5 Best FJ Cruiser Roof Top Tents

    Top FJ Cruiser Roof Top Tents

    Are you looking for the best roof top tent for Fj Cruiser? If yes, then you came to the right place! Even though FJ Cruiser was discontinued a long time ago, It is still one of the most iconic and popular 4x4 vehicles out there.

    And it's so no surprise that dozens of companies design their roof top tents to be compatible with FJ. So to help you pick the right roof top tent -- below, we have compiled a list of some of the best FJ cruisers roof top tents currently on the market. Without further due, let's jump in and see what they are.

    Roof Top Tents for FJ Cruiser

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    Best Cheap FJ Cruiser Roof Top Tent

    OVS TMBK 3

    OVS TMBK 3 Roof Top Tent for FJ Cruiser


    Overland Vehicle Systems TMBK 3 is the best affordable roof top tent for FJ Cruisers.

    TMBK 3 is almost always the first roof top tent we recommend to people looking for a good quality tent at an affordable price.

    While it might not have many luxury features that you often find in premium roof top tents, TMBK 3 is still a solid roof top tent for the price.

    TMBK is a spacious all-weather rooftop tent; It can comfortably sleep anywhere up to 2-3 people, plus it only weighs 100lbs, making it perfect for FJ Cruisers as they don't have a high roof weight capacity.

    And as for installation, TMBK 3 is designed in such a way that it can be installed on almost any factory and aftermarket roof rack out there. Plus, It comes with all the tools necessary to install, so you won't have to make any modifications to your FJ Cruiser.

    What we love the most:

    •   Very spacious. Sleeps 3 people easily.
    •   It is built for all weather conditions.
    •   Lightweight. Weighs only 100 lbs.
    •   LIt comes with an in-built skylight window for better ventilation.
    •   Easy installation process.

    #1 Best FJ Cruiser Roof Top Tent

    OVS Nomadic 4

    Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic 4 Roof Top Tent for FJ Cruiser


    OVS Nomadic 4 is the #1 roof top tent for FJ Cruiser.

    Made with a Marine-Grade Waterproof body, Nomadic 4 is a tough, durable roof top tent built to handle all kinds of extreme weather conditions.

    The quality and the craftmanship Nomadic 4 is made with unbeatable. Plus, it is a very spacious tent that can accommodate a small family comfortably (Up to 4 people).

    The 3" thick high-density foam mattress included with the Nomadic 4 is exceptionally comfortable to sleep on. Plus, The base is insulated with a heavy-duty Diamond Plate to keep you warm during cold winter nights.

    Together, the above features enable Nomadic 4 to provide you with one of the best roof top tent sleeping experiences ever and help you like a baby!

    To prevent insects from entering your tent at night and to improve ventilation inside the tent, All windows in the Nomadic 4 come with a mesh screen.

    The only con of Nomadic 4 is that it's not very lightweight like TMBK 3. It weighs about 183 lbs. The factory rack that comes with your FJ Cruiser is not strong enough to hold it, and Hence, you will need to use a roof rack like Yakima or Prinsu instead.

    What we love the most:

    •   Built for extreme weather conditions
    •   Includes a 3" thick high-density foam mattress
    •   Big enough to sleep four people
    •   Extremely comfortable to sleep in
    •   All windows come with an insect screen
    •   Option to add an annex in case you need extra sleeping space
    •   Includes 4 years warranty

    Best Premium FJ Cruiser Roof Top Tent

    Freespirit Recreation Odyssey

    Freespirit Recreation Odyssey Roof Top Tent for FJ Cruiser


    FSR Odyssey is the best premium hard shell roof top tent for FJ Cruiser.

    If you are looking for a premium roof top tent and have the budget, go for Freespirit Odyssey Roof Top Tent with your eyes closed! It is like the Rolex of roof top tents, and nobody can top the features it offers.

    One of the main features that sets FSR Odyssey apart from its competitors is the unique tri-layer technology used for the body material. It gives the Odyssey the power to turn into an AC on hot summer days and as a heater on cold winter nights.

    In short, No matter what weather you are camping in -- Odyssey is designed to keep you comfortable at all times.

    Now let's talk about the views! When you open all the windows in Odyssey, You get a fantastic wide-angle 170-degree view of your surroundings. This makes it easy to take the perfect picture for Instagram and enjoy the nature around you from a different perspective.

    And as for the setup, Freespirit Odyssey takes less than 15-30 seconds to open and close. The process is almost entirely automated.

    To summarize, Even though Odyssey is expensive compared to other tents on this list, The features you get with it are pure luxury and will take your camping experience to a whole another level.

    What we love the most:

    •   Tri-layer technology keeps you comfortable in all weather conditions
    •   Integrated LED light strip to light up the tent at night
    •   170 degree Wide Angle View
    •   Low Profile Design
    •   Optional Rack System allows you to mount gear on top of the Odyssey tent.
    •   Super easy to set up. Takes less than 30 seconds.
    •   Lightweight compared to other hard shell roof top tents.
    •   The aluminum body makes it very durable.
    •   Comes in multiple sizes

    Honorable Mentions

    Roam Adventure Vagabond Lite

    Roam Adventure Vagabond Lite Roof Top Tent for FJ Cruiser


    If you are looking for a compact soft shell roof top tent with some premium features, then The Roam Adventure Co Vagabond Lite Roof Top Tent might be ideal for you.

    Vagabond Lite is a two-person roof top tent that is very lightweight (110 lbs), just like TMBK 3. The body of the Vagabond is made using a 280g PU coated poly cotton ripstop to make sure it can handle any weather condition you might find yourself in.

    One of the main reasons Vagabond Lite has gained so much popularity in recent years is its mattress. The 3-inch high-density foam mattress it comes with has a weather-resistant bottom fabric which makes your night's sleep in the woods feel like a 5-start hotel.

    The mattress also includes an anti-condensation mat to avoid any moisture build-up underneath. And like the Nomadic 4, all the Vagabond Lite windows come with an insect mesh to keep the mosquitoes out at night.

    What we love the most:

    •   Built for all weather conditions
    •   Very cozy mattress
    •   360 Degree view
    •   Includes boot bags and internal storage pouches
    •   Dual Rainfly Skylight windows
    •   Universal Mounting: Mounts on any roof rack
    •   Anti-condensation mat to avoid moisture build-up underneath the mattress

    Best Premium Soft Shell FJ Cruiser Roof Top Tent

    FSR High Country 55"

    FSR High Country 55


    Freespirit Recreation High Country 55" is kinda like the soft shell version of FSR Odyssey. It comes with tons of premium features and is big enough to sleep 2-4 people.

    Unlike other soft shell roof top tents, FSR High Country 55" uses patented technology to make it very easy for you to set up and take it down. You can do it in less than 60 seconds without any help.

    Like the Odyssey, High Country also has a tri-layer body to protect and keep you comfortable in extreme weather conditions. There's also a skylight window in-built on the roof to improve ventilation inside the night.

    One prominent feature that sets High Country apart from Odyssey is its massive windows! They are huge, and when you open all of them, you get a fantastic 360-degree view of your surroundings. This will truly take that early morning sunrise to a whole another level!

    What we love the most:

    •   Can handle extreme weather conditions
    •   Setup and takedown in less than 60 seconds
    •   360-degree view of the surroundings
    •   In-built skylight window
    •   Large space. Can sleep up to 2-4 people.

    Can you Mount a Roof Top Tent on FJ Cruiser Stock Rack?

    Yes! You can mount a roof top tent on the stock rack the FJ cruiser comes with. However, there's a catch -- OEM rack FJ cruiser comes with doesn't have a high weight capacity.

    According to our research, It can handle over 600 lb when the vehicle is stationary and 150 lbs when the vehicle is moving. While that's enough to mount lightweight roof top tents like TMBK 3 and Vagabond Lite -- You won't mount heavier tents like FSR Odyssey, Nomadic 4.

    So we think it's best for you to go for an aftermarket roof rack with a good weight capacity. There are tons of roof racks for FJ cruisers out there, but The Fuji by Sherpa Equipment and The Toyota FJ Cruiser Prinsu Roof Rack is our top choice!

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