3 Best 3rd Gen 4runner Roof Racks

    3rd Gen 4Runner Review

    If you are looking for a roof rack for your 3rd Gen 4runner, then you have come to the right place! 3rd Gen 4runner is often considered the best generation of 4runners because of their reliability.

    As it's popular to this day, they are so many companies out there that make roof racks for 3rd Gen 4runners (1996-2002); It can be a bit daunting to buy the perfect rack.

    Hence, In the following sections, we will review 3 of the best 3rd gen 4runner roof racks currently on the market to help you find the perfect rack for your runner.

    Best Roof Racks for 3rd Gen 4Runner

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    Top 3rd Gen 4Runner Roof Racks

    Mattterhorn Roof Rack on white 3rd gen 4runner

    Matterhorn Full Length 3rd Gen 4Runner Roof Rack

    Matterhorn by Sherpa is the #1 best-selling roof rack for 3rd Gen 4Runner.

    The Matterhorn Roof Rack by Sherpa Equipment Co is the best full length roof rack available for the 3rd gen 4runner. Battle-tested on some rugged Colorado trails, It as tough as they come and features a sleek modular design.

    It comes with over 2 ¼” thick aircraft-grade aluminum side panels and 9 crossbars. However, The number of crossbars you want to use is totally up to you. If you have a lot of gear to mount, you can use all the 9 crossbars; otherwise, you might be fine using 4-5 crossbars.

    As for the weight capacity, Matterhorn has a static load capacity of 600 lbs and a dynamic load capacity of 200 lbs. Plus, Installing this rack on your 4runner is as easy as ABC -- It won't need any drilling or modifications to your vehicle.

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    • Includes 9 crossbars
    • Made with aircraft-grade aluminum
    • Modular Design
    • Highly Customizable
    • 600lbs Static load capacity
    • Super easy to install
    Prinsu 3rd Gen 4runner Roof Rack on a Black 2002 4Runner

    Prinsu T4R3 Full Length 3rd Gen 4runner Roof Rack

    Prinsu Full Length Rack is the best premium roof rack for the 3rd Gen 4runner.

    If you have been looking for roof racks for a while, you probably have heard of Prinsu. They are one best roof rack brands currently on the market.

    Like their other roof racks, the T4R3 3rd Gen 4runner roof rack also features a sleek, low profile design and is tough as hell. Plus, They have a static weight capacity of 600 lbs and a dynamic weight capacity of 300 lbs -- which is more than enough to gear any heavy gear you want.

    Prinsu T4R3 comes with over 2 laser-cut aluminum side rails and 6 crossbars (Plus 1 additional to mount wind deflector and lightbar). Like the Sherpa Rack, It is completely modular; Plus, All the crossbars come with a t-slot channel on top to make it easy for you to secure your gear.

    Note: Prinsu T4R3 is also available 3/4 size.

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    • Adjustable & Modular Design
    • Low profile & Sleek
    • Noise Reducing Edge Trim
    • High Weight Capacity
    • Includes 7 crossbars
    • In-built T-slot channels on top of crossbars
    Antero 3rd Gen 4runner Roof Rack on a Grey 4Runner

    The Antero 3rd Gen 4runner Roof Rack

    The Antero is the best 3rd gen 4runner half length roof rack.

    If you are looking for a half length roof rack for your 3rd gen 4runner (1996-2002), then The Sherpa Equipment Antero is the perfect option for you. It's affordable and high quality at the same time.

    Made with ¼” thick aircraft-grade aluminum side panels and stainless steel hardware. Antero has a static weight capacity of 500 lbs and a dynamic weight capacity of 200 lbs -- You should have no problem mounting gears like mountain bikes, soft shell roof top tents, etc.

    Sherpa Antero comes with over 2 side panels, 5 crossbars, and 4 mounting brackets. As the rack features a modular design, The number of crossbars you choose to use is totally up to you.

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    • 500lbs Static load capacity
    • Modular design
    • Includes 5 crossbars
    • Made with aircraft-grade aluminum
    • Installation doesn't require drilling

    Must-Have 3rd Gen 4runner Roof Rack Accessories

    Sherpa Awning Mounts for 3rd gen 4runner

    Sherpa 3rd Gen 4runner Awning Mounts

    Do you want to attach an awning to your 3rd gen 4runner roof rack? This awning mount is a must-have for you! You can mount practically any awning using Sherpa Awning Mount (Except 270-degree awnings). Tepui, ARB, and Roam are just a handful of the major awning brands that the Sherpa Awning mount supports.

    Sherpa Awning Mounts, like their roof racks, are simple to install. They mount to the sides of any crossbar and sit about 3/4" above the rack.

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    Prinsu Tie Down Rings for 3rd gen 4runner

    Prinsu 3rd Gen 4runner Tie Down Rings

    Tie-down is one of the most useful roof rack accessories you can ever buy. They are pretty inexpensive and allow you to easily install and tie-down items such as luggage, kayaks, and so on.

    Prinsu Tie Down Rings are composed of stainless steel and come in two. They are also quite simple to set up — All you have to do is slide them into the T-slot channel on the crossbars or side rails, and you're ready to go!

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    Sherpa Smiley for 3rd gen 4runner

    Sherpa Smiley

    Sherpa Smiley is a basic yet extremely useful addition for 3rd gen 4runner roof racks. They can be used for various purposes: From Extra tie-down points, opening beer bottles to keeping items from sliding around on the rack.

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    3rd Gen 4runner Roof Rack FAQ

    Can I use the above 3rd gen 4runner roof racks with a sunroof?
    Yes! All the above racks are designed so that you can use them on your 4runner without blocking your sunroof.

    Can I mount a roof top tent on these racks?
    As these racks have high weight capacity -- you will have no problem mounting roof top tents on them.

    What is the process of installing a roof rack on 3rd gen 4runner?
    It differs from brand to brand. However, Most of the time, the installation process is pretty simple and won't require drilling or modifications to your 4runner.

    Do these racks make wind noise?
    No. All the above racks come with a noise reducing edge trim to reduce wind noise when you are traveling at high speed.

    Got Questions About 3rd Gen 4Runner Roof Racks?

    Overland Junction is here to help you locate the best roof rack for your 3rd gen 4runner. If you have any questions or want to learn more about any of the roof racks before making a purchase, please browse our website and contact our customer service department by phone at 833-205-7703 or email at support@overlandjunction.com .

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