8 Best Roof Top Tents for Chevy Silverado in 2024

    Roof Top Tents for Silverado

    If you're looking for an awesome roof top tent for your Chevy Silverado, look no further.

    Roof top tents are fast gaining popularity thanks to their high quality, easy set up, and comfort.

    In this review, we go over 8 of the best Chevrolet Silverado roof top tents currently available. We'll also cover Chevy Silverado bed rack and roof rack options. And we'll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Silverado roof top tents.

    Chevy Silverado Roof Top Tent Guide

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    Top Chevy Silverado Roof Top Tents for Sale

    The Tuff Stuff Alpha is a premium hard shell tent that screams luxury and comfort from all angles. Available in two sizes, it has extreme weather protection and couldn't be simpler to set up and take down. Plus, add an annex for even more space.

    • ✔ Sleeps 2-4 People
    • ✔ Tough (Tuff) Materials
    • ✔ Optional Add-On-Annex

    The OVS Bushveld Silverado Roof Top Tent is currently one of the best hard shell roof top tents on the market, thanks to its lightning-fast 30-second setup and takedown. It can sleep four and has the option of adding an add-on room if more space is required.

    • ✔ Sleeps 4 People
    • ✔ 30 Second Setup
    • ✔ Skylight Window

    The Overland Junction Golden is a 2-person hard shell roof top tent that's a great option for any Chevy Silverado. With high quality tent fabric and waterproofing, a thick mattress, and the ability for truly 360-degree views, this tent delivers on all fronts.

    • ✔ 360 degree views
    • ✔ 2.75" Foam Mattress
    • ✔ Extreme weather protection

    The Roofnest Condor 2 Roof Top Tent for Chevy Silverado is our best hard shell roof top tent for a reason. Strong materials, comfortable mattress, tons of features, shell-top crossbars, and the ability to add Roofnest's unique Awnex for even more space.

    • ✔ Sleeps 2-4 People
    • ✔ Awning + Annex = Awnex
    • ✔ Add-ons galore

    The Freespirit Evolution V2 hard shell roof top tent is as premium as they come. Sleeps 2-3 people, and comes with Freespirit's awesome AirCore mattress - providing extreme comfort when sleeping and allowing you to store more bedding inside when deflated.

    • ✔ Unbeatable mattress
    • ✔ High quality materials
    • ✔ Integrated LED lighting

    The Overland Junction Labrador comes in three sizes, each of which is massive and somehow still lightweight. This tent also has a comfortable 2.75" mattress, two large skylights, an optional annex and insulation layer, thick walls, and lots of storage.

    • ✔ Comes in 2, 3, or 4 person
    • ✔ Each large for their category
    • ✔ Each light for their category

    With a sleeping capacity of 5 people, the Tuff Stuff Elite is one of the largest Chevy Silverado roof top tents currently available. It is extremely durable and can keep you comfortable even in inclement weather. Plus, comes with a large annex automatically.

    • ✔ Sleeps 5 People
    • ✔ Setup in under 5 min
    • ✔ Extreme Weather Protection

    The Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic 3 Extended Roof Top Tent is a 3-person Chevrolet Silverado Roof Top Tent that is built to withstand the elements and keep you comfortable even in the harshest weather. It includes a skylight to brighten your nights.

    • ✔ Sleeps 3 People
    • ✔ Thick Foam Mattress
    • ✔ Quick Setup
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    Best Chevy Silverado Bed Rack and Chevy Silverado Roof Rack

    To mount a tent on your Chevy Silverado, you'll need either a bed rack or a roof rack. They have to have crossbars, and they have to have a weight capacity that can handle your tent.

    Bed racks are by far the most common option people choose. They allow you to put the tent over the bed of your truck.

    Our best selling Chevy Silverado bed rack is the Tuwa Pro Shiprock. It has four different height options, is adjustable and modular, and is super strong.

    If you prefer to put the tent on the roof of your cab, Prinsu makes a great Chevy Silverado Roof Rack.

    Chevy Silverado Roof Top Tents FAQ

    What do I need to install a roof top tent on my Chevy Silverado?
    To put a roof top tent on your Chevy Silverado, you'll need a bed rack (by far the most common) or a roof rack. In both cases, they must have crossbars (the ones that go from one side of the truck to the other) and that can handle the weight of the tent.

    Do roof top tents affect gas mileage?
    If you use a mid-height bed rack and the tent stays below the height of the cab, your MPG won't move at all. If the tent is on the roof of the cab, or on a bed rack that puts it above the height of a cab, you might see a small drop of 1-3 MPG. Hard shell tents are more aerodynamic and have less impact on gas mileage.

    Is a mattress included with these roof top tents, or do I need to purchase one separately?
    All of the roof top tents listed above include comfortable mattresses. You can always add a sleeping pad if you choose, but we recommend waiting to try yours first, as these mattresses are legit.

    How long does it take to set up these tents?
    These roof top tents can be set up and taken down in about 1 minute for hard shell tents and about 5 minutes for soft shells.

    Is there a warranty on these roof top tents?
    Yes, all of the roof top tents listed above come with a warranty.

    What is the best roof tent for a Chevy Silverado?
    We got this question so often that we decided to write this guide. Check out this page for 8 great tents.

    What is the best hardtop rooftop tent?
    The Condor 2, the Bushveld, the Alpha 2, and the Golden are all hard shell tents and are great options for the Chevy Silverado.

    How fast can you drive with a roof top tent?
    Well obviously you're always obeying the speed limit, right??! With that assumed, as long as you install the tent and rack properly and use a rack that has a dynamic weight capacity higher than the weight of the tent, you can drive exactly as you'd normally drive. The more off road you get and the bumpier things get, the more we recommend exercising a bit of caution.

    Can you put a roof top tent on a truck?
    Assuming you have a Chevy Silverado since you're on the Silverado page, YES!

    Is it a good idea to have a rooftop tent?
    No, it's a GREAT idea to have a rooftop tent. They are comfortable, durable, able to handle any weather, and simply a whole lot of fun.

    Is it safe to sleep in a roof top tent?
    Yes, it is safe to sleep in a roof top tent. Far safer than a ground tent, in fact. You're elevated off the ground, away from animals and other critters. You're much more protected from the weather. And it's better for your phsyical health since it's so much more comfortable.

    Why Purchase A Roof Top Tent for your Chevy Silverado?

    Roof Top Tent on grey jeep

    Camp Anywhere

    You don't have to look for clear ground to set up your roof top tent. With a roof tent on your Silverado, you can camp anywhere, from a muddy mountain to a sandy beach!

    Man setting up a roof top tent

    Lightning Fast Setup

    Never again will you be working hard to pitch a ground tent. Roof top tents can be set up and taken down with little to no work. For hard shell tents, it's less than a minute.

    Roof top tent mattress with skylight window

    Extremely Comfortable

    No more wet tent corners, a damp sleeping pad in the morning, and downright soaked during rain storms. All roof top tents have heightened weather protection to keep you comfortable.

    Have Other Questions About Chevy Silverado Roof Top Tents?

    Overland Junction is here to help you find the perfect roof top tent for your Chevy Silverado that matches your demands and fits within your budget. If you have any questions or want to learn more about any of our roof top tents before making a purchase, please browse our website or contact us by text or phone at 833-205-7703 or by email at support@overlandjunction.com.