OVS Nomadic Awning 270 with Optional Walls

OVS Nomadic 270 Awning
OVS Nomadic 270 Awning Dimensions
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Nomadic 270 Awning
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Nomadic 270 Awning
OVS Nomadic 270 Awning Support Poles
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Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic 270 Awning
OVS Nomadic 270 Awning with walls
OVS Nomadic 270 Awning Dimensions

OVS Nomadic Awning 270 with Optional Walls

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OVS Nomadic Awning 270 Overview

Constructed with 600D poly cotton ripstop material, the Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic 270 Awning is our best-rated 270 degree awning for 2024. Here's why:

It is designed for all four seasons. Plus, it comes with 6 aluminum poles which will help keep the awning sturdy and safe in windy conditions.

Setting up 270 awnings can be slow sometimes, but that's not the case with the OVS Nomadic 270 awning. It is super fast and easy to set up. You can do it on your own in about 60 seconds.

As for installation, the Nomadic 270 degree awning is designed to work with almost any factory and aftermarket roof racks without any modifications required to your vehicle.

Put simply: For the price, you cannot beat the features you get with the Nomadic 270 awning.

OVS Nomadic 270 Awning Features

  • Covers 129 square feet - The Nomadic 270 provides 129 square feet of freestanding shelter.
  • Pivoting Aluminum Adjustable Poles - They make sure that the awning is sturdy and safe in windy conditions.
  • 1000G PVC Travel Cover - This will keep your awning secure during the journey.
  • Includes -270 degree awning with 6 built-in aluminum rafters, 3 pivoting and telescoping aluminum poles, 3 telescoping aluminum poles, 6 sets of shock cord, 6 heavy duty stakes, 1 travel cover, 3 heavy duty mounting brackets and hardware, and a nylon reinforced tie down kit
  • 4-year limited warranty.
OVS Nomadic Awning 270 features

Nomadic 270 Awning Dimensions & Specifications

Coverage 129 sq ft
Fabric 600D Poly Cotton Rip-Stop
Poles Pivoting Aluminum Adjustable Poles
Weight 72 lbs
Opened Dimensions
240" x 157" x 88.5"
Closed Dimensions 88” x 7” x 6”

OVS Nomadic 270 Awning Dimensions

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OVS Nomadic Awning 270 With Walls

One awesome thing about the OVS Nomadic 270 degree awning is that it has an option for you to add walls to it and turn it into a huge ground tent!

It is perfect if you are looking for extra sleeping space or a proper shelter from heavy rainfall and other extreme weather conditions.

Like the Nomadic 270 awning, the walls are super quick and easy to set up. Plus, they come with a travel bag which makes it easy to store them.

As for the construction, the walls are made using 600D poly cotton rip-stop fabric - the same as the awning. For a more detailed review, please check out the video.

OVS Nomadic 270 Degree Awning FAQ

Does the OVS Nomadic 270 fit on many different roof racks?
Yes! All OVS Nomadic 270 awnings are designed to fit almost any roof rack that has cross bars (the ones that run from one side of the vehicle to the other).

How much does the OVS nomadic awning 270 weigh?
The weight of the OVS Nomadic Awning 270 is 72 lbs.

Can you get an OVS Nomadic awning 270 passenger side?
Yes! The Nomadic 270 degree awning comes in 2 mounting options: Passenger Side and Driver side. You can select either one.

Can you get an OVS nomadic awning 270 with walls?
Yes! You can choose to add the optional walls to the awning. 

What is the difference between a 270 and standard awning?
A 270 degree awning goes around the car from one side to the back. It covers 270 degrees of a circle. Standard awnings are rectangles or squares that come off one side of a vehicle. They provide less coverage. 

Is a 180 awning better than a 270 awning?
Depends what you're looking for. A 180 degree awning is a half circle. It does not curve around the back of the car, and it therefore provides less coverage than a 270 degree awning. But it is also lighter weight and less expensive as a result.

What are the Nomadic 270 awning dimensions?
The Nomadic 270 awning provides 129 square feet of coverage. When opened, it is 240" x 157" x 88.5". When closed, it is 88” x 7” x 6”. 

What are standard size awnings?
Standard size awnings are often describing the rectangular awnings that come off one side of a vehicle. There are also 180 degree awnings, that come off one side in a half circle. And then 270 degree awnings, which form 3/4s of a circle, going around the back of the vehicle as well. 

How do I know what size awning I need?
It's all personal preference. 270 awnings are the biggest awnings available, but they are also heavier and more expensive as a result. If you want more coverage from the weather, go 270! If you just want a small area and a light item to add to your rack, you may want 180 or standard instead.  

What is the best 270 awning?
We actually wrote an extensive 270 awning review article called "Best 270 Degree Awnings" and this one - the Nomadic 270 - came out on top as the best 270 awning.  

Does it come with a warranty?
Yes! It comes with a 4-year limited warranty.

Are 270 degree awnings worth it?
We think 270 degree awnings are worth it! But don't just take our word for it. Read below for Nomadic 270 awning reviews.

OVS Nomadic Awning 270 lifestyle image

OVS Nomadic Awning 270 Warranty

The Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic Awning 270 is one of the best 270 awnings. It is produced to the highest manufacturing standards and is covered by a limited 4-year warranty. That warranty protects you against any defects in materials and workmanship under normal use.

If we determine that the awning is defective, we will repair or replace it without charge, with an equivalent awning.

This doesn't apply if the damage to the awning is caused by misuse or negligence. Please feel free to contact us in case you need more information on the warranty.

OVS Nomadic Awning 270 Installation Manual

Looking for detailed information on how to install the Nomadic 270 degree awning on your vehicle? Then check out this instructions manual.

Read on for Nomadic 270 awning reviews.

OVS Nomadic Awning 270 with Optional Walls Reviews