4 Best 270 Degree Awnings [Review]

    Top 270 Degree Awnings for Overlanding

    If you are looking for a 270 degree awning for your next overlanding trip, then you have come to the right place!

    Vehicle awnings have been around forever; however, 270 degree awnings are relatively new. They are like regular awnings but way larger. It's perfect for people who camp in groups as it provides way more shade and covers more ground than traditional rectangle awnings.

    As tons of companies make 270 awnings today, it can be hard to find the right one. Hence to help pick the perfect awning -- In the following sections, we will review 4 of the best 270 degree awnings currently on the market. Without further due, let's jump right it.

    Best 270 Degree Awnings

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    #1 Best 270 Degree Awning

    OVS Nomadic 270

    OVS Nomadic 270 degree awning


    Nomadic 270 by Overland Vehicle Systems is the best 270 degree awning currently on the market.

    Built to withstand high winds and bad weather conditions, Nomadic 270 by Overland Vehicle Systems is the best 270 degree awning currently on the market. Because of the pair of reinforced large hinges and heavy-duty rafters, our Nomadic 270 requires no poles to be set up, unlike conventional awnings.

    Even though you can OVS 270-degree Awning without poles, it comes with five aluminum poles to use in windy conditions to keep the awning sturdy. The body of the OVS Nomadic 270 is made of 600D poly cotton ripstop cloth with heat-sealed seams to ensure there are no water leaks during heavy rainfall.

    As for coverage, Nomadic 270 covers about 129 sq ft of ground, and installing this on your vehicle is pretty simple -- it shouldn't take more than a few minutes. Plus, you can add walls to it and turn it into a proper tent in case you need extra sleeping space.

    Following pieces of equipment are included with the Nomadic 270-degree awning purchase: 6 Pivoting & Telescoping Aluminum Poles, 6 Sets of Shock Cord, 6 Heavy Duty Stakes, Travel Cover, 3 Heavy Duty Mounting Brackets and Hardware, Nylon Reinforced Tie Down Kit.


    •   Covers 128 square feet of area
    •   Built to withstand high winds
    •   Can be installed on any aftermarket/factory roof rack
    •   Freestanding Awning
    •   Easy Installation

    Largest 270 Degree Awning

    Overland Pros Wraptor 6k

    Overland Pros Wraptor 6k 270 degree awning


    Wraptor 6k by Overland Pros is the largest 270 degree awning currently on the market.

    The wide coverage provided by Overland Pros Wraptor 6k is the major reason it is so popular. Unlike conventional 270 degree awnings, which typically cover 100-120 square feet, the Wraptor 6k provides a gigantic 130 square feet of coverage. So, no matter how sunny it is, you can rely on Wraptor 6k to provide you with all the shade you require.

    The Wraptor 6k's body is made of 280gsm poly-cotton ripstop waterproof canvas; this ensures that it can withstand the harshest weather conditions with ease and that water won't leak through the fabric when it rains heavily. Also, the Wraptor 6k is equipped with strong support poles and guy lines to keep it sturdy and solid when camping in windy conditions.

    Wraptor 6k is available for both driver and passenger sides. Most rear doors swing to the passenger side, so we recommend the driver's side for those vehicles. If your car has a swinging rear door, then we suggest the side opposite to which it swings.

    Setting up and taking down Wraptor 6k is easy as ABC. It can be done in under 1 minute. As for the installation, you can install it on any full-size 4-door SUV, van, and trucks. It also includes a travel cover to keep the awning safe during your journey.


    •   Made with high quality fabric
    •   Option to add walls
    •   Can be used in Windy Conditions
    •   Covers 130 sq ft of area
    •   Includes support poles and guy lines

    Best Premium 270 Degree Awning

    Eezi-Awn Manta

    Eezi-Awn Manta 270 degree awning


    Manta by Eezi-Awn is the best premium 270 degree awning currently on the market.

    Featuring a full-aluminum frame construction with 260-gram waterproof ripstop canvas panels, integrated height-adjustable legs, and a UV-resistant PVC cover -- Eezi-Awn Manta is a premium 270 Degree Awning that is manufactured and tested on the trails of South Africa.

    It still offers solid coverage of 100 square feet and can be used in high wind and extreme weather conditions without any issues. Plus, It's available for both driver and passenger sides. A travel cover is included with your purchase to keep the awning safe during your journey.

    Setting and taking down Eezi Awn Manta 270 Degree awning can be done in under 60 seconds without any help. Plus, It is designed to mount to the side of any roof rack easily. All the required equipment for installing the awning on your roof rack is provided with the purchase.


    •   Sleek aerodynamic design for better fuel economy
    •   Lightweight
    •   Protection from extreme weather
    •   Very easy setup & takedown
    •   Covers 100 sq ft of ground

    Affordable 270 Degree Awning

    Overland Pros Wraptor 4k

    Overland Pros Wraptor 4k 270 degree awning


    Wraptor 4k by Overland Pros is the best affordable 270 degree awning currently on the market.

    Wraptor 4k is Wraptor 6k's younger sibling. It has a similar design and covers around 80 square feet of space. The fabric of the Wraptor 4k is comprised of waterproof 280G ripstop canvas to keep you protected even in inclement weather.

    To keep the awning sturdy during high winds, height-adjustable support poles that extend to 8′ 6″ are included. Wraptor 4k is entirely freestanding, and using the support poles is totally up to you.

    Wraptor 4k has the option to add a wall set, turning it into a proper private room that can be used as an extra sleeping space. The walls are designed to cover all six sides of the awning (4 exterior sides + 2 walls that go down the side and back of your vehicle). They are effortless to set up.

    Like the Wraptor 6k, Installing Wraptor 4k on your vehicle is as simple as ABC. They are also designed to fit on most aftermarket and factory roof racks -- Hence, you don't have to worry about buying a new roof rack.


    •   Covers 80 sq ft of area
    •   Optional Add-on Wall Set
    •   Waterproof Canvas Fabric
    •   Bad Weather Protection
    •   Super simple to install

    270 Degree Awnings FAQ

    Are these awnings compatible with any roof racks?
    Yes! All 270 Degree Awnings we have reviewed above are designed to fit on 99.9% of aftermarket and OEM roof racks.

    How much do these awnings weigh?
    On average, they weigh anywhere from 50 lbs to 80 lbs.

    Can I attach these awnings to both sides of my vehicle?
    Yes! All the above 270 degree awnings are available in two mounting configurations: passenger side and driver side. You have a choice between the two.

    How much area do these awnings cover?
    On average, they cover anywhere from 80 sq ft to 130 sq ft. It varies from awning to awning.

    Do they come with support poles and guy lines?
    Even though all the above 270 degree awnings are freestanding, they do come with support poles and guy lines as you will need to use them in windy conditions.

    Got a Questions About 270 Degree Awnings?

    Choosing a 270 degree awning for your vehicle can be difficult, but Overland Junction can help. Feel free to browse our website and contact our customer service department at 833-205-7703 or support@overlandjunction.com by phone or email if you have further questions or concerns before making a purchase.