Best 5-Person Roof Top Tents for 2024

    Best 5-Person Roof Top Tents For Sale

    If you are looking for the best 5-person roof top tent to buy, you have come to the right place.

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    Five-person tents are the biggest there are in the roof top tent world. And in truth, if you try to fit five adults in these tents, it's going to be cozy - though you can definitely do it!

    But most of our customers who ask for a 5-person tent are really asking for a big family tent. And we have tents that can not only fit 5 bodies if a few of them are still growing, but can do so comfortably. Heck, you might even be able to welcome the dog up, too.

    So, in addition to our guide on the best hard shell roof top tents and the best soft shell roof top tents, we have written this one on the best 5 person roof top tents currently on the market.

    We also give you a comparison chart, and answer a few common questions you might have regarding roof top tents. So let's go!

    Overland Junction Labrador 5 person roof top tent

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    Best Premium 5-Person Roof Top Tent

    Freespirit High Country V2 - King

    Freespirit High Country V2 King Roof Top Tent


    Innovative hybrid of soft shell and hard shell.

    The Freespirit High Country V2 is a category breaker. It's a fusion between softshell and hardshell. It essentially has a hardshell top, with softshell sides.

    The innovative hybrid design mixes some of the best features of hard shell (low profile, low MPG impact, crossbars) with some of the best features of soft shell (lighter).

    The King-size High Country V2 is massive. At 77" wide, it's one of the largest tents on the market. It can comfortably sleep 4 adults, or even a family of 5.

    And despite the large size, even by soft shell standards (and especially by hard shell standards) it's impressively lightweight at just 154 pounds.

    The High Country V2 incorporates Freespirit's time-tested tri-layer insulation design. And it has a solid 2.25" mattress for comfortable sleeping.

    Freespirit High Country V2 - King Roof Top Tent

    Finally, because of the hard top, the High Country V2 is able to take crossbars. This is groundbreaking for a (partially) soft shell tent, and ensures you can bring all the gear you need on your next adventure.

    Freespirit High Country Roof Top Tent Review Rating


    • Innovative, hybrid design merges benefits of hard shell and soft shell tents.
    • At 77", the High Country V2 - King can fit a family of 5.
    • Despite the size, the tent weighs in at an impressively lightweight 154 pounds.
    • Because of the hard top, it can take crossbars, so you can bring additional gear.


    • This tent is our best premium for a reason - it aint cheap, especially for a partial soft shell!
    Includes 3-months Subscription to onX Maps

    Best Large 5-Person Roof Top Tent

    Tuff Stuff Elite

    Tuff Stuff Elite Roof Top Tent


    Perfect for families and groups of friends.

    We acknowledge this is a bit redundant. Large, 5-person? Duh. But even among large tents, the Tuff Stuff Elite stands out as MASSIVE.

    There's the subtle difference: While all of these 5-person tents are 77" wide (that's where roof top tents max out), the Tuff Stuff Elite is a few inches longer than the others, giving it more total square inches.

    (Pro tip: Nothing says you have to lie parallel to the long side. If everyone in the group is roughly 6' or less, you can lie perpendicular to it, giving you a stunning 96" wide. You could comfortably fit 6 people in that direction.)

    Beyond the subtle, the Tuff Stuff Elite is also one of the only tents on the market that is essentially TWO tents in one.

    With a removable privacy split wall and two ladder entrances, you can divide up this massive space into two.

    Mom and Dad on one side, kids on the other? You now have a two-bedroom house atop your car.

    But it gets even better: Unlike any other tent, the Tuff Stuff Elite soft shell roof top tent comes standard with an annex, and that annex can sleep a shocking FOUR additional people.

    That's right, this is actually a three bedroom house with room for 9 easily and 11 if you change the orientation. Wowza.

    With 280g poly-cotton windproof tent fabric and a 420D poly-oxford rain fly, this large soft shell tent will also keep that mammoth family warm and comfortable no matter where you're camping.

    The 2.75-inch mattress on the Tuff Stuff Elite is also a huge plus for easy sleeping. And the tent comes with good storage, inside and out.

    Tuff Stuff Elite Soft Shell Roof Top Tent
    Tuff Stuff Elite Roof Top Tent Review Rating


    • Huge sleeping area with included annex, making this one of the largest tents around.
    • Two ladders and an optional privacy wall to divide the tent in half, if desired.
    • Tough materials that can hold up in any weather.
    • 2.75" mattress provides excellent comfort.


    • Weight: You don't get this big without driving up the weight. At 194 pounds, it's heavier than a lot of hard shell tents, and will almost always need an after-market roof rack.
    Includes 3-months Subscription to onX Maps

    Best Lightweight 5-Person Roof Top Tent

    Overland Junction Labrador

    Overland Junction Labrador Roof Top Tent


    Large, luxurious, and lightweight.

    Finding a tent that can fit 5 people and is still light enough to fit on almost every factory roof rack is tough. But the Overland Junction Labrador delivers.

    With a sleeping area that's 77" wide and 94" long, this tent is huge. And by the way, if everyone is shorter than about 6 feet, you can flip those dimensions and have a bed that's 94" inches wide!

    The Overland Junction Labrador is also luxurious. It has high quality body and rainfly fabric with excellent waterproofing.

    It has non-metal zippers to minimize wind noise. It has LED lights and anti-condensation vents.

    It has a plush 2.75" foam mattress - you'll wake up wondering if you just slept in your bed at home - as well as internal and external storage.

    It has an optional annex and insulation layer for added space and warmth. And best of all, it has two huge skylights for letting in daylight, star gazing at night, or watching the rain and snow hit the top of the tent.

    And somehow, despite all of these features, it weighs in at just 146 pounds. The Overland Junction Labrador is light enough for almost any vehicle.

    Overland Junction Labrador Inside
    Overland Junction Labrador Review Rating


    • Huge sleeping area that's bigger than a King bed.
    • 2.75" mattress that'll keep you comfortable all night.
    • Massive skylights to enjoy whatever is outside your tent.
    • High quality fabrics and features.
    • The lightest 5-person tent around.


    • The optional annex is smaller than others and harder to put up.
    Includes 3-months Subscription to onX Maps

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    Best Affordable 5-Person Roof Top Tent

    OVS Nomadic 4 Extended

    Nomadic 4 Extended Roof Top Tent


    Strong materials, great mattress, unbeatable price.

    The number one question we get from potential Nomadic 4 owners is: Why is this tent so inexpensive - seems too good to be true?

    Well, good news: It's not! The features and value that the Nomadic 4 extended roof top tent provide are unbeatable.

    The Nomadic 4 roof top tent is big enough to sleep 4 people comfortably (or even a family of 5), and the 3" memory foam mattress is so nice you're going to wish you had it on your bed at home.

    The 600D body construction and 420D rainfly of the Nomadic 4 RTT will help you stay warm and comfortable in even the harshest of weather conditions.

    And a skylight window is built into the roof which makes the tent even more amazing at night.

    Plus, you can add a massive annex to it for even more indoor space - perfect for having a comfortable place to change, or even to sleep additional people or pets.

    Easy to install, easy to set up and break down, and very easy to sleep in, the Nomadic 4 extended is a great 5-person roof top tent.

    Nomadic 4 Extended Roof Top Tent
    OVS Nomadic 4 Roof Top Tent Review Rating


    • The best value 5-person tent on the market. 
    • 3" mattress makes you feel like you're at home.
    • Setup and takedown are straightforward.
    • Skylight is great for views and star gazing.


    • Heavy for a soft shell roof top tent.
    Includes 3-months Subscription to onX Maps

    5-Person Roof Top Tent Comparison

    5-Person Tent
    Price Weight
    Tent Fabric Mattress Thickness Sleeping Area Width
    Sleeping Area Length Annex Warranty
    FSR High Country - King $3,495 154
    150Dx3 2.25" 77" 90" No 2 years
    Tuff Stuff Elite $2,499 194 280g 2.75" 77"
    96" Included 1 year
    Overland Junction Labrador $1,999 146 280g 2.75" 77"
    94" Optional 2 years
    OVS Nomadic 4 $1,499 172 600D 3" 77" 94.5" Optional
    4 years

    5-Person Roof Top Tents FAQs

    Will using a 5 person roof top tent damage my vehicle?
    No, roof top tents do not damage the vehicle as long as the roof rack on the car or truck can handle the weight of the tent. Check your vehicle's dynamic weight capacity and compare it to the weight of the tent (you do not have to worry about static weight capacity or your weight).

    Can my car handle a roof top tent?
    Whether your car can handle a roof top tent depends on your vehicle's roof rack weight capacity. Most 5-person roof top tents will be too heavy for most factory roof racks. Most factory roof racks have a dynamic weight capacity of 150-200 pounds, and several of these tents are closer to the higher end of that range. If your vehicle's dynamic weight capacity cannot handle the weight of the tent you want, you will have to get after-market cross bars, a roof rack, or a bed rack.

    How much does a 5-person roof top tent weigh?
    The 5-person roof top tents in our review here range in weight from 146 pounds to 194 pounds. Soft shell tents are generally lighter than hard shell tents because they have a canvas cover instead of a plastic or aluminum cover.

    What is the weight limit for a roof top tent?
    The weight you need to worry about is really the dynamic roof rack weight. That's the one that gets tested when the car is speeding down the highway at 70mph and the wind is trying to rip the tent clean off the car. The weight limits for the tents in use start around 700 pounds and go up from there. When the tent is in use, the ladder and roof of the car all spread out the weight, so you rarely need to worry about tent weight limits.

    Do these tents come with a ladder?
    Yes, all of the roof top tents we carry come standard with a ladder. Almost all ladders are aluminum, retractable, and tall enough to accommodate any vehicle except the tallest vans.

    What do I need to install a 5-person roof top tent on my car?
    You will need a roof rack or bed rack that has crossbars (the ones that run from one side of the car to the other) and that can handle the weight of the tent. All other equipment, including universal mounting brackets, will come with the purchase of the roof top tent.

    Is there a 5 person roof top tent?
    We get this question a lot, which is why we wrote this guide. There sure is a 5 person roof top tent. In fact, there are several. And we've reviewed them all in detail above.

    Do roof top tents get hot?
    While roof top tents are built with insulating against the cold nights in mind, they have great ventilation, too. All of these tents have multiple doors and windows that can be opened up to allow fresh air in. They also have mesh screens on the windows so you can open them even if it is buggy out. And they have condensation vents.

    Is it safe to sleep in a roof top tent?
    Most people who have used roof top tents would argue that they are far safer to sleep in than ground tents. You are elevated off the ground, away from animals, critters, other campers, and bad weather, and you're warmer and more insulated than in a ground tent.

    How big are 5-person roof top tents?
    The ones in our review are all 77" wide, and they are 90 to 96" long. For reference, a king-size bed is 76" wide and 80" in length.

    Is it a good idea to have a rooftop tent?
    Well obviously we're bias, but heck yeah it's a good idea to have a rooftop tent! They are hands down the best way to camp. Since you don't have to carry the weight, you can maximize comfort and quality. Roof top tents are significantly warmer and more protected from the weather than ground tents, they have MUCH thicker mattresses, they incorporate LED lights, annexes, and other add-ons, they are way easier to set up and take down, and they give you the option for great views.

    Have Other Questions About 5-Person Roof Top Tents?

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