10 Awesome Overland Vehicle Systems Bushveld Roof Top Tents

The Bushveld roof top tent from Overland Vehicle Systems is one of the top hard shell roof top tents on the market.

If you are looking for a high-quality tent with features that make camping easier and more comfortable, then the Bushveld roof top tent is the one for you. 

From a super-fast, 30-second setup to a thick memory foam mattress, the Bushveld roof top tent has it all. Speaking of that 30-second setup: The OVS Bushveld RTT has a unique gas strut design that lets you open and close it in half a minute. Indeed, the process is almost entirely automated.

Learn more about all of the features at our Bushveld rooftop tent page. And if you're still looking to get inspired, check out these 10 Bushveld roof top tent posts from actual users. We hope these give you the inspiration you need to grab one of these Overland Vehicle Systems Bushveld tents for yourself. 

Owned by @dakartundra

Vehicle: Toyota Land Cruiser; Bushveld RTT


Fj Cruiser Toyota
Owned by @hello_its_marko

Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4; OVS Bushveld


Toyota Tacoma
Owned by @overlandtxdad

Vehicle: Rivian - Brenham Texas; Bushveld rooftop tent


Lone Pine, California 02’ Sequoia SR5 4WD
Owned by @sean

Vehicle: Rivian; Overland Vehicle Systems Bushveld


Chevrolet Merritt
Owned by @jordan_asman

Vehicle: Ford Offroad 4x4; Bushveld roof top tent


Ford Ranger
Owned by @wewentcampingagain

Vehicle: Toyota 4x4 4Runner; Bushveld RTT from OVS


toyota4wd tacoma

by @sq_fly

Vehicle: Audi Car, California; Bushveld RTT

4x4 Toyota Expedition Tacoma

by @prospeedrack

Overland Vehicle Systems (OVS) Bushveld roof top tent (RTT)


by @hellerflush

Vehicle: Montana Expedition 4x4; Bushveld Rooftop tent


by @zach_chad

Vehicle: Military Trailer - Toyota Tacoma; Bushveld rooftop tent


Advise from the experts

We asked some of the above vehicle owners share some tips and things you need to consider when buying the Bushveld roof top tent. You can check it out below:

1. Find a good mattress  (@overlndtxdad)

I love the tent. My advice would be to find a good mattress to put in them. Like most hard shell roof top tents the pad is tough on side sleepers. I’m still doing trial and error with some products I found on Amazon..

2. Pack Light  (@dakartundra)

What I love about the bushveld is how compact and light the tent is, leaving room for other cargo on the roof but having room inside for 3-4 people to sleep inside. If you pack really tight closer to the wall side you can leave things in there. And of course there is no zipper and you can closed in seconds!