Overland Junction Labrador Roof Top Tent

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Overland Junction Labrador Roof Top Tent

6 Reviews
Overland Junction SKU: Lab2tent
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Overland Junction Labrador sleeps 2-4 people

Sleeps 2-4 People

The Labrador sleeps 2-4 people comfortably.

Overland Junction Labrador provides extreme weather protection

Extreme Weather Protection

The Labrador is designed to handle all weather.

Overland Junction Labrador fits most vehicles

Fits Most Vehicles

The Labrador fits almost all cars and trucks.

The Overland Junction Labrador comes with a free gift

Free Gift

The Labrador comes with a free gift.

Overland Junction Labrador Overview

When we designed the Labrador, we made the tent we always wanted: a perfect combination of lightweight, large, and luxurious.

Lightweight: The 2-person Labrador weighs just 107 pounds. The 3-person Labrador is 128. And the 4-person Labrador is 146. That makes all 3 among the lightest for their size.

Large: We didn't sacrifice inches for light weight. The sleeping areas on all 3 are some of the biggest around. The 2-person is wider than a double bed, and the 4-person wider than a King.

Luxurious: We left no stone unturned - thick foam mattress, high-quality fabrics, non-metal zipper pulls so there's no clanging in the wind, external shoe pouches, two skylights and on and on.

++ Versatile: No to mention 3 sizes, option for an annex if you want more space, and an insulation layer if you do a lot of cold weather camping.

And because it looks great and is guaranteed to make you smile, we named it after the Labrador Retriever. Read on to learn more about this doggedly awesome tent.

What's Included

Everything you need is included with the Overland Junction Labrador roof top tent:

Tent: Waterproof base and rainfly with 2 skylights

Cover: Heavy duty travel cover

Mattress: 2.75" high-density foam mattress

Ladder: 7.5-foot telescopic ladder

Storage: 2 outer shoe pouches, 4 inner pockets

Light: USB-powered LED lights

Poles: Door and window poles to keep them open

Mounting: Mounting rails and hardware - fits almost any crossbars

Add-ons: Optional annex and insulation layer

Gift: 3 months free subscription to onX maps

Labrador Extreme Weather Protection

We designed and tested the Labrador Roof Top Tent at 9,000' in the Colorado Rockies, where we get 300 inches of snow each year. It works great in snow, rain, and hot summer sun.

The body fabric is a high-quality 280g polyester-cotton rip-stop. It's waterproof to 3000mm.

Plus, there's a rainfly for added protection. It's 420D polyester oxford and also has a 3000mm waterproof rating.

And while we've tested the tent and rainfly on their own in a Colorado winter, we've also made an optional insulation layer in case you want even warmer protection.

Overland Junction Labrador Roof Top Tent

Labrador Sleeping Experience

Strong materials can only go so far - when it's time to sleep, a comfortable mattress is a must-have. The Overland Junction Labrador delivers with a 2.75 inch high-density foam mattress and washable cover that will make sure you sleep like...well, a dog.

If you're sleeping with the walls up and doors and windows closed, the thick, all black tent fabric helps keep the inside dark.

And if you want light while you're closed in, we've included USB-powered LED lights so you can read, play cards, or just hang out.

Labrador Skylights

One of goals in designing this tent was that you never miss a view - whether that's north, south, east, or west (through the large door or window on every wall) OR UP! 

Let's be honest, there isn't much better than stargazing from the comfort of your plush mattress at the end of a long adventure day.

So, we put not one, but two skylights in the roof. They're in the tent fabric, along with a mesh layer to keep bugs out, AND are see-through in the rainfly. To be honest, watching a rainstorm hit the roof is almost as good as watching the stars.

Overland Junction Labrador Roof Top Tent Skylights
Overland Junction Labrador Annex

Add-Ons: Annex and Insulation

If you want more space, or even more warmth, we've designed an optional annex and insulation layer too. 

The annex gives you an additional room beneath half of the tent where you can change, leave extra shoes or supplies, or even let your dog sleep cozily if you don't want your dirty lab inside the Lab.

The insulation layer is for those who want to use this in even the harshest winters. It's a thick polyester-cotton layer that easily attaches inside the tent, providing another thick, warm wall between you and the elements.

Labrador Tent Storage

We know from experience two truths about roof top tent storage: You don't want your muddy boots in the tent, and you don't want to have to go back down in the middle of the night for something you DO want. 

So, we've included two shoe pouches you can hang outside the tent for storing shoes, boots, crocs, or whatever your camping footwear of choice.

And there are four pockets inside the tent for things like phones, books, glasses, and water.

Overland Junction Labrador shoe pouches
Overland Junction Labrador Roof Top Tent

Labrador Setup

When you get to camp late at night, you want a tent that sets up fast.

And while soft shells do take longer than hard shell tents, you can still get this one sleep ready in less than 3 minutes, and camp ready in less than 5.

Packing up is just as easy as setting up.

Check out the owner's manual for pro tips on how to make your set up and take down even faster. 

Overland Junction Labrador Straps

Secure Straps

The tent has velcro straps that run over the top of the travel case, as well as velcro straps under the travel case to hold everything in place.

Overland Junction Labrador Ladder

Adjustable Ladder

The telescopic 7.5 foot ladder closes down and rests on top of the tent when not in use. When you want to use it, simply extend it and swing it down.

Overland Junction Labrador Mounting Rails and Brackets


Use the easy-to-install mounting rails and universal mounting brackets to securely fasten the Labrador on almost any vehicle's crossbars.

Free onx off road maps subscription banner

Free onX Maps Subscription

A Free 3 months subscription to onX Off-Road Maps is included with your order. Below are some of the top features of onX maps:

  • Tons of Off-Road Trails - You can find thousands of trails for adventuring, overlanding, SxS, 4×4, ATV, dirt bike, and snowmobiles across the nation.
  • Save Maps for Offline Use - Heading somewhere remote? You can Save maps to your phone or tablet, including all interactive land and trail data.
  • Track, Save, and Share Trips - Easily track your trips, including location, distance, speed, and elevation with Go and Track’s GPS capabilities.

Overland Junction Labrador Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it possible to put this tent on my car?
Yes, the Overland Junction Labrador is compatible with the vast majority of cars and trucks. And because it's so light, that includes many cars that other tents are too heavy for.

What do I need to get this roof top tent installed on my car/truck?
To mount the Overland Junction Labrador on your vehicle, you'll need crossbars or a roof rack or bed rack that has crossbars. Crossbars are the ones that run from one side of the car to the other.

Will this tent work on my factory roof rack?
Because the Overland Junction Labrador is so light, it works on most factory roof racks. You need crossbars (the ones that run from one side of the car to the other) not just side rails (the ones that run from front to back). And the dynamic weight capacity of your roof rack needs to be able to handle the weight of the tent.

My roof rack weight capacity is only 165 pounds and I weigh more than that - can I not have a roof top tent?
You can almost certainly still have a tent! You're likely mixing up dynamic and static weight capacity. 165 pounds is a very common dynamic weight capacity. 150-200 is where almost all factory roof racks fall. But that's the weight capacity when you're driving down the highway at 80 mph and the wind is trying to rip the tent off the car. Hopefully you're not in the tent at that point?!! The static weight capacity is the one you need to worry about when you're actually in the tent - when the car is not moving. That weight capacity is almost always a non-concern because it's several times higher than the dynamic weight capacity. Be sure to consult your owner's manual to confirm weight capacities.

When it comes to set up and takedown, how long does it take?
You can set the tent up by yourself in 3-5 minutes, depending on how open you want it. Takedown is very similar.

How safe are rooftop tents?
Roof top tents are far safer than ground tents, because they are elevated off the ground, away from animals and other critters, and they are larger and more heavy duty than typical ground tents.

Do you leave your roof top tent on all the time?
Lots of customers put the tent on their vehicle one time, and never take it off. The heavy duty soft shell travel cover keeps the tent safe from the elements. However, some customers choose to remove the tent if they know they will not be using it for an extended period of time. 

Does it come with a warranty?
Yes! It comes with a 2-year warranty. 

How much weight can a roof top tent take? 
The weight capacity of the Overland Junction Labrador Roof Top Tent is 700 pounds.

Is it a good idea to have a rooftop tent?
We may be biased, but heck yeah! They are hands down the best way to explore the great outdoors. You never have to worry about lodging: you have a comfortable, safe (even luxurious in the case of the Overland Junction Labrador) home traveling with you wherever you go that's convenient to set up and fun for the whole family. But don't just take our word for it. Read below for Overland Junction Labrador roof top tent reviews.

Labrador Tent Dimensions and Specifications

Black fabric and case with gray rainfly and orange logos
Travel cover 1,200D polyurethane
Rainfly 420D oxford, PU 3000mm waterproof
Body fabric
280G polyester-cotton, PU 3000mm waterproof
Doors/windows 2 doors and 2 windows with 2 rods per door/window to keep open; mesh layer for bugs on all 4
Skylights 2 included: see-through PVC in rainfly, openings with mesh layer in tent body
Vents 2 for improved circulation, reduced condensation
Frame Lightweight aluminum alloy
Base / floor Honeycomb aluminum alloy
Mattress 2.75 inches - high density (30) foam with washable cover
2 large external shoe pouches; 4 small internal pockets
Metal base with rope pulls
USB-powered LED lights (USB power device not included)
Ladder 7.5 foot aluminum anodized telescopic ladder
Velcro straps on tent and on outer travel cover for increased protection
Door/window poles
8 total (2 per door and window) - aluminum
Mounting rails 2 easy-to-install aluminum rails with hardware
Mountain brackets 4 brackets - 2 per rail - with all hardware
Optional annex 420D oxford
Optional insulation liner Polyester/cotton blend
Warranty 2 years limited

Size closed

(W x L x H)

2-person: 50" x 56" x 10"
3-person: 50" x 64" x 10.5"
4-person: 50" x 78" x 10.5"

Size open

(L x W x H)

2-person: 96" x 56" x 50"
3-person: 96" x 64" x 50"
4-person: 96" x 78" x 50"

Sleeping area

(L x W x H)

2-person: 94" x 55" x 46"
3-person: 94" x 63" x 46"
4-person: 94" x 77" x 46"


2-person: 107 pounds
3-person: 128 pounds
4-person: 146 pounds

Weight capacity
700 pounds

Overland Junction Labrador dog

Labrador Roof Top Tent Instructions

Want instructions for installing your Overland Junction Labrador on your vehicle? Please reference the owner's manual.

Read on for Overland Junction Labrador roof top tent reviews.

Overland Junction Labrador Roof Top Tent Reviews

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Hayden T.

Labrador tent

Got the 3 person and it still feels really big which we love. Very happy with it

Brady F.


Have huge crossbars (4" wide) that the standard mounting brackets didn't work with, but they immediately hooked me up with larger ones that did. That was the only hiccup. Otherwise love it - skylights are great and the LED light has been a nice surprise.

Aaron K.


It's a great tent. I had a bit of trouble installing and didn't think the installation guide was super clear. But then George helped me through it AND made updates to the guide based on my feedback so that was pretty cool

Mia L.


Camped over president's weekend in about 40 and some rain. Super comfortable inside. Glad we got it

Casey T.

Love it

Just got it and installed - pretty straightforward, took about an hour. Definitely needed help to lift onto roof. Awesome so far. SO BIG! Seems high quality. Excited to use