Overland Vehicle Systems Sidewinder Roof Top Tent

OVS Sidewinder Tent
Overland Vehicle Systems Sidewinder Roof Top Tent
Overland Vehicle Systems Sidewinder Tent
Overland Vehicle Systems Sidewinder
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OVS Sidewinder for sale
OVS Sidewinder Roof Top Tent
OVS Sidewinder RTT Parts
OVS Sidewinder Roof Top Tent Parts
OVS Sidewinder Hard Shell Roof Top Tent
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OVS Sidewinder Roof Top Tent for sale

Overland Vehicle Systems Sidewinder Roof Top Tent

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OVS Sidewinder sleeps 3 people

Sleeps 3 People

OVS Sidewinder is large enough to sleep 3 people. 

OVS Sidewinder provides extreme weather protection

Extreme Weather Protection

OVS Sidewinder can handle any weather condition. 

OVS Sidewinder fits most vehicles

Fits Most Vehicles

OVS Sidewinder can be mounted on almost all cars and trucks. 

OVS Sidewinder comes with a free gift

Free Gift

OVS Sidewinder comes with 1 Free Gift.

OVS Sidewinder Tent Overview

The Sidewinder is a best-in-class, aluminum-bodied, hard shell roof top tent. 

The Sidewinder is rugged, durable, sleek, and aerodynamic.

Big plus: It can be set up and put away in less than a minute.

It comfortably sleeps 2-3 people, is easy to install, and can hold up in any weather mother nature throws its way.

This is an adventure must-have!

Overland Vehicle Systems Sidewinder Hard Shell Roof Top Tent

Sidewinder Roof Top Tent Parts - What's Included

Everything you need is included with the OVS Sidewinder Tent!

2” thick Mattress

✔ Anti-Condensation Mat

✔ 2 Functional and Removable Cross Bars - INCLUDED IN PRICE!

✔ Insulated honeycomb base

✔ Enough interior space to store bedding when closed

Adjustable Interior Pop-Up Struts

✔ Mounting Hardware

✔ Window Rods

✔ 3 Months Free Subscription to onX Maps

OVS Sidewinder Tent comfort when sleeping

Amazing Sleeping Experience

The Overland Vehicles Systems Sidewinder roof top tent is large enough to sleep 3 people comfortably.

It has a built-in 2" high-density foam mattress to make your sleep as comfortable as possible. There is also a .75" anti-condensation mat underneath the mattress to prevent moisture build-up, and provide added comfort.

The OVS Sidewinder tent's base is insulated with a 1" aluminum honeycomb to make sure the temperature inside the tent is ideal at all times.

Also, all windows in the Sidewinder include a mesh screen to prevent insects and mosquitoes from entering and disturbing your sleep.

OVS Sidewinder Super-Fast Setup

Sidewinder's built-in nitrogen gas-charged struts and nylon pull strap make it easy to open and close. You can do it on your own without any help in about 30 seconds.

As for the installation, with the right crossbars or roof rack system, you can mount the Sidewinder roof top tent on almost any vehicle. The process is pretty straightforward and takes about an hour or less.

Sidewinder Roof top tent close and open illustration
OVS Sidewinder roof top tent roof crossbars

OVS Sidewinder Parts - Roof Crossbars

Two removable crossbars are included on the roof that allow you to mount and carry extra gear up to 250 lbs.

Sidewinder roof top tent interior storage pocket

Sidewinder Roof Top Tent Parts - Interior Storage

There are multiple storage pockets on the interior roof where you can store extra gear. Plus, there is enough space to store bedding even when the tent is closed.

Sidewinder roof top tent ladder with bag

Sidewinder Parts - Adjustable Ladder

An 8.5ft adjustable telescoping ladder is included to make it easy for you to get in and out of the tent.

Free onx off road maps subscription banner

Free onX Maps Subscription

A Free 3 months subscription to onX Off-Road Maps is included with your order. Below are some of the top features of onX maps:

  • Tons of Off-Road Trails - You can find thousands of trails for Overlanding, SxS, 4×4, ATV, dirt bike, and snowmobiles across the nation.
  • Save Maps for Offline Use - Heading somewhere remote? You can Save maps to your phone or tablet, including all interactive land and trail data.
  • Track, Save, and Share Trips - Easily track your trips, including location, distance, speed, and elevation with Go and Track’s GPS capabilities.

OVS Sidewinder Dimensions and Specifications

Base Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Body: Premium 600D Rip Stop Polyester Canvas Waterproof Material
Window Screens: 120G Environmental Fadeless Breathable Gaze
Mattress:  2” High Density Foam
Anticondensation Mat:  Yes @ ¾” Thick
Base:   1” Aluminum Honeycomb Insulated
Inside Storage:  Oversized Storage Loft
Base Storage:  2 Built in Storage Bags
Closed Dimensions:  91” x 55.5” x 8”
Open Dimensions:  91” x 55.5”
Sleeping Area:  86” x 50”
Sleeping Count:  2 -3 person
Weight:  185 Lbs.
Packaged Weight:  250 Lbs.


2x Nitrogen Gas Charged Struts, 35.5” x 1” 400N. 1x Telescoping Interior Strut
Pull Down Strap:  Ballistic Nylon
Handles:   Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Seal:   Military Specked Waterproof Grade
Set Up:  Less than a Minute, Easiest of all Roof Top Tents
Put Away: Less than a Minute, Easiest of all Roof Top Tent
Storage: Enough interior space to store bedding when closed
Overland Vehicle Systems Sidewinder Hard Shell Roof Top Tent Closed

OVS Sidewinder Roof Top Tent FAQ

How do I know if my car can handle a roof top tent?
The Sidewinder works with the vast majority of cars and trucks. You just need a roof rack or bed rack with crossbars (that run from one side of the car to the other) and that can handle the weight of the tent. Don't worry about the weight of the campers and other equipment - it's only the dynamic weight (when the car is moving, so you're not in the tent) that you need to focus on. 

What do I need to install this roof top tent on my car or truck?
You'll need a roof rack or a bed rack with crossbars to mount the Sidewinder to your vehicle.

How long does it take to set up and take down the OVS Sidewinder?
The Sidewinder can be set up or taken down in a lightning fast 30 seconds.

How many people can the Overland Vehicle Systems Sidewinder tent sleep?
It is a 2-3 person tent. 

Are car roof top tents safe?
Roof top tents are far safer than ground tents, because they are elevated off the ground, away from animals and other critters, and they are larger and more heavy duty than typical ground tents. 

Do roof top tents get moldy?
With normal cleaning and storage - no. The Sidewinder's anti-condensation mat also helps prevent any type of mold. Feel free to reach out to us for tips and tricks!

How do you keep a roof top tent cool?
We could give you use tips for days, so please reach out with this or any other questions! Quick pro tips: Always close the windows and doors when you're not in the tent to minimize sun getting in. Take advantage of those same windows and doors when you're in the tent, to maximize airflow. And park in shady spots whenever possible. 

How long do roof top tents last? 
The typical soft shell roof top tent lasts 5-10 years. The typical hard shell roof top tent, like the Sidewinder, will get you even longer under normal use. The Sidewinder comes with a 4-year warranty, but we've found most customers never need it. 

Are hard-shell roof top tents worth it?
We may be biased, but heck yeah! They are hands down the best way to explore the great outdoors. You never have to worry about lodging: you have a comfortable, safe (even luxurious in the case of the Sidewinder) home traveling with you wherever you go that's convenient to set up and fun for the whole family. Hard shell tents in particular are worth it because they provide even more insulation from the elements, more comfort, and more lifespan. An investment you will not regret! And don't just take our word for it - read the OVS Sidewinder review section below. 


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Overland Vehicle Systems Sidewinder Roof Top Tent Reviews