About Us

Our Mission

At Overland Junction, our mission is to help more people spend more time outside.

The only thing we like better than time in nature is helping others get everything they need to spend time there themselves.

Our Story - Customer to Retailer to Manufacturer

2020: As lifelong ground tent campers, we were blown away by the benefits of roof top tents when we first discovered them. So, in 2020, we set out to make it easier for others to find them by forming this site and selling roof top tents from top brands.

2021: Our little site took off, and we added more great brands to the mix.

2022: As we reached more people, we added roof racks, bed racks, and awnings to our collection to help people get the full camping set-ups they wanted.

2023: After years of customer feedback and personal use, we began designing and testing our own line of unique roof top tents.

2024: We launched the Labrador and Golden, while still carrying our favorite tents, roof racks, bed racks, and awnings from other great brands.

Huck Finn Overland Junction

Our Firefighter-Owned Small Business

We're not a big corporation. In reality, we're a small business owned by a firefighter with only a few employees.

Our owner and CEO, George, lives at 8,800 feet in the Colorado Rockies with his wife, two young sons, and large dog Huckleberry Finn. (Huck's undying love for the outdoors inspired the names of our Labrador and Golden tents).

When George is not helping a customer find the perfect tent, or spending time in the mountains with his family, he proudly serves as a firefighter - and has for more than 7 years.

In fact, because of George's two main loves beyond his family - the outdoors and firefighting - we give away a portion of every sale to organizations that support conservation and first responders.

Overland Junction Firefighters

Our Commitment

We understand - from personal experience - that buying a roof top tent, rack, or awning is a significant investment.

So, we commit to making your buying process as transparent and easy as possible.

To that end: Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

We're fastest by text (833-205-7703) or email (info@overlandjunction.com). But we also answer the phone first-ring if we're not off packing orders or helping other customers. And we respond to all calls we miss within one business day.

Thank you for visiting our site. We hope to earn your business, and to have the opportunity to help you get more time outside.