3 Best Tundra Roof Racks

    Tundra Roof Racks Review

    Are you looking for a roof rack for Tundra Crewmax? If yes, you have come to the right place.

    Roof racks are one of the best accessories you can add to your Tundra. They increase your vehicle's roof weight capacity and let you carry around a lot of gear.

    As Toyota Tundra has become freakishly popular these days, You can find many companies that make roof racks for it. So to help you find the perfect rack, In this article, we will review 3 of the best tundra roof racks currently on the market.

    Grey Toyota Tundra in a Airport

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    Top Tundra Roof Racks of 2022

    Sherpa Roof Rack on a Light Blue Tundra

    Sherpa Big Bear Tundra Roof Rack

    #1 Best Tundra Roof Rack

    Sherpa Equipment's Big Bear Tundra Roof Rack is a full-length aluminium roof rack developed exclusively for 2007-2021 models. It is constructed with 1/4" thick aircraft-grade aluminium side panels and stainless steel hardware, making it as durable as they come.

    The dynamic load capacity of the Sherpa Big Bear Tundra Roof Rack is 300 lbs, and the static weight capacity is 600 lbs. This should be sufficient for mounting large items such as roof top tents, kayaks, storage boxes, mountain bikes, and so on.

    Installing a Big Bear roof rack on your Tundra is not easy since it requires drilling and rivet installation. We recommend that you get a professional to assist you with it.

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    • Designed for 2007-2021 Tundra Models
    • ¼” Thick Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Side Panels
    • 600 lbs static weight capacity
    • Requires Drilling
    Prinsu Roof Rack on Grey Tundra Crewmax

    Prinsu Tundra Crewmax Roof Rack

    Most Affordable Tundra Roof Rack.

    Prinsu Tundra Roof Rack is a sleek and low-profile roof rack designed to fit on all 2nd Gen Tundra Models. It's built tough to handle all your crazy adventures.

    Prinsu Tundra roof rack comes with 2 laser cut side rails and 6 crossbars (1 additional for mounting wind deflector). It features a modular and adjustable design; Hence, the number of crossbars you want to use is totally up to you. If you have a lot of gear to carry, you can use all 6 crossbars; otherwise, you might be fine using less.

    Similar to Sherpa's Big Bear, the Prinsu Tundra rack has a dynamic weight of 300 lbs and a static weight capacity of 600 lbs. However, This might differ depending on the number of crossbars you are using.

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    • Designed for 2nd Gen Tundra
    • Modular Design
    • 600 lbs Static Weight Capacity
    • Requires Drilling
    KC Hilites Pro6 Roof Rack on a Light Blue Tundra

    KC Hilites Pro6 Tundra Roof Rack

    Best Tundra Roof Rack with Lights.

    If you're looking for a Tundra roof rack with an integrated light bar, then KC Hilites Pro6 might be perfect for you.

    It features a low-profile, all-aluminum construction with an integrated 50" Gravity LED 8-light Pro6 light bar that outputs 18,400 raw lumens at a fraction of the watts, offering unsurpassed visibility and clarity.

    Using advanced vehicle scanning, 3D modeling, and precision laser cutting, KC Hilites Pro6 is engineered specifically for your 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra CrewMax truck's roofline. They fit perfectly and eliminate unsightly gaps or awkward positioning that you often find with standard "Universal" roof racks.

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    • Designed for 2007-2021 Tundra
    • Included 8-Light Light Bar
    • Weighs only 25 lbs
    • Wiring harness included for lights

    Tundra Roof Racks FAQ

    Do these racks fit on any Tundra?
    No. The above Tundra roof racks are only designed to fit 2007-2021 Tundra models.

    Can these racks support heavy gears like roof top tents, kayaks etc.?
    Yes, all the above racks come with high static weight capacity and shouldn't have any issues holding roof top tents, kayaks, etc.

    Can I install these racks without drilling?
    Unfortunately, No. All the above Tundra roof racks require drilling. We suggest you go to a professional to get it installed.

    What is the weight capacity of these Tundra roof racks?
    On average, The static weight capacity of these roof racks is around 600 lbs, and the dynamic weight capacity is about 300 lbs.

    Got a Question About Tundra Roof Racks?

    Overland Junction can help you find the perfect roof rack for your Toyota Tundra. If you have any questions or would like more information about any of the above Tundra roof racks, please contact our customer service department by phone at 833-205-7703 or email at support@overlandjunction.com.

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