6 Best Rav4 Roof Top Tents

    Rav4 Roof Top Tents Review

    If you are looking for the best Toyota Rav4 roof top tent, you have come to the right place! Roof top tents are booming in popularity and are now more affordable than ever. They are way better than ground tents and are perfect for all your off-roading / overlanding adventures.

    In the coming section, We will be reviewing 6 of the best Rav4 roof top tents on the market today. All the tents below are designed to fit securely on any model of RAV4 regardless of the year, so take a look at our list and find one that suits you the best!

    Best Roof Top Tents for Rav4

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    #1 Rav4 Roof Tent

    OVS Nomadic 3

    OVS Nomadic 3 Roof Top Tent for Rav4


    Nomadic 3 by Overland Vehicle Systems is the best roof top tent for Toyota Rav4.

    The features and value provided by the Nomadic 3 Roof Top Tent are unrivaled. It is the first roof top tent we recommend to all of our customers who want a roomy roof top tent with superior features at a fair price.

    Built to withstand harsh weather conditions, The Nomadic 3 is large enough to sleep three people comfortably. It also has a high-quality rainfly built-in to keep water out of your tent during severe downpours.

    The 3" thick mattress included with Nomadic 3 will assist you in getting a decent night's sleep on your Overlanding trips. Also, a skylight window is inserted into the rainfly, making the tent even more spectacular at night.

    Another great feature of the Nomadic 3 is that it is quite simple to install on your Rav4. Unlike some roof top tents, it does not require any drilling or modifications to your vehicle!


    •   Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions
    •   For the price, there are a lot of quality features
    •   It is large enough to sleep three people
    •   Comes with a premium mattress that makes it quite comfortable to sleep in
    •   A 4-year limited warranty is included


    •   Because of its huge size, You might see a very slight drop in your Rav4's MPG

    Best Premium Rav4 Roof Top Tent

    FSR High Country 55"

    FSR High Country 55 Roof Top Tent for Rav4


    High Country 55" is the perfect premium roof top tent for Rav4.

    The Freespirit Recreation High Country 55" roof top tent is a top-of-the-line softshell roof top tent that exudes luxury from every perspective!

    Built to handle adverse weather conditions like an expert, the FSR High Country's body is constructed with a revolutionary tri-layer technology that keeps you warm in cold weather and cool on hot summer days. In other words, It functions as an air conditioner in the winter and a heater in the summer.

    High Country can easily sleep 2-3 persons comfortably in terms of sleeping capacity. It also has a 1.5′′ High-Density Foam mattress -- Even though it's incredibly thick, it's still very comfortable to sleep on.

    One element that really sets High Country apart from the competition is its lightning-fast setup and takedown time. You can set up this roof top tent in 30-40 seconds, believe it or not. This feature is not found in other soft shell tents (They typically take 3-5 minutes).


    •    Tri-layer body
    •   Setup and takedown are quick and simple
    •   A complete 360-degree view of your surroundings
    •   A built-in LED light illuminates the tent at night
    •   Comfortable to sleep in


    •   It might not be in everyone's budget
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    Best Hard Shell Roof Top Tent for Rav4

    FSR Odyssey

    FSR Odyssey Roof Top Tent for Rav4


    Odyssey by Freespirit Recreation is the best hard shell roof top tent available for Rav4.

    The Freespirit Recreation Odyssey Rav4 Roof Tent is sort of like the Ferrari of roof top tents. From every viewpoint, it is elegant, and it includes everything you need to make your overlanding trip as comfortable as possible.

    Like the High Country 55", Odyssey's also comes with the distinctive tri-layer body fabric to keep you comfortable at all times regardless of the weather you are camping in. As for the setup and takedown processes, They are totally automated and lightning-fast. It should just take you 15-30 seconds to set up (without assistance)!

    To avoid a drop in MPG when you mount it on your Rav4, FSR Odyssey is designed to be low-profile and aerodynamic, guaranteeing that your Rav4's MPG remains the same.


    •   Sleeps two to three people
    •   You can mount gear on top
    •   Tri-layer body tech
    •   It takes less than 30 seconds to set up and takedown
    •   Aerodynamic Design


    •   The design is not ideal for tall people

    Best Durable Roof Top Tent for Rav4

    Roam Adventure Vagabond

    Roam Adventure Vagabond Roof Top Tent for Rav4


    If you go on tons of trips then the Roam Adventure Vagabond is right for you.

    The Roam Adventure Vagabond is a tough, all-weather roof top tent that includes one of the best beds on the market. The mattress is so comfortable that you'll think you're resting in a 5-star hotel.

    Vagabond is available in three sizes: Vagabond light (sleeps two people), Vagabond (sleeps three people), and Vagabond XL (Sleeps 4 people). All three tents are durable as heck and designed to withstand any adverse weather conditions you may encounter.

    Also, Both Vagabond XL and Vagabond (3 Person tent) have the option of adding an annex if you require extra sleeping space or a private room for changing clothes, etc.

    Who is this appropriate for? The Vagabond roof top tent is ideal for Rav4 owners seeking a genuinely durable tent with a next-level sleeping experience.


    •   Premium Memory Foam Mattress
    •   There are three sizes available
    •   Designed to withstand all weather conditions
    •   2 Skylight windows that are built-in
    •   Boot bags are included for keeping shoes
    •   Insulated diamond plate bed base


    •   When using Vagabond XL, you may notice a minor decrease in your Rav4's MPG

    Best Hybrid Roof Top Tent for Rav4

    FSR Adventure Manual

    FSR Adventure Manual Roof Top Tent for Rav4


    Adventure Manual by Freespirit is the best hybrid roof top tent for Toyota Rav4.

    The Adventure Manual has the appearance of a softshell tent but the comfort of a hard shell roof top tent. It has everything a good starter tent should have, from easy setup and takedown to a low-profile design.

    The Adventure Manual has a sleeping capacity of two people. You could try to squeeze three people in there, but it will become really crowded. While the included mattress isn't the nicest, it's adequate for a decent night's sleep.

    Adventure Manual's set-up and take-down procedures are as easy as ABC. They take less than 60 seconds to complete and can be done on your own. Furthermore, the low-profile design of the Adventure Manual will make sure there won't be any impact on your Rav4's MPG.


    •   The tent can be set up and taken down in 60 seconds
    •   It weighs roughly 118 pounds
    •   It comes in a range of vibrant colors
    •   The frame is made of extruded aluminum alloy, which makes it extremely strong


    •   The mattress's quality is adequate

    Most Affordable Roof Top Tent for Rav4


    OVS TMBK Roof Top Tent for Rav4


    TMBK 3 by Overland Vehicle Systems is the best cheap rooftop tent for Rav4.

    The TMBK 3 is often the first roof top tent we suggest to anyone seeking a high-quality, low-cost tent. Despite the fact that it lacks many of the luxury amenities found in premium roof top tents, it is still a fantastic roof top tent for the price.

    The body fabric is made of Marine Grade 600D Rip-Stop Polyester Water Proof polyester, ensuring your safety and comfort even in bad weather. A Rainfly to stop water leaks during severe rains is also included.

    TMBK 3 is super lightweight and designed to fit on practically any Rav4 stock or aftermarket roof racks on the market today. It also includes all the installation equipment and doesn't require any drilling or modifications.


    •   Rainfly includes a Skylight Window
    •   It only weighs 100 pounds
    •   Very affordable
    •   There is enough room for three people
    •   The installation process is straightforward


    •   Slow to setup and takedown

    Can you put a roof top tent on a RAV4?

    Yes. You can mount a roof top tent on your Rav4 without any issues, but there is one small catch -- The OEM rack Rav4 comes with is not strong enough. According to our research, Its static weight capacity is less than 300 lbs.

    Even though some have gotten away by mounting their roof top tent on Rav4's OEM rack -- we highly suggest not to do it as it can be pretty risky. Replace your OEM rack with an aftermarket Rav4 rack and mount your roof top tent. Many companies make RAV4 racks: Yakima, Thule, are a couple of our favorites.

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    Sherpa Snowmass Rav4 Roof Rack


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    Got Questions About Rav4 Roof Top Tents?

    Overland Junction is here to assist you in finding the ideal roof top tent for your Rav4 that meets your needs while being within your budget. Before making a purchase, if you have any concerns or would want to learn more about any of our roof top tents, please browse our website and contact our customer service department by phone at 833-205-7703 or email at support@overlandjunction.com.

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