12 Experts Share Their Best Overlanding Route

Looking for a the best camping recipe for your next overlanding trip? We recently interviewed over 12 experts asking for their best overlanding route. Without further due, Let's jump right into it.

Tim Johnson (Truck House Life)

Favorite Route: Dalton Highway (Haul Road)

Here's a quick video of Tim's drive though the amazing Dalton Highway (Haul Road).

Dan Grec (The Road Chose Me)

Favorite Routes: Pan-American Highway from Alaska to Argentina and West Africa from Morocco to South Africa

Here's a quick video of Dan's amazing Democratic Republic of Congo crossing. 

Nikki Pink (@Jeepgirl726)

Favorite Route: Goler Wash/Mengal Pass in Death Valley

Here's a quick overview of the route: 

"I would say my favorite trail would have to be Goler Wash/Mengal Pass in Death Valley. First stopping in the Ballarat Ghost town, you can check out some old antiques and learn a little history about the area.

Then make your way over to Goler wash you’ll find yourself driving through a canyon with some beautiful views. Be on the lookout for adorable burrow throughout the trail and be respectful! Along route there’s some abandons cabins to explore.

Between Goler Wash and Mengal Pass you can make a stop at Barker Ranch where the Manson clan was captured. This is a definitely a must see even though much of it has been left to pieces.

Mengal pass has a slight technical section but as long as you have high clearance you are good to go! Once you get down to the valley floor the view is breathtaking.

Down there you’ll find plenty more abandoned cabins and mines. And if you do stop at the cabins please be sure to be respectful and leave it the way it is for others to visit! There is so much to explore here with the most amazing views. Definitely a fantastic place to get away and set your soul straight. " - Nikki Pink

And here's an amazing pic from her trip:

Nikki Pink's Overland Route Trip Image

Monique Song (OverlandLady.com)

Favorite Routes: Simpson Desert and Nullabor Coastline

Here's a quick overview of the Simpson Desert:

"The desert sits in the center of the land and spanning in the corner 3 states. We did the iconic French Line from West to East. There are over 1100 sand dunes along the way, I'm not sure if this is the most dunes in one crossing but can be pretty positive it's one of the tops.

We went through Lambert's Center of Australia on our way to the "trailhead" of Simpson Desert. It was all corrugated dirt road so technically they are all trails. The Center of Australia was a somewhat underwhelming tower figure at the geographical center of Australia.

A night at Mont Dare marked our beginning of concurring Simpson Desert. Other than Lambert's Center of Australia, another geographical landmark you'll see on the way is Poeppel Corner. It's essentially a metal plate with lines marking where the 3 States connect - Northern Territory, Queensland, and South Australia.

After that, we get to what's called Big Red. Huge sand dunes and we sure got high centered on the last one... It gets really hot during summer and when we passed thru it at the end of October 2019, we were possibly the last to pass in that year because the weather gets dangerously hot afterward. Did not see a single soul until getting out to the other side." - Monique Song

And here's an amazing pic from her trip (Simpson Desert):

Simpson Desert  Image

Photo credits to Jerry Wang

Adrian Abrahams (Roam Overlanding)

Favorite Route: Eastern Cape Highlands, South Africa

Here's a quick overview of the Eastern Cape Highlands:

"Its just spectacular scenery and you really can spend all day driving through some of the highest mountain passes in the region!

We were hammered by the wind, but it was still a blast, a couple weeks later a good friend of mine went to do the same trail and they have nothing but perfect weather, and spent loads of time Flyfishing and exploring.

So It’s a part of the country I see myself going back to in the future time and time again, to relive and explore in different ways each time!" - Adrian

Adrian also documented his entire journey. You can view it here.

And here's an amazing pic from his trip:

Eastern Highlands Lifestyle Image

Becca Spalding (@YellerLife)

Favorite Region: Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Here's a quick overview of Upper Peninsula of Michigan:

"Anywhere in the UP of Michigan is the best place to go on an off-the-grid/overlanding style trip. There are countless miles of ORV trails up there through the deep woods (many of which I haven’t seen for myself yet), almost no civilization nearby, and awesome scenic views. It is a true off-the-grid experience. I have been to Drummond Island several times as well as the Taquamenon Falls area, but I still have goals to see Pictured Rocks, Lake of the Clouds, and several areas more to the west side of the UP." - Becca
And here's an amazing pic from her trip:

Yeller Life Lifestyle Image

Matt K (Frugal Explorer Family)

Favorite Route: Senator Highway, Arizona

"’It's not a very long trip, you can actually do it in a day, and not super technical, you can do it in high clearance 2WD just fine, but it offers a very scenic perspective on Arizona history. It also goes through quite a bit of pine forest, which is not something everyone imagines when they think of Arizona. 

For people who want more of a challenge, they can opt to take “The Backway To Crown King” off road trail for the leg between Phoenix and Crown King, it’s a favorite amongst the local off-roading community." - Matt

Here's a quick video of Matt's drive though the amazing Senator Highway.

Carol van Stralen (Epic Family Road Trip)

Favorite Route: Cassiar highway

Here's a quick video of van Stralen's drive though the amazing Cassiar Highway:


Sir William Adams (Sir William Goes)

Favorite Route: Trans America Trail

Quick Overview of the Trail:

"The trail is 5000+ miles from North Carolina to The coast of Oregon and is made up of back roads, logging roads, forest roads and trail systems. The journey on the trail took roughly 20days and one of the best experiences I've ever had. Prior to taking the trip I had never been camping before so there were alot of firsts for me. It was also life changing, I tell people all the time that the Trans-America Trail ruined my life!! It made me realize that there is so much more to life other than the normal rat race we get caught up in." - Sir William Adams

And here's an amazing pic from his trip:

Sir William Adams Overlanding Route Lifestyle Image

Jimmy Black (Snail Trail 4x4)

Favorite Route: Dodge Ridge Trail

Here's a quick video of Jimmy's drive though the Dodge Ridge Trail.

Austin Wylie (@mgmcoma)

Favorite Route: Hog Canyon, Southern Utah

And here's an amazing pic from his trip:

Hog Canyon Lifestyle Image

Jesse & Christian (@syndicate_yotas)

Favorite Routes: Cleghorn OHV Trail, California and White Rim Route/Schaffer Switch, Utah

And here's an amazing pic from his trip:

Syndicate Yotas Overlanding Trip Lifestyle Image

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