-inch thick mattress that is quite comfy to sleep on. It includes a total of six windows, each with a mesh screen to keep mosquitos out at night and an outer cover to keep water from entering the tent during rainfall.

    If you want additional space, Elite offers the option of adding an Annex room that can sleep 1-2 people. The annex is constructed of 420D Oxford side walls and a 1000D PVC floor, making it almost as robust as the tent itself.

    Because the Tuff Stuff Elite is huge, one may expect it to take a long time to put up and takedown, but this is not the case. Elite can be set up and dismantled in less than 5-10 minutes. It also comes with all of the essential mounting hardware to install on your Jeep.


    •   Sleeps 5 people
    •   Optional Annex Room
    •   Extreme Weather Protection
    •   Easy setup and installation
    •   6 Windows

    Jeep Roof Tents FAQ

    Can these roof top tents be installed on any Jeep?
    Yes! All of the above roof top tents can be installed on any Jeep model out there.

    What am I going to need to mount the RTT on my Jeep?
    You will need a roof rack to mount a roof top tent on your Jeep.

    Will installing a roof top tent reduce my Jeeps MPG?
    Depends. If you use a soft shell jeep roof tent, you may notice a tiny decrease in MPG. However, your MPG will not be affected if you utilize a hard shell jeep roof tent.

    How many people can sleep in a roof top tent?
    Roof top tents are frequently large enough to accommodate 2-5 people. If you need additional sleep, you can purchase an annex.

    Have Questions About Jeep Roof Tents?

    Overland Junction is here to assist you in find the ideal roof top tent for your Jeep that meets your needs while remaining within your budget. Before making a purchase, if you have any concerns or would want to learn more about any of our Jeep roof tents, please browse our website and contact our customer service department by phone at 833-205-7703 or email at support@overlandjunction.com.

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