Best 2nd & 3rd Gen Tacoma Front Bumpers

    Top Tacoma Front Bumpers Review

    Looking for a 2nd or 3rd gen Tacoma front bumper? Then you have come to the right place.

    Front bumpers are one of the must-have accessories for off-roading and overlanding. They reduce and prevent damage to your Toyota Tacoma in low-speed crashes.

    In the following sections, we will review some of the best front bumpers currently available for 2nd and 3rd gen Tacoma and answer a few common questions you might have about them. Without further due, Let's jump right into it.

    Backwoods Adventure Mods Tacoma Front Bumpers

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    Best Tacoma Front Bumpers (2024)

    Backwoods front bumper on brown 3rd gen Tacoma

    Backwoods Hi-lite 3rd Gen Tacoma Front Bumper

    #1 Best 3rd Gen Front Bumper.

    Made with a combination of hybrid steel and aluminum, Backwoods Hi-lite is an ultra-lightweight 3rd Gen Tacoma front bumper with an aggressive high clearance design.

    The total weight of the bumper is about 84 lbs and can fit up to 12,000 lb winches easily. Large cutouts are also provided to make it easy for you to install your winch. Also, It comes in 2 options: With the bull bar and without the bull bar.

    Typically, Installing front bumpers on Tacoma is hard and time-consuming. However, That's not the case at all with Backwoods Hi-lite. It is super easy to install and can be done by one person without any help.

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    • High Clearance Design
    • Ultra-lightweight
    • Super easy installation
    • Fits up to 12,000 lb winches
    DV8 2nd Gen Tacoma Front Bumper

    DV8 2nd Gen Tacoma Front Bumper

    #1 Best 2nd Gen Tacoma Front Bumper.

    Featuring a 1/4" and 3/16" High Tensile Steel Construction and a modular 3-piece design, DV8 2005-2015 2nd Gen Tacoma Front Bumper is the best 2nd gen Toyota Tacoma front bumper currently on the market.

    The DV8 bumper comes in-built with 4 cutaway mounting points where you can install 3.5 inch round LED lights. Also, It can fit up to 12,500 lb winches without any issues.

    To make the bumper more durable, It is coated with a 2-Stage Black Powder Coat Finish. D-rings and a No Hassle Warranty are included with every DV8 2nd gen Tacoma Front Bumper purchase.

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    • 1/4" and 3/16" Steel Construction
    • 3-piece Modular Design
    • Fits up to 12,500 lb winches
    • Includes Warranty
    Cbi Covert 3rd Gen Tacoma Front Bumper

    CBI 3rd Gen Tacoma Front Bumper

    Best Cheap 3rd Gen Tacoma Front Bumper.

    If you are looking for an affordable front bumper for your 3rd gen Toyota Tacoma, then the CBI Offroad Tacoma Covert front bumper is perfect for you.

    Featuring a low profile and lightweight construction, CBI Tacoma front bumper is designed to provide you maximum protection and functionality at all times. Plus, It includes a gusseted and reinforced winch mount to make it easy to install your winch.

    CBI Tacoma front bumper also features integrated D-ring tabs for recovery and a light bar mount where you can install 30" single row light bars. Also, Each bumper comes powder coated in a satin black, textured finish to match your Tacoma.

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    • Low profile & Lightweight
    • Mounts directly to the frame
    • Included Winch & Lightbar mount
    • Powder Coated in a Satin Black Texture
    ADD Pro Bolt-on 3rd Gen Tacoma Front Bumper

    ADD Pro Bolt-on 3rd Gen Tacoma Front Bumper

    Best Premium 3rd Gen Tacoma Front Bumper.

    Manufactured in the USA, Addictive Desert Designs is a premium quality bolt-on bumper that stays flush with your Toyota Tacoma's front. It contours your vehicle's body lines without the need for a plastic valence.

    As for the construction, ADD bumper is made with .120” wall steel tubing for strength and durability and includes an aluminum skid plate for protection. Like the bumpers above, ADD bolt-on front bumper also includes space mounting six cube lights or a 20" radius LED bar.

    The bumper also has Hammer black powder coat finish, and the Satin black powder coat finishes on the panel. Installing this front bumper on your Tacoma is not super easy -- It might take anywhere up to 3 hours, and we suggest you get professional help to do it.

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    • Wall Steel Tubing Construction
    • Aluminum Skid Plate
    • LED light bar mount
    • Hammer black powder coat finish

    Tacoma Front Bumper FAQ

    Is it easy to install the above front bumpers on my Tacoma?
    While most of the above front bumpers are pretty easy to install, some require professional help.

    Can you fit any winch on these bumpers?
    You should be able to fit any winch up to 12,000 lb on the above Tacoma front bumpers.

    Do they include a LED light mount?
    Yes, almost all the Tacoma front bumpers we carry include space for you to mount LED lights.

    Do they come with a warranty?
    Yes, All the above front bumpers include a warranty with the purchase.

    How much does it cost to ship?
    We offer free shipping on all Tacoma front bumpers.

    Where are they made in?
    All the above front bumpers are made right here in the United States.

    Got Questions about Tacoma Front Bumpers?

    Overland Junction can help you find the perfect front bumper for your Tacoma. If you have any questions or would like more information on any of the bumpers above, please browse our website or contact our customer service department by phone at 833-205-7703 or email at before making a purchase.

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