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    Freespirit Roof Top Tents

    Started way back in 2014, Freespirit Recreation's main goal has always been to reinvent and create unique roof top tents that take your adventures to a whole another level.

    They first started gaining popularity because of the tri-layer all-season fabric they use in their roof top tents. It gave their tents the ability to keep you comfortable even during bad weather conditions.

    Aside from the tri-layer fabric, All their RTTs, including their soft shell tents are ridiculously fast to set up and take down. They take 60 seconds or less and you can do it all on your own without any help. No matter which FSR roof top tent you choose, they are all very easy to use.

    Even though Freespirit roof top tents are not as affordable as other brands on the market today, their quality is unmatchable! All their products are made with extremely high-quality materials and go through rigorous testing to make sure they can keep you comfortable and protect you from elements when you are on your trip.

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    Freespirit Recreation Hard Shell RTT


    Freespirit Recreation Odyssey Roof Top Tent


    Freespirit Recreation Odyssey is currently one of the best hard shell roof top tents on the market.

    The comfort and elegance provided by GoFSR Odyssey are unrivaled! Sometimes it is referred to as the "Rolls Royce" of roof top tents because of the luxury it provides.

    Overlanding is all about exploring the unknown, and sometimes when doing so, you might find yourself in bad weather conditions. So to keep you comfortable and protect you in those situations, Freespirit Recreation Odyssey's body is constructed with tri-layer technology. It is tough and acts like AC on summer days and a Heater on winter nights.

    Odyssey also has a neat feature that lets put a rack system on top of it to carry other stuff like kayaks, mountain bikes, etc. In terms of weight, the rack is capable of holding up to 250 lbs. of gear.

    Roof top tents are well-known for somewhat lowering your MPG due to their large size. But this is not the case with Freespirit Recreation Odyssey. Because of its 7" low profile design, it has no influence on your vehicle's MPG.

    Lastly, Let's talk about the setup process. Freespirit Recreation Odyssey's setup and takedown are nearly entirely automated. All you have to do is unlock the latches and gently push it upright. The tent will pop open in about 15-20 seconds!


    •   Extreme weather protection
    •   Low Profile Design
    •   The large windows provide panoramic views
    •   Setup and takedown are both automated.
    •   Rack system for mounting gear on top

    Affordable Freespirit Recreation RTT

    Adventure Manual

    Freespirit Recreation Adventure Manual Roof Top Tent


    Adventure Manual by Freespirit Recreation is currently on the best affordable roof top tents on the market.

    While this tent might not have luxury features like Odyssey, Adventure Manual is still a great economical alternative for people who often embark on overlanding adventures. It features an aerodynamically engineered design to withstand heavy winds and shed rainwater.

    Freespirit Recreation Adventure Manual comfortably sleeps 2-3 people and comes in-built with a 3" high-density foam mattress that will help you sleep like a baby. Additionally, it is extremely lightweight and straightforward to set up and take down.

    The body of the Adventure Manual is constructed of 600D Poly-Oxford fabric and a sturdy and lightweight aluminum frame. It also includes a 210D Poly-Oxford Rainfly. In brief, Freespirit Recreation Adventure Manual is designed to withstand a wide range of weather conditions.

    Lastly, Adventure Manual also has one of the best panoramic views of any tent on the market -- It is perfect for enjoying the nature around you and taking some Instagram-worthy photos. It's also available in many different vibrant colors.


    •   Super durable and lightweight aluminum body
    •   Aerodynamic Design
    •   Sleeps 2-3 people comfortably
    •   Incredible panoramic views
    •   1.5" High-Density Memory Foam Mattress
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    Freespirit Recreation 5 Person RTT

    High Country 80"

    Freespirit Recreation Adventure Manual Roof Top Tent


    High Country 80" by Freespirit Recreation is one largest roof top tent currently on the market.

    Designed to sleep up to 5 people, Freespirit High Country 80" is made with premium quality materials and is one of the most spacious rooftop tents out there. Like the Odyssey, High Country 80" also comes with tri-layer body technology. This tent is built to keep you comfortable no matter what kind of weather you're camping in.

    Given its size, one may expect it to be difficult or time-consuming to put up and close; however, this is not the case at all! The High Country 80"'s innovative design makes it incredibly simple and quick to set up and takedown The entire procedure will take less than 60 seconds.

    When all four windows are open, the High Country 80" provides an incredible 360-degree perspective of your surroundings, giving you some great views for taking Instagram-worthy pictures! Plus, there is a skylight window at the top that lets you stargaze at night right from your bed.

    Freespirit Recreation High Country 80" is only designed to fit on full-sized SUVs and Mid/Full-size trucks. It won't fit on Mid-Size SUVs and smaller vehicles. However, It is designed to fit on any factory/aftermarket roof out there.


    •   Sleeps 5 people
    •   Tri-Layer body provides protection from extreme weather conditions
    •   360-degree view of your surroundings
    •   Premium rainfly prevents leaks during heavy rainfall
    •   High-Quality Mattress

    Freespirit Recreation Tri-Layer Soft Shell RTT

    Adventure GS

    Freespirit Recreation Adventure GS Roof Top Tent


    Adventure GS by Freespirit Recreation is one of the best premium soft shell roof top tents on the market today.

    Adventure GS is the premium version of the Adventure Manual tent we saw before. It comes equipped with all the luxuries you will ever need so that you can focus on having fun outdoors and enjoying the nature around you.

    Made with extruded aluminum design and a low profile design, Adventure GS weighs as low as 120 lbs. It also comes with one of the most comfortable 2.75″ High-Density Foam mattresses on the market today.

    The outer layer of the tent features a tri-layer technology to keep you safe and comfortable even in bad weather conditions. It acts like an AC on hot summer days and as a heater on cold winter nights.

    Another really awesome feature of the Adventure GS is its view. The panoramic view you get while comfortably sitting upright inside this will blow your mind. As for the setup, It won't take more than 60 seconds or so.


    •   Low Profile Design
    •   2.5" inch thick Foam Mattress
    •   Premium Tri-Layer Techs
    •   Panoramic view
    •   Lightweight

    Freespirit Recreation Premium RTT


    Freespirit Recreation Evolution Roof Top Tent


    Evolution by Freespirit Recreation is the best premium hard top tent currently on the market.

    If you are looking for an extremely durable premium hardshell tent, then the Freespirit Recreation Evolution is perfect for you. It provides a degree of comfort that most roof top tents on the market today do not. When you camp with Evolution, you will feel as if you are resting in a 5-star hotel, even if you are in the middle of nowhere.

    The FSR Evolution is designed to accommodate 2-3 people and contains a built-in foam mattress that is quite comfortable to sleep on. Like the FSR Odyssey, the Evolution has a tri-layer body to keep you safe and comfortable in adverse weather conditions.

    Roof top tents often have a reputation of reducing your vehicle's MPG as they are typically very large in size. On the other hand, FSR Evolution is not at all like that. Because it has a low profile, aerodynamic design, it does not affect your vehicle's MPG.

    The Evolution's top has a unique honeycomb aluminum construction that offers extra durability and decreases the tent's total weight. Like the other Freespirit tents, Evolution is super easy to set up and takedown (it takes less than 15-30 seconds).


    •   Lightweight and Durable
    •   Automatic Setup and Takedown
    •   360 Degree view
    •   Bad Weather Protection
    •   Sleeps 2-3 People

    Top Freespirit Recreation Roof Top Tent Features

    GOFSR tents offer 360 degree view

    360 Degree View

    Honestly, we think this feature actually takes your camping experience to a whole another level. All tents in the GoFSR High Country Series and the GoFSR Evolution come with this feature.

    Even when you are camping in a not-so-great location, The 360 Degree view makes you feel like you are camping in heaven! They completely change your perspective and create incredible views.

    It's also great for ventilation: Commonly, you will find some anti-condensation under your mattress after a long trip. The best way to get rid of it is by simply ventilating your tent. As the windows are oversized and can be opened completely, you can't ask for better ventilation than that.

    GOFSR roof top tents come with Tri Layer Technology

    Tri-Layer Technology

    This feature is included in the hard shell tents and premium versions of High Country and the Adventure Series. Tri-Layer Technology is a unique body fabric designed to keep you cozy and protect in harsh weather conditions.

    Here's how it works: During summer, it acts as the air conditioner to keep you cool, and during winter, it acts as a heater to keep you warm and cozy at all times.

    You won't find this feature in any other tent brands, and it is unique to Freespirit Recreation roof top tents.

    GOFSR tents offer 60 seconds setup

    60 Second Setup & Takedown

    Believe it or not. You can find this feature in all GoFSR Roof Top Tents, Including the soft shell tents. Yep, that's right! You can set up Freespirit Recreation Soft Shell Tents in under 60 seconds.

    This is probably one of those features where GoFSR really stands out from its competition. All Fsr tents have a unique setup and takedown mechanism, which makes them super easy & lightning fast to set up and take down.

    Freespirit roof top tents come with Built in Skylight

    Built-in Skylight

    Who doesn't like gazing at the stars at night? It's spectacular, and sometimes you might even get lucky and see a shooting star!

    To make it easy for you to gaze at stars at night, Allmost all Freespirit recreation roof top tents come with a built-in Skylight Window. The best part about the Skylight window is that you can open it entirely in case you extra ventilation when you are sleeping.

    GOFSR LED Night Light

    Integrated Night Light

    After noticing that people often invest in portable LED lights to use in roof top tents at night, Freespirit Recreation decided to include a night light in most of their tents.

    The night is an Ultra Bright LED light strip that is entirely powered using USB. One minor issue is that it doesn't come with the battery pack, but they are pretty cheap to buy, and you can find them anywhere.

    Best Freespirit Recreation Accessories

    Freespirit Recreation Odyssey Crossbar Kit

    Crossbar Kit for Odyssey/Evolution

    As we mentioned before, Fresspirit hard shell roof top tents let you transport more gear by allowing you to mount a crossbar kit on top of it. This crossbar kit is designed specifically for the Odyssey and Evolution roof top tents.

    They are made with high-quality aluminum components and integrate easily into the t-slot channels found on top of the tents, making them very easy to install. Odyssey can fit up to 4 of these crossbars whereas the Evolution can only fit up to 2.

    Starting at


    Freespirit Recreation Readylight

    Freespirit Recreation ReadyLight Gen 2

    If you're searching for a high-quality camping light, then Free spirit Recreation ReadyLight Gen 2 is an excellent choice. It has a telescopic base, a 550-lumen center light, four detachable white and amber-colored Lightpods, and a telescoping base that allows it to be adjusted to fit anywhere.

    Free spirit Readylight can simply replace flashlights, lanterns, work lights, strobe lights, and other lighting devices. It has a strong lithium battery that can last up to 30 hours of use and can be charged using solar, AC, or DC power.

    Starting at


    Why Choose Freespirit Recreation?

    High-Quality & Durability

    Made with premium materials, Freespirit Recreation roof top tents are designed to last a lifetime.

    Rich Experience

    Folks at GoFSR have been designing, testing, and building roof top tents for over 7 years now. They pretty much know what they are doing.

    Great Warranty

    All Freespirit Recreation tents come with a 1-year limited warranty.

    Real Life Experiences

    We recently interviewed a few people who have been using Freespirit Recreation roof top tents to know their experience so far. You can check it out below:

    Freespirit Recreation Odyssey Roof Top Tent

    Turek (@haleturek.raw)

    Tent: Freespirit Recreation Odyssey Roof Top Tent

    "I feel like I’ve never liked traditional tents to begin with for some reason. Prior to the RTT, I would mostly hammock camp with the Eno Roadie Hammock Stands for similar reasons as than the RTT; more comfortable then sleeping on the ground and convenience in set up.

    The cons of the hammock are the fact that it bows in the middle and you don’t have any protection from the elements. Additionally, now that my wife and I moved in together, a hammock doesn’t work for 2 people to sleep comfortably. So, we started our search for a RTT.

    Luckily, we started searching last Black Friday where most places were having decent sales. Ideally what I wanted was a hard shell tent that would fit both a WRX & Crosstrek that had a low profile for better fuel efficiency. In the end, I bounced around a lot of different tents, but with the sales on Black Friday, it was only a few hundred more dollars for the GoFSR Odessey over reputable soft shell tents.

    Additionally, I didn’t want to just get some cheap eBay hard shell tent either. But, so far, the GoFSR Odessey has been great! Its not too complicated to get up on the roof. Then once on the roof, I can fully set it up and break it down within about 1-2 min.

    When my wife and I just drove from TX to Cali and back, we got 27 mpg with it on the crosstrek. We honestly probably made our money back in fuel efficiency that trip if we were to save and buy a cheaper soft shell tent. For comfort, we did add a full size XL 3” foam mattress topper which makes it very comfortable, but takes up some space in the cabin while driving.

    And the only other down fall is that it is pretty heavy. My wife who is in decent shape can’t lift it over her head, so I need help from a roommate to get it on our cars. But, for two avid rock climbers, it’s no issues haha. All in all, my wife had not camped much prior and now she’s done 3 trips (including a 2 week trip) in the RTT and loves it.

    Additionally, for me, it’s so easy to set up and break down and it 100% turns heads wherever you go. So I would definitely recommend it for sure and look out for deals like Black Friday because we paid about 2/3 of what it’s selling for now on the website."

    Freespirit Recreation High Country 55 Roof Top Tent

    Mike (@battlebornoverlander)

    Tent: Freespirit Recreation High Country Roof Top Tent with Annex

    "I have had it for a couple years now . Has been really great . I have the annex for it as well. It is the Tri layer model and has been pretty solid. I recently spent 10 weeks straight living in it in the Tahoe area. Had a couple rain storms and it held up great.

    This is my first RTT. I am actually looking at buying or building something like a GoFast or Alucab style camper. I really liked the RTT for weekend trips but living out of it is a bit much. A hard shell clam style or pop up would fit the bill to some degree.

    It is a bit tall and I have seen the difference in my MPGs. Some of the stitching has failed on the cover but it’s been on my truck for two years in Tahoe/ Reno so to be expected I suppose. The seam tape on the inside of the zipper did fail on the annex. I ended up tearing it completely off.

    It is gigantic inside. I really like that about it . Was like a little condo in there . I guess my only gripe was after a few weeks living full time in it I wish I had a hard top that opens faster. But it is much faster than my friends with zippers on the cover."

    Freespirit Recreation Evolution Roof Top Tent

    DeVonte' D Jones (@naughty_rnr)

    Tent: Freespirit Recreation Evolution Roof Top Tent

    "I’ve had the Freespirit roof top tent for about 9 months now and so far it’s been great compared to a ground tent and using a fitted mattress pad for car camping. The difference is night and day.

    The GoFSR EVO 55” to me is one of the best RTT on the market, it can replace your roof rack and has a weight capacity of 700lbs, the 55” version is just a hair bigger that a full sized bed. It’s a very versatile tent when it come to adding accessories such as auxiliary light.

    The best part for me is that when it’s open it’s 43 inches tall, 55 inches wide and 85 inches long which is more room than sleeping inside my vehicle. Also it has tri layer fabric that is also more insulated that any ground tent I’ve ever owned so it keeps your warm when need be.

    During those summer months when it’s not as cool during the night it has 360 windows for plenty of ventilation as well as bug nets on each window. So no worries when it comes to insects and critters getting in.

    So compared to my first 2 setups which was a ground tent and car camping I don’t think I could ever go back. I get questions about the tent all the time and I recommend it to anyone, it comes with a expensive price tag at $3500 for the 49 inch and $3900 for the 55”.

    GoFSR has updated the tent since then and it has way more goodies than when I bought it, new ladder handles, new ladder, comes in all black with powder coat instead of anodized coating.

    So if someone asked me if I would buy it again if I could and that answer would be yes without a doubt."

    Freespirit Recreation Adventure Manual Roof Top Tent

    Jesse (@iamabanana1984)

    Tent: Freespirit Recreation Adventure Series 49' Roof Top Tent

    I started with a luno life mattress, then got my gofsr. I would alternate using them depending on how far the trip was and how many trips in-between each other. (Some months we'd have 3 back to back to back weekend trips).

    The gofsr tent was nice to use all year round. Because of the tri-layer canvas housing, It was warmer than using any ground tent at the time.My favorite thing was the 2 or so minute setup time and 1 minute break down time.

    The built in awning was nice and inside is blacked out, which would lead to me sleeping in way later than I should because it blocked sunlight so well, it was hard to tell it was morning because people chattering at camp. And plenty of windows without having to set anything up

    It does fit 2 adults and a child, so it was perfect for me and my kiddo. The mattress that came with the tent was comfortable to sleep on. There were times we would arrive at camp late, but didn't have to worry about about finding a spot to lay out a ground tent.


    • Saves a lot of space for gear to be kept in the car. Fast setup and take down.
    • Very light weight (105lbs)
    • Tri-layer canvas for year round use
    • Less footprint of camp space to use.


    • Loading and uploading off the car.
    • Mpg goes down (but I still have same mpg when I owned a vw gti/rabbit & audi a4).
    Freespirit Recreation High Country 80 Premium Roof Top Tent

    Britnie Pollard (@heradventurelife)

    Tent: Freespirit Recreation High Country 80" Roof Top Tent

    "The setup up and takedown are super quick and easy which is so nice (especially when you have kids) And the size inside is huge! It fits my husband and I and out to boys so comfortable with tons of room to spare. We also keep our clothing bags up there also.

    We love how it keeps all the heat inside and the material used keeps it pitch black. So when you wake up later in the morning you don’t have to worry about the sunlight beaming through.

    Growing up we would always use just a regular ground tent, so this is such a nice luxury to have not having to mess with tent poles and stuffing it all into a bag at the end of the trip."

    GoFSR High Country 55 Roof Top Tent

    Mendoe (@durtygx)

    Tent: GoFSR High Country 55"Roof Top Tent

    "I’ve had my Free Spirit High Country 55” for about 2 years now that I originally purchased from their clearance section. I looked at RTTs as a “buy once, cry once” situation and didn’t want to cheap out. The clearance section was my first and last stop!

    The RTT has been a cozy home away from home for me, my girlfriend, and our dog Oliver.We have been all over California, Nevada, Arizona, and soon on our way to Yellowstone for a couple weeks of adventure!

    Before the RTT, we found comfort with a sleeping platform in my GX470 which was nice, but not easy to get in and out of, nor easy to stay organized. Having the Freespirit Recreation roof top tent has allowed me to expand our storage and kitchen set up giving us the freedom to do MORE with our rig!.

    The build quality is sleek and strong, which both run a fine line in this industry. GoFSR has found a way to really master the program, providing a glimpse into what I consider the best of both worlds.

    Between the skylight style awning, and the rugged canvas cover. This RTT is designed to last for many years to come. I don’t see myself changing anytime soon."

    GoFSR High Country 80 Premium Roof Top Tent

    Delia & Enoch (@moleisurexventures)

    Tent: GoFSR High Country 80" Premium Roof Top Tent

    We started overlanding full-time in November 2019. We started with a Smittybilt overland 1st gen rtt on our Xterra. We added a queen size memory foam topper to the mattress for extra comfort. After about 8 months of living in that we decided to upgrade to an adventure trailer with a Freespirit 80” high country premium rtt.

    We added a king size memory topper to the mattress for extra comfort. The major differences between the 2 rtts are the size and material. Our Freespirit tent is larger than a king size bed. It comfortably fits me, my partner and our medium sized dog.

    The tent is also made of tri-layer blackout material. So it keeps us warm in the cold temperatures without a condensation issue (if we didn’t open our windows in the Smittybilt rtt in cold temperatures, we would wake up to rain inside the tent ).

    The blackout material keeps the tent nice and dark even when the sun is out so we can sleep in for however long we want. The only negative I have about both rtts is the rain fly.

    When it’s windy the rain fly zippers hit the metal exterior of the tent and makes a slight clinking noise which can be annoying. The fsr tent is also a bit faster to set up compared to the smittybilt. Although for the Smittybilt rtt the ladder holds the weight of the tent.

    Whereas the Gofsr rtt has 2 extra legs that go on the corners which help distribute the weight. Price wise the Smittybilt is a more budget friendly option. Overall we are very satisfied with the freespirit tent and would recommend it to others.

    ReadyLight Desert Sand Detachable Lights
    ReadyLight Black Center Light
    Freespirit ReadyLight Generation 2
    Freespirit Recreation
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