8 Roof Top Tent Accessories You Should Have

If you have been using roof top tents for while then you know they are awesome!! They are 100 times more comfortable and better when compared to ground tents.

However, Like the old Yoda used to say -- "Nothing is ever perfect. There's always room for improvement". So we decided to put together this article to show you 8 accessories that will improve your roof top tent camping experience significantly. Without further due, let's jump right into it.


RTT Heater - Roof Top Tent Accessories

If you are planning a trip in winter then having a good heater by your side is a must. Even though most roof top tents come with good insulation, it can still get very cold inside the tent depending on your camping location.

Right now, Mr.Heater is the popular heater brand among overlanders. Their heaters range from $50 to anywhere up to $200-$300. They have a variety of models as well.

Air Conditioner

Like the heater, AC is also a must-have accessory if you plan to camp during summer. Almost all roof top tents these days come with breathable windows to make sure there is good ventilation inside the tent at all times. However, that might not be enough as summers are pretty hot these days.

Frigidaire Energy Star AC seems to be the top choice among roof top tent owners. It comes in many different models and starts from $200 and goes up to $900.


RTT Annex - Roof Top Tent Accessories

Roof top tents don't come in large sizes. The biggest roof top tent you can find today can accommodate 4-5 people at best and nothing more. This is when you will find the annex to be super useful to you.

Annex's are small rooms you can add to your RTTs. They typically cost anywhere from $200-300 and are big enough to sleep 1-2 people. When you are not sleeping in them -- you can use them as a private room to change clothes etc.

Mounting Kit

Most roof top tents weigh anywhere from 100 lbs to 200 lbs. They are heavy and not very easy to mount on your roof rack. However, with a roof top tent mounting kit by your side -- you can easily mount and remove the tent in seconds.

Quick Release Tent Mount Kit by Front Runner is by far the most popular mounting kit on the market today. It cost about $225.

Dog Ramp

If you often camp with your dog then you know it's not very easy to get them in and out of the tent. This problem can be easily solved by making use of a dog ramp. Even though dog ramps are not specifically built for roof top tents -- You can still find a lot of ramps out there that will fit perfectly with your RTT.

If you are interested in buying a dog ramp then we suggest you look into PetSafe Dog Ramps. They are by far the best dog ramp brand we have found who makes both affordable and quality ramps.

LED Lights

LED String Lights - Roof Top Tent Accessories

Instead of using your mobile flashlight or an overpriced portable light to light up your RTT at night -- Use a LED Light / Strip. They are extremely affordable, plus they add a chill aesthetic feeling to your tent.

You should note that most premium roof top tents usually come with LED strips. If your tent doesn't come with it, You can buy one for under $50 on Amazon.


Even though RTTs are heavy and cases of them getting stolen are very less -- Locks are still good to have. They will give you much-needed peace of mind when you are taking a break exploring the nature around your camp.

There are a lot of companies that make locks for roof top tents. They typically range anywhere from $50-$100.

Anti-Condensation mat

If you have been camping with a roof top tent for a while now then you know moisture build-up under the mattress is very common. One easy way to avoid it is by using an anti-condensation mat.

Some brands like ROAM include anti-condensation mats with the tent for free. However, if you don't have an anti-condensation mat -- you can find them for $150 or less on Amazon.

We have reached the end, folks! Thank you for taking the time to read this article, If you think we have missed any roof top tent accessories on this list -- then please leave a comment below and let us know.

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