Roofnest Meadowlark Roof Top Tent

Roofnest Meadowlark  rooftop tent
Roofnest Meadowlark  roof top tent
Roofnest Meadowlark  roof top tent with lady and two dogs
Roofnest Meadowlark  tent scenic view
Roofnest Meadowlark soft shell rooftop tent closed
Roofnest Meadowlark softshell roof top tent ladder
Roofnest Meadowlark rooftop tent closed
Roofnest Meadowlark  lifestyle black truckRoofnest Meadowlark roof top tent open with bike and ladder on Subaru Crosstrek
Roofnest Meadowlark on black Subaru
Roofnest Meadowlark rooftop tent side view on Subaru Crosstrek
Roofnest Meadowlark roof top tent closed on Subaru Crosstrek
Roofnest Meadowlark XL
Roofnest Meadowlark XL Closed
Roofnest Meadowlark XL Inside
Roofnest Meadowlark XL Skylight

Roofnest Meadowlark Roof Top Tent

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The Roofnest Meadowlark sleep 2-3 people

Sleeps 2-3 People

The Roofnest Meadowlark is large enough to sleep 2-3 people.

The Roofnest Meadowlark provides extreme weather protection

Extreme Weather Protection

The Meadowlark can handle any weather condition.

Roofnest Meadowlark fits most vehicles

Fits Most Vehicles

The Roofnest Meadowlark can be mounted on almost all cars and trucks.

The Roofnest Meadowlark comes with free gifts

Free Gift

The Meadowlark comes with 1 Free Gift.

Roofnest Meadowlark Rooftop Tent Overview

Ultra-compact. Ultra-lightweight. Ultra-affordable.

At only 90 lbs, and with Roofnest's most compact design, the Meadowlark fits any vehicle (and budget). Even the Roofnest Meadowlark XL is only 100 pounds.

Ditch outdated and cumbersome soft-shells - the sturdy Meadowlark sets up in seconds and is all you need to enjoy your next overlanding adventure. 

Roofnest Meadowlark Overview Lifestyle

What's Included

Everything you need is included with the Roofnest Meadowlark or Roofnest Meadowlark XL Roof Top Tent.

2.5” Foam Mattress

Tent Cover

✔ 7.5' Ladder (shipped separately)

Universal Mounting Kit

✔ Ladder Hardware Kit

✔ 2 Detachable Pockets

✔ Interior LED

✔ Privacy tent

✔ 3 Months Subscription to onX Maps  

Roofnest Meadowlark and Meadowlark XL Features

  • Tent Frame: Lightweight aluminum alloy (slat frame construction)
  • Ladder: 7.5′ aluminum telescoping ladder
  • Lighting: USB-powered LED light strip
  • Mattress: Integrated 2.5″ dual-density foam mattress
  • Tent Material: 190GSM coated Polycotton (waterproof rating of 2000mm)
  • Rainfly: 210D coated Polyoxford (waterproof rating of 3000mm)
  • Tent Cover: 600D PVC coated Polyoxford (waterproof rating of 5000mm)
Roofnest Meadowlark Rooftop Tent For Sale

Roofnest Meadowlark FAQ

Will the Roofnest Meadowlark tent fit on my vehicle?
Yes, the Meadowlark rooftop tent is designed to fit almost all off-road cars and trucks.

What do I need to get this roof top tent installed on my car or truck?
To mount the Roofnest Meadowlark tent on your vehicle, you'll need a roof rack or a bed rack that has cross bars (running from one side of the vehicle to the other) and that can handle the weight of the tent.

Are roof top tents too heavy?
With the right roof rack, you can mount almost any tent to almost any vehicle. Simply check the dynamic weight capacity of your roof rack and compare it to the weight of the tent. As long as the roof rack can handle the weight, you're good to go. You do not need to worry about the weight with people inside, as that's a static weight capacity which is much, much higher. 

How much does the Meadowlark roof top tent weigh?
The Roofnest Meadowlark tent weighs 90 pounds.

How long does it take to open and close the Roofnest Meadowlark  tent?
The Meadowlark roof top tent can be set up and taken down in under 60 seconds.

How many people can sleep in the Roofnest Meadowlark roof top tent?
The Meadowlark rooftop tent sleeps 2 people.

Is it safe to sleep in a roof top tent?
Roof top tents like the Roofnest Meadowlark are actually safer to sleep in than ground tents. They elevate you off the ground, away from animals, critters, and water. The tents are also securely fastened to the car, so you don't have to worry about being up higher.

Free onx off road maps subscription banner

Free onX Maps Subscription

A Free 3 months subscription to onX Off-Road Maps is included with your order. Below are some of the top features of onX maps:

  • Tons of Off-Road Trails - You can find thousands of trails for Overlanding, SxS, 4×4, ATV, dirt bike, and snowmobiles across the nation.
  • Save Maps for Offline Use - Heading somewhere remote? You can Save maps to your phone or tablet, including all interactive land and trail data.
  • Track, Save, and Share Trips - Easily track your trips, including location, distance, speed, and elevation with Go and Track’s GPS capabilities.

Roofnest Meadowlark Dimensions and Specifications

Sleeps 2 people (standard), 2-3 people (XL)

Standard: 80" L x 43" W x 36" H
XL: 80" L x 58" W x 40" H

Exterior (closed):

Standard: 47" L x 44” W x 12" H
XL: 85" L x 30" W x 12.5" H

Width Between Roofnest Mounting Rails:  
23.6 inches (left to right)

Minimum Distance Between Rack Crossbars:  
28 inches (front to back)


Standard: 90 lbs
XL: 100 lbs

Roofnest Meadowlark Instruction and Installation Manual

Looking for detailed information on installing the Roofnest Meadowlark on your vehicle? Then check out this installation manual below.


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