4 Best 4Runner Roof Racks

    4Runner Roof Racks Review

    If you are looking for a roof rack for 4runner, then you have come to the right place.

    Roof racks are one of the most useful accessories available for off-road enthusiasts and overlanders. They let you travel with any number of gear you want -- no matter how heavy.

    As 4runner is the most popular off-road vehicle of the 21st century, tons of companies out there make roof racks for it. So to make it easy for you to buy the right one, In this article, We will review 4 of the best 4runner roof racks currently available on the market today.

    Best Roof Racks for 4Runner

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    Top 4Runner Roof Racks of 2023

    Prinsu Roof Rack on 5th gen 4runner

    Prinsu 5th Gen 4Runner Roof Rack

    Best 5th Gen 4Runner Roof Rack.

    Prinsu 5th Gen 4Runner Roof Rack is one of the best full-length racks currently on the market. Made with laser-cut side rails and aluminum crossbars, They are super tough and have a static weight capacity of 600 lbs.

    This 5th Gen 4runner Roof Rack also comes with a modular and adjustable design that lets you choose the number of crossbars you want to use. If you have a lot of gear, then you can use all the 9 crossbars; else, you can just use 4 or 5 -- it's entirely up to you.

    Roof racks are often a pain to install, but that's not the case at all with this Prinsu 4runner roof rack. It has a super easy installation process that lets you install it on 4runner without any drilling or modifications. All the equipment required for installation is included with the purchase.

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    • Includes 9 crossbars
    • Made with Aluminum
    • No drill installation
    • Modular & Adjustable
    • 600 lbs static weight capacity
    Sherpa 4th Gen 4runner Roof Rack on a Black 4Runner

    Sherpa Princeton 4Runner Roof Rack

    Best 4th Gen 4Runner Roof Rack.

    Sherpa Princeton is currently the best full-length 4th gen 4runner roof rack on the market. Made and trail-tested in Colorada, It is as tough as they come.

    Over 10 crossbars, 4 mounting brackets, 2 side plates, and 1 fairing with edge trim are included with the Princeton 4runner roof rack. The side panels are made using 1/4" thick aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel hardware. Like the Prinsu rack, Princeton is also completely modular, so you can choose how many crossbars you want to use.

    Princeton has a static weight capacity of 600 lbs and a dynamic weight capacity of 300 lbs. This should be sufficient to mount heavy equipment such as roof top tents, mountain bikes, kayaks, and other similar items. It's also super easy to install -- doesn't require any drilling.

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    • Easy to Install
    • Good static weight capacity
    • Designed for 4th Gen 4Runner
    • Lifetime Warranty
    Sherpa roof rack on a FJ Cruiser

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    Cali Raised LED 5th Gen 4runner Roof Rack on a Grey 4Runner

    Cali Raised LED 4Runner Roof Rack

    Best Premium 4runner Roof Rack.

    Cali Raised LED rack is a premium roof rack designed specifically for 5th gen 4Runner. Designed and Manufactured in the USA, It's a lightweight rack with sleek construction that makes it stand out from the rest.

    Featuring a 100% Bolt-on design, Cali Raised LED 4Runner roof rack can be installed without any drilling or modifications to your vehicle. It's also low profile and fits perfectly to ensure low vibrations and wind noise when you are traveling at high speeds.

    One feature that really sets apart Cali Raised LED 4Runner roof rack from the crowd is its massive weight capacity. It comes with a static weight capacity of 1000 lbs -- which is 400 lbs more than most 4runner roof racks on the market today.

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    • Easy Assembly and Installation
    • 1000 lbs static weight capacity
    • Made in the USA
    • Low profile Design
    Pro6 5th Gen 4runner Roof Rack with Lights on a Blue 4Runner

    KC Hilites Pro6 4runner Roof Rack

    Best 4runner Roof Rack with Lights.

    If you are looking for a 4runner roof rack with an in-built lightbar, then the KC Hilites Pro6 is perfect for you. It features a low profile, all-aluminum design with an integrated 50" Gravity LED 8-light Pro6 light bar that delivers 18,400 raw lumens of light output at a fraction of the watts, providing unparalleled visibility and clarity.

    KC Hilites Pro6 is designed to fit perfectly on 5th gen Toyota 4Runner's using advanced vehicle scanning, 3D modeling, and precision laser cutting. It doesn't have any ugly gaps or odd positioning that is quite common with regular "Universal" roof rack products on the market.

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    • Includes 50" Light Bar
    • Weighs only 25 lbs
    • Fits perfectly on 5th gen 4runner
    • Wiring harness included for lights

    4Runner Roof Racks FAQ

    Can I use the above 4runner roof racks with a sunroof?
    Yes! All of the racks listed above are designed in such a way that they won't obstruct the functionality of your sunroof in any way.

    Can I use these racks to support a roof top tent?
    Yes, all the above racks will easily support roof top tents or any other heavy gear for that matter.

    What is the installing process like?
    It varies depending on the brand you choose. However, All most all of these roof racks can be installed without drilling or modifications to your 4runner.

    What is the weight capacity of these 4runner roof racks?
    On average, The static weight capacity of these roof racks varies anywhere from 600 lbs to 1000 lbs.

    Got Questions About 4runner Roof Racks?

    Overland Junction is here to assist you in locating the best roof rack for your 4runner. Before making a purchase, if you have any concerns or want to learn more about any of the 4runner roof racks we have, please browse our website and contact our customer service department by phone at 833-205-7703 or email at support@overlandjunction.com.

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