4 Best 2 Person Roof Top Tents

    Top 2 Person Roof Top Tents Reveiw

    If you are looking for the best 2 person roof top tent to buy, you have come to the right place. Roof top tents are more popular and affordable than ever. They give you the ability to camp anywhere while providing you with a comfortable place to sleep.

    In the following sections, we will review some of the best 2 person roof top tents currently on the market and answer a few common questions you might have regarding roof top tents. Without further due, let jump right into it!

    Best 2 Person Roof Top Tents Review

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    #1 Best 2 Person Roof Top Tent

    Nomadic 2

    Nomadic 2 Person Roof Top Tent


    Nomadic 2 by Overland Vehicle Systems is currently the best 2 person roof top tent on the market.

    Made with rugged canvas, Nomadic 2 is an all-weather 2 person roof top tent that is built to last for a lifetime. It is one of the first tents we recommend to people who are looking for an affordable/durable option.

    From skylight windows, rainfly, premium mattress to adjustable ladder -- Nomadic 2 comes with every feature you need! Plus, in case you need additional space, Nomadic 2 also has an option for you to add an annex to it.

    Setting up and taking down the Nomadic 2 person roof top tent is as easy as ABC. You can do it on your own in under 3-5 minutes. Also, a PVC travel cover is included with the tent to keep it safe and secure during your journey.

    Also, Nomadic 2 comes with a universal mounting construction. In other words, you mount this two person roof top tent on almost any factory or aftermarket roof rack. All the tools required to install this tent on the roof rack is also provided.


    •   Built to handle rough weather conditions
    •   The mattress is super comfortable
    •   Skylight window increases ventilation
    •   Very easy to set up and takedown
    •   4 Years limited warranty

    Best 2 Person Hardshell Roof Top Tent

    Tuff Stuff Alpha 2

    Tuff Stuff Alpha 2 Person Roof Top Tent


    Alpha 2 by Tuff Stuff is the best hardshell 2 person roof top tent on the market.

    If you are looking for a 2 person hard shell roof top tent, look no further than Tuff Stuff Alpha. Made with ABS shell, 280g poly/cotton ripstop fabric, and a 210D Polyester/Oxford PU coated 5000mm premium rainfly, Alpha is extremely durable and will keep you safe in all weather conditions.

    Because of their large size, Most roof top tents cause wind resistance when driving. To avoid that, Alpha is designed to be versatile and lightweight, resulting in very little wind resistance when driving.

    In case you need extra sleeping space or a room for changing clothes, Alpha also has an option for you to add an annex to it. The annex is made using 600D Polyester/Oxford material Walls and includes a 1000D PVC floor.

    Tuff Stuff Alpha 2 features a unique heavy-duty hydraulic lift brackets mechanism that lets you set it up and take it down in under 2 minutes without any help. Also, You can install Alpha on almost all factory and aftermarket roof racks currently on the market.


    •   Easy setup and takedown
    •   In-built Skylight window
    •   Sleeps 2 People
    •   Bad weather protection
    •   Thick Mattress
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    2 Person Roof Top Tent for Small Cars

    FSR Adventure Manual

    FSR Adventure Manual 2 Person Roof Top Tent


    Adventure Manual by Freespirit Recreation is the best 2 person roof top tent for small cars.

    If you have a small car or sedan with a low roof weight capacity then the Adventure Manual 55" Roof Top Tent by Freespirit Recreation is perfect for you. It is compact, lightweight is designed to fit perfectly on small cars.

    One cool thing about the Adventure Manual is that it provides the most incredible panoramic view of any tent on the market and is aerodynamically engineered to withstand heavy winds and shed rainwater.

    The body of the Adventure Manual is made with 600D Poly-Oxford fabric and a sturdy and lightweight aluminum frame. It also includes a 210D Poly-Oxford Rainfly to prevent water from entering inside your tent during heavy rainfall.

    FSR Adventure Manual also comes with a thick 3" high-density foam mattress that is extremely comfortable to sleep on. And as for setup and takedown, The process is pretty simple and can be done in under 50-60 seconds.


    •   Weighs only 118lbs
    •   Super comfy 3" High-Density Foam Mattress
    •   Extruded Aluminum Alloy frame for durability
    •   Comes in many vibrant colors
    •   Fairly easy to set up and close

    Premium 2 Person Roof Top Tent

    Roam Vagabond Lite

    Roam Vagabond Lite 2 Person Roof Top Tent


    Vagabond Lite by Roam Adventure Co is the best premium 2 person roof top tent currently on the market.

    The Roam Adventure Co Vagabond Lite is a lightweight 2 person roof top tent that is made with Waterproof PU coated 280g poly cotton ripstop tent body fabric and diamond ripstop 600D rainfly to keep you safe comfortable in all weather conditions. It fits on most cars and weighs as little as 110 pounds.

    The mattress included in the Vagabond Lite comprises 3-inch thick high-density foam to ensure you receive a decent night's sleep no matter where you camp. In addition, all windows are equipped with insect screens to prevent mosquitos from entering your tent and disrupting your sleep.

    To keep your tent clean, Vagabond includes a shoe bag in which you may put all of your dirty shoes after exploring the nature around you. A 7.5' telescopic aluminum ladder is also provided to make entering and exiting the tent easy.

    It's as very simple to set up and take down Vagabond Lite. You can do it in under two minutes on your own. It also comes with universal sliding brackets, making it simple to install on your car. A 720GSM PVC travel cover is also provided to keep the tent safe during your travel.


    •   Perfect for 2 people
    •   Weighs about 110 lbs
    •   Designed for All 4 Seasons
    •   High-Quality Mattress
    •   Built-in Skylight Windows

    2 Person Roof Top Tents FAQ

    Will using a 2 person roof top tent damage my vehicle?
    No, Roof Top Tents don't damage your vehicle as long as your car has enough roof weight capacity to handle them. Also, As RTTs are generally heavy, you might see a slight drop MPG of your vehicle when you mount them on your vehicle.

    Can I mount any roof top tent on my vehicle?
    That depends on your vehicle's roof weight capacity. If your vehicle has a low roof weight capacity, then you are probably won't be able to mount heavy 2 person roof top tents like Eezi-Awn Blade, etc.

    How much does a 2 person roof top tent weigh?
    On average, They weigh anywhere from 100 lbs to 150 lbs.

    Do these tents come with a ladder?
    Yes, all the tents we have mentioned above come with a aluminum ladder to make it easy for you to go in and out of the tent.

    What do I need to install a two person RTT on my car?
    You will need a roof rack to install the tent on your car. All the other equipments required will be provided with the purchase of the RTT.

    Got Questions About 2 Person Roof Top Tents?

    Overland Junction is here to help you locate the best 2 person roof top tent for your vehicle that fulfils your requirements while staying inside your budget. If you have any questions or would want to learn more about any of our roof top tents before making a purchase, please browse our website and contact our customer service department by phone at 833-205-7703 or email at support@overlandjunction.com.