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    Tuff Stuff 4x4 Detailed Review

    Based out of Ontario, Canada -- Tuff Suff Overland was born out of the demand for quality roof top tents and awnings at affordable pricing but with the same quality as higher-priced competitors.

    Tuff Stuff Overland products have major engineering, design time placed into every detail. They continue to develop new and innovative ways to improve their roof top tents and awnings without raising the cost of the products.

    In the following sections, we will review some of the best Tuff Stuff Overland roof top tents + awnings and answer a few general questions you might have about them. Without further due, Let's jump right into it.

    Tuff Stuff Roof Top Tent on a Truck

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    #1 Best Tuff Stuff Overland Roof Top Tent

    Tuff Stuff Ranger

    Tuff Stuff Overland Ranger on a Jeep


    Ranger by Tuff Stuff Overland is a bang-for-your-buck at this price range.

    Made with 280g poly/cotton rip-stop body canvas, Tuff Stuff Ranger is a super spacious 65" roof top tent that can comfortably sleep up to 3 people. It includes a premium rainfly to protect you and keep you comfortable even in bad weather conditions.

    To make your night in the woods as comfortable as possible, Tuff Stuff Overland Ranger comes with a 2.75 inch thick mattress. It also includes an anti-condensation mat that reduces the temperature gradient at the floor and prevents moisture buildup.

    Tuff Stuff Overland Ranger includes a storage hammock that can be mounted inside or outside of the tent. It is perfect for storing your extra gear. A couple of shoe bags are also included for storing your footwear and avoiding getting mud on the bedding.

    When it comes to set up and takedown, Tuff Stuff Ranger is has a pretty simple and easy process (It can be done in 10-15 minutes). It is also all the necessary hardware required to mount it on your roof rack.


    •   Extreme Weather Protection
    •   Sleeps 3 People
    •   Thick Mattress
    •   Gear hammock for storing extra gear
    •   Easy Setup and Takedown

    Best Tuff Stuff Overland Hard Shell Roof Top Tent

    Tuff Stuff Alpha

    Tuff Stuff Overland Ranger on a Jeep


    Alpha by Tuff Stuff Overland is one of the best hard shell roof top tent currently on the market.

    With a sleeping capacity of 4 people, Tuff Stuff Overland Alpha is one of the largest hard shell roof top tents currently on the market. It features a unique heavy-duty hydraulic lift technology that lets you set it up and take it down in under 2 minutes.

    Unlike other roof top tents, Tuff Stuff Alpha is designed to be versatile and lightweight so that there is very minimal wind resistance when driving. Also, Alpha has a slightly higher profile than other hardshell tents, so you can store your bedding, blankets etc, inside the tent when closed.

    The body of the Tuff Stuff Alpha is made using ABS shell, 280g poly/cotton ripstop fabric, and a 210D Polyester/Oxford PU coated 5000mm premium rainfly. This should be more than enough to keep you safe and comfortable in all weather conditions.

    Alpha also has an option for you to add an annex to it, which you can use as an extra sleeping space or a changing room. Plus, If you are looking for a smaller size tent, Alpha is also available in 2 person size.


    •   Quick set up and takedown
    •   In-built Skylight window
    •   Sleeps 4 People
    •   Bad weather protection
    •   LED Lights for Interior and Exterior
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    Largest Tuff Stuff Overland Roof Top Tent

    Tuff Stuff Elite

    Tuff Stuff Overland Ranger on a Jeep


    Elite by Tuff Stuff Overland is the best roof top tent for 4-5 person families.

    There are probably hardly two or three 5 person roof top tents on the market today -- Tuff Stuff Elite is one of them. Like the tents we saw before, Tuff Stuff Overland Elite also comes with a highly durable body construction and can handle extreme weather conditions like a pro.

    Tuff Stuff Overland Elite comes with a large 2.75 inch thick mattress which is quite comfortable to sleep on. It has a total of 6 windows; all of them include a mesh panel to keep the mosquitos out at night and an outer cover to prevent water from entering inside the tent.

    If you need more space, Elite has an option for you to add an Annex room that is big enough to sleep 1-2 people. The annex is made using 420D Oxford side walls & 1000D PVC floor -- It is almost as tough as the tent itself.

    Elite can be set up and taken down in under 5-10 minutes. It also includes all the necessary equipment required for mounting it on your roof rack. As Tuff Stuff Elite is quite large in size, One might think it will take forever to set up and take down, but that's not the case at all.


    •   Sleeps 5 people
    •   Optional Annex Room
    •   Extreme Weather Protection
    •   Easy setup and installation
    •   Comfortable to sleep in

    Best Cheap Tuff Stuff Overland Roof Top Tent

    Tuff Stuff Trailhead

    Tuff Stuff Overland Trailhead on a trailer


    Trailhead by Tuff Stuff is one of the best affordable roof top tents currently on the market.

    If you are looking for an affordable roof top tent for your next trip, then the Tuff Stuff Overland Trailhead roof top tent is perfect for you. Made with 600D polyester oxford, PU coated waterproof material, this tent is as tough and durable as they come.

    Big enough to sleep two people, Trailhead comes with a 1.5" foam mattress with an aluminum honeycomb floor to keep you warm and comfortable at all times. Plus, All windows include mesh panels to keep the insects from entering your tent at night.

    Tuff Stuff Overland Trailhead is very easy to set up and take down. You can do it on your own in under 2-3 minutes (Which is pretty quick for a soft shell RTT). Also, all the required equipment for installing the tent on your roof rack is included with the purchase.


    •   Sleeps 2 people
    •   Very affordable
    •   Set up in 2-3 minutes
    •   Comfortable Sleeping Experience
    •   Includes Rainfly

    Best Tuff Stuff Overland Awnings

    Tuff Stuff Overland 270 Awning with 2 friends chilling under it

    Tuff Stuff Overland 270 Awning

    Tuff Stuff Overland 270 Compact Awning is currently one of the best 270-degree awnings on the market.

    Made with durable 600D polycotton rip-stop fabric, Tuff Stuff Overland 270 degree awning provides over 80 square feet of overhead coverage. It is entirely waterproof and can be used in almost any weather condition.

    If you have ever used an awning before, you know they are not great in high windy conditions. So to fix that, the Tuff Stuff Overland 270 awning comes with four aluminum telescoping poles that keep the awning steady even in high-speed winds.

    Setting up and taking down this awning is super fast and as easy as ABC. You can do it on your own in under 2 minutes. Plus, a weather-resistant 1000G PVC travel cover with heavy-duty zippers is included to keep the awning safe during your journey.

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    • Durable Body Construction
    • Can be used in windy conditions
    • Includes telescoping poles
    • 80 square feet of overhead coverage
    • Includes Travel Cover
    Tuff Stuff Overland Standard Awning mounted on a Jeep

    Tuff Stuff Standard Overland Awning

    Tuff Stuff Overland Standard Awning is one of the best affordable awnings currently on the market.

    Tuff Stuff 6.5' Awning is a super necessary equipment for overlanding trips. It provides a much-needed 8' of shade where you can place a couple of chairs and have a cold beer with your friend while enjoying nature around you.

    Tuff Stuff Overland 6.5' Awning comes with a universal L bracket system, making it very easy to install on your vehicle. Setting up and closing this awning is simple as well -- It can be done in under 2-3 minutes.

    In case you need more shade, This awning has an option for you to add a shade wall to the front. It is made with 280G cotton/polyester ripstop fabric with a polyurethane coating for maximum rain protection.

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    • Provides 8' of shade
    • UV rated for sun protection
    • Easy Installation
    • Includes Travel Cover
    • Optional Shade Wall

    Best Tuff Stuff Overland Accessories

    Tuff Stuff Overland Shover Tent

    Tuff Stuff Overland Shower Tent Enclosure

    After a hard day on the trails, the Tuff Stuff shower tent provides a perfect privacy shelter for changing or having a much-needed shower.

    It has a generous amount of area, measuring 36" X 36" (9 sq ft) and allowing you to move around freely. Plus, It can be easily deployed in 1-2 minutes and neatly stored away in the same amount of time in its 1000D PVC zipper bag.

    For added convince, the Tuff Stuff Overland shower tent includes four stake loops at each corner to hold the foundation steady while in use and weighted fiberglass rods sewed in to guarantee the chamber stays square while in use.

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    Tuff Stuff Overland Extreme Weather Cover

    Tuff Stuff Overland Extreme Weather Cover

    If you plan to camp in extreme weather conditions on a regular basis, then this weather cover is a must-have for you. They are made of 150T Ripstop polyester Oxford with an aluminized coating to reflect extreme cold & heat.

    They are also designed to withstand 2,000mm of water over 1 day and tested to be UV resistant and Flame retardant.

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    Tuff Stuff Overland FAQ

    What are Tuff Stuff Roof Top Tents made using?
    Most Tuff Stuff tents feature a high-quality polyester/cotton windproof fabric body.

    Are these easy to open and close?
    Yes, All the above roof top tents are pretty easy to set up and take down. You can do it on your own in under 2-10 minutes.

    What do I need to install one of these tents on my vehicle?
    You will need a roof rack or a bed rack to install a roof top tent on your vehicle.

    Do Tuff Stuff Roof top tents hold up in wind and rain?
    Absolutely. All of them are waterproof and come with a "Rain Fly" for those long rainy days. Plus, they can easily withstand strong winds.

    Why Choose Tuff Stuff Overland?

    Tuff Stuff Overland products are durable

    Premium Quality

    Made with high-quality materials, Tuff Stuff 4x4 products are highly durable and designed to last a lifetime.

    Tuff Stuff Overland products are affodable

    Affordable Prices

    Are you on a limited budget? Not a problem! Tuff Stuff products are affordable and available at multiple price ranges.

    Tuff Stuff Overland products are easy to install

    Easy Installation

    No matter which Tuff Stuff 4x4 product you choose, Installing them is as simple as ABC.

    All Tuff Stuff Overland Roof Top Tents