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    Located in NE Iowa, BunduTec USA was founded by Rory Willet back in 2013. They have been making high-quality electric roof top tents since then. This is how their tent is different from other roof top tents on the market today:

    • Fully Electric Operation. You can set up and take down the tent with a push of a button. It takes less than 30 seconds.
    • While most RTTs come with a 3" inch mattress at best, BunduTec Roof Top Tent comes with a premium 4" inch mattress.
    • Built-in Solar Wiring to make it easy for you to hook up your solar panels.
    • They are field-tested to handle some of the roughest weather conditions
    1 product
    Bundutop Roof Top Tent Mounted on Jeep
    Bundutop Roof Top Tent Mounted on Red Jeep
    BunduTop Roof Top Tent
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