Prinsu Roof Racks for Tacoma

    Tacoma Prinsu Roof Racks for Sale

    You've come to the correct spot if you're searching for a Prinsu roof rack for your Tacoma.

    Based out of Idaho, Prinsu is one of the most popular roof rack brands out there. Thanks to years of expertise, they manufacture some of the strongest and most inexpensive roof racks for Tacoma that can hold tons of gear.

    Prinsu presently manufactures ten different roof racks for Tacoma. Most are designed for 2005 to 2021 Tacomas, while a few are specifically manufactured to fit the old Tacomas (1995-2004).

    In the sections below, we will walk you through some of the most popular Prinsu roof racks for Tacoma and review some of their top features in detail. Please feel free to reach out via call, email, or live chat if you have any questions.

    Prinsu roof racks for Tacoma guide

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    Most Popular Prinsu Roof Racks for Tacoma

    Prinsu roof rack on red double cab Tacoma

    Tacoma Prinsu Cab Roof Rack (2005-2021)

    Best Prinsu roof rack for double cab Tacoma

    If you have a four-door Tacoma (Double Cab), then this Prinsu roof rack is the perfect choice for you. It is designed to fit all 2nd and 3rd gen 2005-2021 Double Cab Tacoma's.

    Prinsu Cab Rack consists of 2 laser-cut aluminum side rails and 6 crossbars (Plus 1 additional to mount wind deflector and lightbar). But as it's completely modular and adjustable -- it's entirely up to you how many crossbars you use. If you have tons of gear, you can have all 6 crossbars; otherwise, you might get away using 3-4 crossbars. It's completely up to you!

    Also, The fact that the Prinsu Cab Rack crossbars come with a top-facing T-slot channel is a huge plus. This allows you to hard mount your gear and tie-down your bags or accessories with minimal effort.

    Sometimes, installing roof racks can be a hectic process, but that's not the case with Prinsu Cab Rack. It is super simple to install and doesn't require any drilling. The side rails come with three mounting tabs -- that will allow you to bolt the rack into your Tacoma's five factory mounting holes on each side of the roof.

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    What we love the most

    • Modular and Adjustable Design
    • T-slot channel on crossbars
    • No drill installation process
    • Low Profile design
    Prinsu roof rack on access cab Tacoma

    Tacoma Prinsu Access Roof Rack (2005-2021)

    Best Prinsu roof rack for access cab Tacoma

    If you have a two-door Tacoma (Access Cab), this Prinsu roof rack is ideal for you. It is designed to fit all second and third-generation 2005-2021 Tacoma Access Cab models.

    Like the Prinsu Cab Rack, Prinsu Access Rack is also completely modular & adjustable. It consists of 2 laser cut side rails and 7 crossbars (2 of them meant to be used for mounting wind deflector and lightbar). The crossbars also come with the top-facing t-slot channel to make it easy for you to mount and tie down your gear.

    As for the installation, you will need to do some drilling. Prinsu Access Rack requires you to drill about 6 holes in each of the 2 channels on the factory roof for installing nut certs. Once you have that in place, You can use the 3 mounting platforms the side rails come with to bolt the rack onto the roof of your Tacoma.

    The installation is not as simple as Prinsu Cab Rack, but it's not too complicated either. You should be able to get this done in under an hour easily.

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    What we love the most

    • You can use as many crossbars as you want
    • Tough Aluminum construction
    • Wind deflector to reduce wind noise
    • Optional Cutout for 40" Lightbar
    • T-slot channels on crossbars to hard mount gear
    Prinsu roof rack on Tacoma with in-bed camper

    Tacoma Prinsu Habitat Roof Rack (2005-2021)

    Perfect for Tacoma's with in-bed campers

    Prinsu Habitat Rack is a partial rack designed for Tacoma's with in-the-bed campers like AT Habitat or other camper models that overhang over the truck's roof. It fits all 2nd and 3rd generation Toyota Tacoma's.

    Prinsu Habitat Rack's main construction is very identical to the Access and Cab rack we saw before. It comes with 2 laser-cut aluminum side rails and 5 crossbars + 2 additional to mount the wind deflector and lightbar. Plus, It's also completely modular and adjustable.

    All of the crossbars include a T-slot channel and the distinctive Prinsu "drop points". This provides various choices for cargo security, tie-down options, and the addition of accessories such as tool mounts or lighting.

    As for the installation, It's very simple and requires no drilling. The process is very similar to Prinsu Cab Rack.

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    What we love the most

    • Completely modular and adjustable
    • Aluminum construction
    • No drill installation process
    • T-slot and drop points on the crossbar for hard mounting gear

    Prinsu Roof Racks for 1995-2004 Tacoma

    As we mentioned before, Prinsu also makes roof racks for 1st gen Tacoma (1995-2004). In this section, we will briefly take a look at them.

    Double-Cab (1995-2004)
    Tacoma Prinsu Roof Rack

    Prinsu Roof Rack for Double Cab 1st gen Tacoma

    Perfect for 1st gen Toyota Tacoma in the double cab configuration. Available for both short bed and long bed.


    •   Modular & Adjustable Design
    •   T-slot channels on Crossbars
    •   Installation requires drilling
    •   Includes 7 crossbars
    •   Aluminum construction


    Top Rack (1995-2004)
    Tacoma Prinsu Roof Rack

    Prinsu Top Rack for 1st gen Tacoma

    Made for Tacoma's with fiberglass toppers such as Leer, A.R.E, and Snugtop that are equipped with Thule/Yakima tracks.


    •   Completely modular
    •   Installation doesn't require drilling
    •   High strength alloy crossbars
    •   Low profile design
    •   Aerodynamic and quiet


    XTRA (1995-2004)
    Tacoma Prinsu Roof Rack

    Prinsu XTRA Roof Rack for 1st gen Tacoma

    If you own a 1st gen extra cab Tacoma, then this roof rack is perfect for you. It's modular and adjustable, just like the others.


    •   Modular design
    •   Crossbars include T-slot channel
    •   Aluminum plate construction
    •   Requires drilling
    •   Includes Noise-reducing edges trim


    Prinsu Roof Rack Tacoma Accessories

    Prinsu makes tons of awesome accessories for Tacoma roof racks. While you can still use your roof rack without the accessories, Using them will make your life a bit easier. So in this section, we will review some of the best-selling Prinsu roof rack Tacoma accessories.

    Prinsu Ridgeline Handles for Tacoma Roof Rack

    Prinsu Ridgeline Handles

    While accessing gear on your roof rack is pretty simple, you don't really have anything to hold on to properly. Most of you are holding on to the side rail of your roof rack. While that works, It is not ideal if you want to stay up longer searching through your gear.

    So to fix this issue, Prinsu came up with Ridgeline Handles. They are super easy to install and work incredibly well as a functional handle to access gear and accessories on your roof rack. You can also mount a camp light on them if you want.

    They come in many different colors and are designed specifically for Prinsu roof racks. You won't be able to mount on other roof racks.

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    Prinsu Tie Down Ring Hardware Kit for Tacoma Roof Rack

    Prinsu Tie Down Ring Hardware Kit

    If you have used roof racks before, you probably already know how useful Tie-down rings can be. They are very cheap and help you mount and tie down stuff like bags, kayaks, etc, without much hassle.

    Prinsu Tie Down Rings are made using stainless steel and come in 2 pairs. They are very easy to install as well -- All you have to do is insert them in the T-slot channel provided on crossbars, and you are good to go!

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    Prinsu Awning Mounting Brackets for Tacoma Roof Rack

    Prinsu Awning Mounting Brackets

    Awnings are probably one of the most common accessories used among off-road and Overlanding enthusiasts. They provide you with much-needed shade on summer and rainy days.

    The only problem with Awnings is that they to install them on your vehicle, you will need specific mounting brackets depending on their design and your roof rack.

    Hence, Prinsu came up with the Universal Awning Mounting Brackets. They are pretty affordable and can be used to install almost any awning out there (CVT, Tepui, ARB, Foxwing, Eezi Awn etc).

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    Prinsu Noise Reducing Edge Trim for Tacoma Roof Rack

    Prinsu Noise Reducing Edge Trim

    If you have used a roof rack before then, you are probably familiar with the terrible whistling sound they generate when you are going at high speed.

    So to put an end to this issue once and for all, Prinsu designed Noise Reducing Ege Trim. It basically minimizes unnecessary wind noise and makes your ride more enjoyable. For $20, It's totally worth it!

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    Prinsu Load Panel for Tacoma Roof Rack

    Prinsu Load Panel

    Prinsu Load Panels can come in handy if you frequently carry fuel cans or recovery boards on your trips. They add extra strength to your rack and make it easy for you to secure your gear.

    Like the other Prinsu roof rack accessories, Prinsu Load Panel is also straightforward to install. And as for the construction, It is made using aluminum and finished with black powder coating.

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    Tacoma Prinsu Roof Rack FAQ

    How much weight can Tacoma prinsu roof racks hold?
    Prinsu Roof Racks has a static weight capacity of 600 lbs and a dynamic weight capacity of 300 lbs. However, This can vary depending on the number of crossbars you are using.

    Do the Tacoma Prinsu roof racks make wind noise?
    No, they do not! All Prinsu roof racks come with wind deflectors to reduce wind noise. Plus, you can add a Prinsu Noise Reducing Edge Trim to your rack; they will make your rack completely silent even in high winds.

    Do Prinsu roof racks come with a light bar?
    No, Prinsu roof racks do not come with a light bar. However, you do have the option to add a wind deflector with a cutout for a 40" lightbar for no extra charge.

    Can they be installed without drilling?
    This depends on the roof rack you are interested in. While most Prinsu roof racks can be installed without drilling, some require you to drill and make some minor modifications to your Tacoma's roof.

    What are they made using?
    All Prinsu Tacoma Racks are made using a 5052 Aluminum Plate. It is very strong and durable.

    Do they come with a warranty?
    Yes! All Prinsu racks come with a Lifetime Warranty.

    How To Install Prinsu Roof Rack on Your Tacoma?

    As mentioned in the sections before, Installing Prinsu roof racks on your Tacoma is as easy as ABC. While most of them can be installed without drilling, some of them do require drilling.

    So in this section, we will show you how to install the Prinsu roof rack on your 2nd or 3rd gen Tacoma. However, If you want to know how to install the prinsu rack on 1st gen Tacoma, please check out this installation video.

    Why choose Tacoma Prinsu Roof Racks?

    Made in the USA

    All Tacoma Prinsu Roof Racks are made right here in the USA to ensure the quality of the racks is always superior to other brands.

    Easy Installation

    Prinsu roof racks for Tacoma are a breeze when it comes to installation. Most of them can be installed without drilling!

    Lifetime Warranty

    When you buy a Prinsu roof rack, You get a Lifetime Warranty with it. So anytime something breaks, You can be sure that we will replace it at no additional cost.

    Innovative Roof Racks

    With a modular and completely adjustable design, Prinsu roof racks are the most innovative racks currently on the market for Tacoma.

    Affordable Prices

    Tacoma Prinsu roof racks are the most affordable on the market. They start at as low as $620 and go up to $730.

    Exclusive Accessories

    Prinsu makes a big list of accessories that you can add to your roof rack to make your life easier. These accessories only fit Prinsu roof racks.

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