7 Best Roof Top Tents for Toyota Tacoma in 2024

    Toyota Tacoma Roof Top Tents for Sale

    If you are looking for a great roof top tent for your Toyota Tacoma, you have come to the right place!

    The Tacoma is one of the best trucks for outdoor adventuring, and as a Tacoma owner, you have a lot of options when it comes to roof top tents.

    In this guide, we review 7 of the best roof top tents for Toyota Tacomas currently on the market, to help you select the right roof top tent. To see even more great tents, check out our complete guide on the best hard shell roof top tents and the best soft shell roof top tents.

    Or, if you want to skip this review and just see the recommended tents, here they are.

    Now, without further ado, let's jump right into the review.

    Best Roof Top Tents for Tacoma

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    #1 Roof Top Tent for Tacoma

    Roofnest Condor 2

    Roofnest Condor 2 Roof Top Tent

    Starting at $3545

    The Roofnest Condor 2 Is The New And Improved Version of What Was Already One Of The Most Popular Tents Around

    The Roofnest Condor 2 is a premium tent, with updated features, that is hard to beat as the best tent for the Toyota Tacoma.

    The Condor 2 is built tough, with 320 GSM body fabric and a 3000mm waterproof rainfly. It has a durable plastic shell that keeps the tent safe when not in use.

    And it's full of great features: lots of storage pockets, multi-functional windows, lockable latches, dimmable LEDs, HVAC ports, and more.

    Not to mention the bigger ones: You can add crossbars for extra storage on top of your Tacoma. And, the Condor 2 now has an optional awnex (awning + annex) to go with the tent for extra space.

    Not that it needed the extra space, since the tent already has a solid size and mattress to keep you comfortable on your Tacoma adventures.


    •   Durable, high-quality materials
    •   Sleeps 2-3 comfortably, depending on size
    •   Optional crossbars let you carry even more gear
    •   The first ever awnex gives you the flexibility of an awning or annex or both
    •   Multiple features gives you maximum versatility
    •   Mattress is cozy and comrotable


    •   To get the best, you pay for it - this is one of the pricier tents on the market

    Best Soft Shell Roof Top Tent for Tacoma

    OVS Nomadic 4

    OVS Nomadic 4 Roof Top Tent for Tacoma


    The Nomadic 4 Is The Perfect Roof Top Tent For Your Tacoma If You Want The Best Value For Your Money.

    The Nomadic 4 tacoma roof tent is a sturdy, durable roof top tent made with a Marine-Grade Waterproof body to withstand all types of harsh weather conditions. The craftsmanship and quality of the Nomadic 4 are unrivaled.

    Nomadic 4 is a large tent that can easily sleep a family of 4 or 5. Plus, it comes with a 3" thick high-density foam mattress that is quite cozy to sleep on.

    In addition to the mattress, a heavy-duty Diamond Plate insulates the base of the tent to keep you warm on harsh winter nights.

    All windows in the Nomadic 4 tacoma roof tent come with a mesh screen to prevent insects from entering your tent at night and to increase airflow inside the tent.

    Together, the features listed above allow Nomadic 4 to deliver one of the greatest roof top tent sleeping experiences ever and help you sleep like a puppy!


    •   Protection from Bad Weather Conditions
    •   Sleeps 4 People comfortably
    •   Includes 3" thick memory foam mattress
    •   Built-in Skylight window improves ventilation
    •   Windows come with insect screens
    •   Optional Annex Room add-on


    •   Setup and takedown is a bit slow (5-10 minutes)

    Best Hard Shell Roof Top Tent for Tacoma

    Freespirit Recreation Odyssey

    Freespirit Recreation Odyssey Roof Top Tent for Tacoma


    FSR Odyssey is the most luxurious roof top tent for Tacoma.

    The Freespirit Recreation Odyssey is the "Chanel" of roof top tents. It exudes elegance from every perspective and is equipped with amenities that ensure your comfort at all times.

    Odyssey's distinctive tri-layer body fabric is one of the key qualities that distinguish it from the competition.

    Essentially, the tri-layer technology utilized in the body fabric allows FSR Odyssey to keep you warm on cold nights and cool on scorching summer days. In other words, it functions as an air conditioner on hot days and a heater on chilly nights.

    Odyssey's setup and take-down processes are totally automated and lightning-fast. You should be able to set it up in less than 30 seconds (without any assistance)!

    Because of how large and heavy roof top tents are, you often see a slight drop in MPG when you mount them on your Tacoma. To avoid this, the FSR Odyssey Tacoma roof tent has a low-profile and aerodynamic design, which assures that your Tacoma's MPG will not suffer.


    •   Low Profile Design
    •   Easy, Lightning Fast Setup & Takedown
    •   Sleeps anywhere from 2-3 people
    •   Unique Tri-Layer Body Fabric
    •   You can mount gear on top of the tent


    •   It might not be in everyone's budget

    Best Views Roof Top Tent for Tacoma

    Overland Junction Golden

    Overland Junction Golden Roof Top Tent


    No tent has better views than the Overland Junction Golden.

    The Overland Junction Golden delivers 360-degree, panoramic views in a stunning way that lets you truly experience nature.

    The Golden starts as a fully zipped-up, pop-up hard shell tent. Its dark, thick fabric with an enviable 5000mm waterproofing lets you sleep in comfort no matter the weather. It doesn't hurt that it also has a super nice 2.75" foam mattress.

    When you aren't sleeping and want to open things up, there's a door on each of the long sides and a window on each of the short sides.

    But if you REALLY want to open things up, the Overland Junction Golden gives you the ability to do that too. Simply unzip the walls around the entire tent and you have a completely open air camping experience.

    If the bugs are bad, you can zip up the mesh layer to keep the walls down but the bugs out.

    In addition to that unique flexibility, the Overland Junction Golden also has an LED light, lots of storage, a telescopic ladder, and an anti-condensation mat.


    •   Awe-inspiring views
    •   Super quick setup and take down
    •   2.75" foam mattress
    •   Thick body fabric with 5,000mm waterproofing
    •   Lots of in-tent storage


    •   No annex
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    Most Affordable Roof Top Tent for Tacoma

    OVS TMBK 3

    OVS TMBK 3 Roof Top Tent for Tacoma


    TMBK 3 by Overland Vehicle Systems is the most affordable roof top tent available for Toyota Tacoma.

    TMBK 3 is often the first roof top tent we offer to individuals seeking a high-quality, low-cost tent. While it lacks many of the luxury amenities found in premium roof top tents, it is still a good roof top tent for the money.

    TMBK Tacoma roof tent is large enough to accommodate three people and comes with a 2.5" thick high-density foam mattress that is comfy enough to ensure you always receive a good night's sleep.

    It employs Marine Grade 600D Rip-Stop Polyester Water Proof polyester for its body fabric to assure your safety and comfort even in adverse weather situations. It also has a durable rainfly to prevent water leaks during severe rains.

    Installing a roof top tent on your Tacoma can sometimes be a hectic process. So to make it easy, TMBK 3 Tacoma roof tent is built so that it can be fitted on practically any factory or aftermarket roof rack. Plus, it includes all of the installation equipment, so you won't have to make any alterations to your Tacoma.


    •   Spacious enough for 3 People
    •   Very affordable
    •   It weighs only 110 lbs
    •   In-built Skylight Window
    •   Super easy installation process


    •   You might see a slight drop in your Tacoma's MPG

    Best Durable Roof Top Tent for Tacoma

    Tuff Stuff Alpha

    Tuff Stuff Alpha Tacoma Roof Top Tent


    Tuff Stuff Alpha Will Hold Up Well For A Long Time And In Any Conditions.

    You don't name your company Tuff Stuff and your tent Alpha unless you're making a strong product. And Tuff Stuff is.

    From a durable, ABS shell to strong 280g base fabric AND a coated rainfly, the Alpha is ready for whatever conditions your Tacoma adventures into.

    While it has a large space, it also has the ability to add an annex for even more room for hanging, changing, or sleeping additional people or pets.

    Plus, with a 30-second setup, a 2.4" foam mattress, and two skylights, this tent has everything you need to make your camping easy and comfortable.


    •   Good sleeping area with the option of adding an extra room if needed
    •   Setup and takedown are simple and quick
    •   Body construction is extremely tough
    •   Built-in skylight allows for star gazing or additional light
    •   2.4" mattress provides solid comfort Cons


    •   Only opens from passenger side

    Largest Roof Top Tent for Tacoma

    FSR High Country V2 - King

    FSR High Country Roof Top Tent for Tacoma


    Freespirit High Country King is one of the largest roof top tents for Tacomas.

    If you want all of the great qualities of the FSR Odyssey in a larger roof top tent, then the High Country V2 King is the ideal option for you!

    One of the most well-liked aspects of the High Country V2 King is the fact that it has a 360-degree perspective. When all of the windows of High Country King are open, you have a fantastic 360-degree perspective of your surroundings, which is ideal for admiring the scenery and snapping photos for your Instagram!

    The majority of soft shell roof top tents take at least 5-10 minutes to set up and takedown, but not the High Country V2 King. It takes less than 60 seconds to set up and takedown. While the setup procedure is not as automated as Odyssey's, it is still simple enough to do on your own.

    While High Country King has a sleeping capacity of 5 people, it also comes in smaller sizes (High Country V2 Mini).


    •   Setup and Takedown process takes less than 60 seconds
    •   Body fabric is made using tri-layer technology
    •   Sleeps 5 people (Also comes in smaller sizes)
    •   360-degree view when all the windows are opened


    •   On the expensive end for a soft shell roof top tent

    Best Toyota Tacoma Tent Roof Rack

    You will need a roof rack with crossbars to mount a roof top tent on top of your Toyota Tacoma. Or, you will need a bed rack with crossbars to mount it on the bed. If you don't already have one that can handle the weight of the tent, below are some of the best Tacoma roof racks that are built to hold a roof top tent. And here you can see the best Tacoma bed racks.

    Tacoma Premium
    Roof Rack

    Toyota Tacoma Cali Raised LED Roof Rack


    Shop Cali Raised LED

    Tacoma Double Cab
    Roof Rack

    Sherpa Tacoma Double Cab Roof Rack


    Shop Sherpa Grand Teton

    Tacoma Access Cab
    Roof Rack

    Sherpa Tacoma Access Cab Roof Rack


    Shop Sherpa Teton

    Tacoma Full Length
    Roof Rack

    Sherpa Tacoma Full Length Roof Rack


    Shop Sherpa Crow's Nest

    Tacoma Roof Top Tents FAQ

    Do these roof top tents fit on any Tacoma?
    Yes! From 1st-3rd gen to long/short bed -- No matter which Tacoma model you have, all of the above roof top tents can be mounted on it easily.

    What do I need to mount a roof top tent on my Tacoma?
    There are a couple of ways to mount a roof top tent on a Tacoma. However, the most common one is to use a roof rack. If you don't want to use a roof rack, you can mount the tent on a bed rack or crossbars.

    Will mounting a roof top tent decrease my Tacoma's MPG?
    You might see a slight drop in MPG if you are using a soft shell roof top tent on your Toyota Tacoma. However, there likely won't be any noticeable decrease in MPG if you use a hard shell roof top tent.

    How many people can you sleep in a roof top tent?
    It depends on the size of the tent. Roof top tents are often big enough to sleep anywhere from 2-5 people. If you want to sleep more than that, you should buy an annex.

    Have Other Questions About Tacoma Roof Top Tents?

    Overland Junction is here to help you find the perfect roof top tent for your Tacoma that matches your demands and fits within your budget. If you have any questions or would want to learn more about any of our roof top tents before making a purchase, please browse our website or contact us by text or phone at 833-205-7703 or by email at support@overlandjunction.com.

    Condor 2 roof top tent
    Roofnest condor 2 roof top tent
    Roofnest Condor 2 Roof Top Tent
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    Overland Junction Golden Roof Top Tent
    Overland Junction Golden Roof Top Tent
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    Tuff Stuff Alpha Roof Top Tent
    Tuff Stuff Alpha 2 for sale
    Tuff Stuff Alpha Roof Top Tent
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    Overland Junction Labrador Roof Top Tent on Subaru Forester
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