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    Looking for the best 5 person roof top tent for your next overlanding trip? Then you have come to the right place! Even though roof top tents are pretty awesome, It's hard to find them in large sizes. Most roof top tents are designed to accommodate 2 to 3 people at best.

    However, there is a rooftop tent out there that is designed to sleep 5 people. In the sections below, we will quickly review it and answer a few common questions you might have about roof top tents. Without further due, Let's jump right into it!

    Best 5 person roof top tents

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    5 Person Roof Top Tent Review

    High Country 5 Person Roof Top Tent mounted on a 4Runner

    FSR High Country 80" 5 Person Roof Top Tent

    Best 5 Person Roof Top Tent

    The GoFSR High Country 80" rooftop tent sleeps up to 5 people and is composed of high-quality materials. It is one of the most spacious rooftop tents available on the market today.

    Freespirit Recreation High Country 80" body is constructed with tri-layer technology to keep you comfortable and protect from extreme weather conditions. It sort of acts like AC on summer days and a Heater on winter nights.

    Given its size, one may anticipate it to be difficult or time-consuming to set up and take down; nevertheless, this is not the case! The revolutionary design of the High Country 80" makes it exceedingly simple and quick to set up and take down. The entire process can be completed in less than 60 seconds.

    When all four windows are open, the "High Country 80" provides a stunning 360-degree view of your surroundings, providing you with some great sights for taking Instagram-worthy photos!

    Lastly, the GoFSR High Country 80" is exclusively intended for use on full-size SUVs and mid/full-size trucks. It is incompatible with mid-size SUVs and smaller automobiles.

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    • All-weather protection
    • Low Profile Design
    • The large windows provide panoramic views
    • Setup and takedown are both simple and take less than 60 seconds
    • You can mount gear on top of the tent using a rack system
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    Tuff Stuff Elite 5 Person Roof Top Tent

    Tuff Stuff Elite 5 Person Roof Top Tent

    Best Affordable 5 Person Roof Top Tent

    Tuff Stuff Elite is one of the most affordable 5 person roof top tents on the market today. Made with 280G Cotton/Poly Rip-Stop body fabric, Elite is exceptionally durable and can keep you comfortable and endure adverse weather conditions like a pro.

    The Elite 5 person roof top tent has a 2.75-inch thick mattress that is quite comfortable to sleep on. It includes a total of 6 windows, each with a mesh screen to keep mosquitos out at night and an outer cover to keep water out.

    If you want additional space, Elite offers the option of adding an Annex room that may accommodate 1-2 persons. The annex is constructed of 420D Oxford side walls and a 1000D PVC floor, making it nearly as robust as the tent.

    Because Tuff Stuff Elite is huge, one may expect it to take a long time to put up and take down; however, this is not the case. Elite 5 person roof top tent can be set up and dismantled in less than 5-10 minutes. It also comes with all of the hardware you'll need to install it to your roof rack.

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    • Sleeps 5 people
    • Optional Annex Room
    • Extreme Weather Protection
    • Easy setup and installation
    • Comfortable to sleep in

    5 Person Roof Top Tent FAQ

    Will a 5 person roof top tent affect the performance of my vehicle?
    Roof Top Tents are not harmful to your vehicle as long as your vehicle's roof is strong enough to hold them. Furthermore, because RTTs are typically heavy, you may notice a slight reduction in MPG while installing them on your car.

    Is it possible to install a roof top tent on my vehicle?
    This is determined by the roof weight capacity of your car. If your vehicle has a low roof weight capacity, you may not be able to install FSR High Country 80" 5 Person Roof Top Tent.

    What do I need to put a 5 Person Roof Top Tent in my car?
    You'll need a roof rack to install the FSR High Country on your vehicle.

    Does the High Country include a ladder?
    Yes, FSR High Country includes an aluminium ladder to easily help you get in and out of the tent.

    Got Questions About 5 Person Roof Top Tent?

    If you're looking for a 5 person roof top tent for your vehicle, Overland Junction can assist you in making an informed decision. Prior to completing a purchase, if you have further questions or concerns, feel free to browse our website or contact our customer service department at 833-205-7703 or support@overlandjunction.com through phone or email for further assistance.

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