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    Started in 2017 by a small group of friends from Austin, Texas -- Roam Adventure Co is a brand known for making rugged Overlanding products that last a lifetime.

    They are primarily known for their line of Vagabond roof top tents, awnings, and rugged storage cases. All of them are made using high-quality materials and offered at reasonable prices.

    In the following sections, We will review all the Roam Adventure Co roof top tents, and awnings discuss how Roam is different from other similar brands on the market today.

    TentBox Classic on a white car

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    #1 TentBox Roof Tent

    TentBox Classic

    TentBox Classic on a HatchBack


    TentBox Classic is currently one of the best hard shell roof top tents on the market.

    Made with 280gsm ripstop canvas with a 2000mm PU-membrane and an Aerodynamic ABS shell, TentBox Classic is designed to protect you and keep you safe in all weather conditions.

    It includes a thick 2.3" memory foam mattress to make your nights in the wild as comfortable as possible. Plus, All the windows of TentBox Classic have a fly Mesh net to prevent bugs and mosquitos from entering inside the tent and disturbing your sleep at night.

    TentBox Classic includes one window on each side. So, when you open all the windows, you get a fantastic 360-degree view of your surroundings that's perfect for enjoying the nature around you and taking some Instagram-worthy photos!

    Setting up and taking down TentBox Classic is as simple as ABC. You can do it all on your own in under 60 seconds. Also, TentBox Classic is designed to fit on most vehicles and comes with all the required equipment to install it on your roof rack.


    •   Sleeps 2 people
    •   Setup in 60 seconds
    •   360 Degree View
    •   Memory Foam Mattress/li>
    •   Insect Screen Windows

    TentBox Classic FAQ

    What's the weight of this tent?
    TentBox Classic weighs about 144 lbs.

    What do I need to install this tent on my vehicle?
    You will need roof racks or bed racks to install this tent on your vehicle.

    Can I use this tent in windy conditions?
    TentBox Classic hard shell roof top tent has been tested to withstand wind speeds up to 38km/h.

    How many people can sleep in this tent?
    Two people can sleep comfortably in TentBox Classic.

    Does the TentBox roof top tent come with a warranty?
    Yes, TentBox Classic comes with a five-year minimum warranty.

    Why Choose TentBox?

    Tentbox roof top tents come with extreme weather protection

    Bad Weather Protection

    TentBox products are designed to handle extreme weather conditions like a pro and keep you safe and comfortable at all times.

    Tentbox tents are easy to install

    Easy Setup

    TentBox tents are super easy to set up and takedown. They take no more than 60 seconds.

    Tentbox comes with great warranty

    Great Warranty

    All TentBox products come with a minimum of 5 years warranty.

    TentBox Classic Roof Top Tent
    TentBox Classic Roof Top Tent with a man in front
    TentBox Classic Roof Top Tent