2011 Jeep Wrangler Overland Build

Vehicle Owner

Trey Willams

Vehicle Model

1996 Lexus LX450

Miles Driven

220,000 miles


I’m a co owner of 12th State Offroad in North Carolina. I’ve had a love affair with this landcruiser that has caused me to not be able to leave it alone for many years. Obviously I’ve gone overboard with this thing but what i love about this platform is how capable it is right from the get go. These old cruisers are starting to get more and more rare so if you find one in decent shape and decent price, don’t hesitate to snag one, learn how to spin a wrench and enjoy the ride.

Mods List

  • Trailgear front bumper
  • Apex overland lights
  • Superwinch
  • ARB Twin Compressor
  • Apex overland fuse block
  • Procomp MT2 40"
  • Battleborn Beadlocks 17"
  • Metaltech Sliders
  • Rackless Gang
  • Re-geared to 5.29
  • DC Front Driveshaft
  • DC Rear Driveshaft
  • Hellfire Knucks
  • Juanstopshop wooden shift knob
  • Monstaliner paint job
  • HuddExpo tcase skid
  • Front 3 Link Suspension
  • Radflo 14" dual rate coilovers in the front
  • Rear 4 link double triangulated suspension
  • Radflo 16" dual rate coilovers in the rear
  • Diamond Axle 9.5" Front Axle w/ chromoly shafts & chromoly flanges, ARP studs & ARB Airlocker
  • Diamond Axle Ford 9" Rear Axle w/ 35 spline chromoly shafts & D60 35 spline hubs, Currie 3.250 housing w/ Strange Spool
  • Chopped that thang in half & ute'd it with bodywork done by Apex Overland & Tube work done w/ 12th State Offroad & Apex Overland

Maintenance History

  • Fixed distributor
  • Fixed intake manifold
  • Replaced radiator
  • Replaced Master Brake Cylinder
  • Replaced brake lines w/ slee stainless braided lines
  • Replaced calipers / rotors / pads
  • New hoses everywhere
  • Replaced heater valve
  • Rear heater hose delete
  • PHH
  • All fluids replaced
  • New belts
  • Front full knuckle rebuild
  • Chromoly up front
  • Fixed exhaust & re-routed over frame
  • Replaced LSPV Valve
  • Replaced Front & Rear Locker Actuators
  • Mega rust repair
  • Replaced OEM Tie rod ends
  • Rebuilt engine, bored .20 - now have a 4.6L
  • Replaced brake booster
  • Pulled ABS
  • Pulled LSPV
  • Re ran power cables (from Hudd Expo)
  • Replaced a billion batteries
  • Replaced starter

Lexus Off Road Build Side View
Lexus Off Road Build Back View
Lexus Off Road Build in Nature
Lexus Off Road Build Tilted View