3 Best Toyota RAV4 Roof Racks in 2024

    Toyota Rav4 Roof Racks for Sale

    If you are looking for a roof rack for your 4th or 5th Generation Toyota RAV4, then you have come to the right place.

    4th gen RAV4s are 2014-2018. 5th gen RAV4s are 2019-2024. Both are great cars with great roof rack options. 

    Whether you want to mount a Rav4 Roof Top Tent on your Toyota, or are just looking for extra capacity to haul small or large gear, we review great RAV4 roof rack options for you. Let's dive in.

    Toyota Rav4 with Prinsu Roof Rack

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    Top Rav4 Roof Racks of 2024

    Toyota Rav4 Sherpa Snowmass Roof Rack

    Sherpa Snowmass RAV4 Roof Rack

    Best 5th Gen Rav4 Roof Rack.

    The Sherpa Snowmass wins the title of best overall 5th generation (2019-2024) Toyota Rav4 roof rack. Made using aircraft-grade aluminum side panels and stainless steel hardware, it is as tough as they come.

    The Sherpa Snowmass Toyota Rav4 roof rack comes with 8 crossbars, 6 mounting brackets, 2 side plates, and 1 fairing with edge trim.

    It has a static weight capacity of 700 lbs and a total dynamic load capacity of 400 lbs. This is sufficient for mounting roof top tents, kayaks, storage boxes, mountain bikes, and anything else you might want to throw on top of your Rav4.

    Finally, installing the Sherpa Snowmass roof rack on your Rav4 is as simple as 1-2-3. On most models, it requires no drilling or modifications to your vehicle.




    • Includes 8 crossbars
    • Lifetime warranty
    • No drill installation for most models
    • Modular and adjustable
    • 700 lbs static weight capacity
    Prinsu 4th Gen Rav4 Roof Rack

    Prinsu Rav4 Roof Rack

    Best Overall 4th Gen RAV4 Roof Rack.

    The Prinsu Rav4 Roof Rack is currently the best 4th gen (2014-2018) Toyota Rav4 roof rack on the market. It is as tough as they come.

    With 7 crossbars, high-grade aluminum side rails, and an aerodynamic wind deflector, the Prinsu Rav4 roof rack has everything you need for a strong and flexible rack.

    The Prinsu Rav4 roof rack also has an impressive static weight capacity of 1,000 lbs and a dynamic weight capacity of 600 lbs. That's plenty to mount any heavy equipment you'll need, such as roof top tents, mountain bikes, kayaks, and more.

    It's also backed up with a lifetime warranty for added assurance.




    • Aerodynamic wind deflector
    • Tough aluminum side rails
    • High weight capacity
    • Modular design
    • Lifetime Warranty
    Prinsu Pro Rav4 Roof Rack

    Prinsu Pro Rav4 Roof Rack

    Best High Weight Capacity Rav4 Roof Rack.

    This Prinsu Pro roof rack is a fantastic choice if you need a load-carrying roof rack for your Toyota Rav4.

    The rack is tough and modular. And it gives you a jaw-dropping static weight capacity of 1,200 pounds, and dynamic weight capacity of 700 pounds.

    This Prinsu Pro RAV4 rack is made of two laser cut aluminum side rails, 8 aluminum crossbars, and a wind deflector.

    All of the crossbars include a t-slot channel at the top to make it easy to secure your goods.




    • Includes 8 crossbars
    • Made with aluminum
    • Aerodynamic design
    • Modular & adjustable
    • 1,200 lbs static weight capacity

    Toyota RAV4 Roof Racks FAQ

    Can I use these Toyota Rav4 roof racks with a sunroof?
    Yes, you can use these Toyota RAV4 roof racks with a standard sunroof, but you cannot use them with a panoramic sunroof.

    Can I use a Toyota Rav4 roof rack to support a roof top tent?
    Yes, all of these roof racks can support a roof top tent or any other heavy gear that you may want to carry.

    What is the installation process like for these Toyota RAV4 roof racks?
    The installation for all of these Toyota Rav4 roof racks is straightforward, and each rack comes with detailed instructions. However, because of the steps required, some customers choose to have their rack installed by a professional shop.

    How much weight can a Rav4 roof rack hold?
    The Toyota Rav4 roof racks featured here have a dynamic weight capacity of 400-700 pounds and a static weight capacity of 700-1,200 pounds. That's enough to carry a heavy roof top tent, kayaks, paddle boards, bikes, or whatever else you might want to haul.

    What is the best rack system for a Rav4?
    We wrote this entire review collection to answer this very question. The best rack systems come from Sherpa and Prinsu.

    Have Additional Questions About Toyota Rav4 Roof Racks?

    Overland Junction is here to assist you in locating the best roof rack for your RAV4. Before making a purchase, if you have any concerns or want to learn more about any of these Toyota RAV4 roof racks, please browse our website, text or call us at 833-205-7703, or email us at support@overlandjunction.com.

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