Best Family Tents For Windy Conditions

Having a well-built tent is extremely important if you and your family often camp in places with extremely windy conditions. Even if you don't, It still good to have a family tent that can keep you safe from mother nature.

Today, we will review 2 of the best family tents for windy conditions currently on the market. Please note that these tents are in no particular order and if at any point you would like to know more about a particular tent, just click the "Check Price" button and it will take you to the complete product description.

Delta Zulu Family Tent

Delta Zulu Family Tent For Windy Conditions

To start, we will be looking into the Delta Zulu Family Tent by BushTec Adventure USA. Delta Zulu is a wind tunnel tested family tent. It can easily withstand winds blowing at a speed of 30mph to 40mph.

Built with 550gsm Rip-stop Military Grade Canvas for all four seasons, It is extremely tough and will keep you and your family safe from all kinds of weather conditions. Also, It has a sleeping capacity of 4 people.

Aside from being wind tunnel tested, Delta Zulu is also 500m Water Head Tested. In other words, it is completely waterproof and will make to keep dry and safe even during heavy rainfall and storms. Delta Zulu also meets CPAI 84 Fire Retardant requirements -- It's won't catch fire easily.

One awesome feature of the Delta Zulu is that it comes with a built-in PVC floor and an extended porch. The 19 oz PVC floor is made with durable material and it very comfortable to sit on. It is also easy to clean and maintain. The extended porch is perfect to sit and have a few cold beers in the evening. It can accommodate around 3 people at once.

Here are some other features of the Delta Zulu Family Tent:

  • UV and Rot Protected
  • Includes storm straps
  • Durable YKK Zippers
  • Includes Sewin-in Flood Walls
  • Easy 30-minute Installation
  • Includes 1 Carry Bag for the tent
  • 3 year warranty

Alpha Kilo Family Tent

Alpha Kilo Family Tent for Windy Conditions

Next, we are looking into another family tent by Bushtec Adventure USA called Alpha Kilo Family Tent. Like the Delta Zulu, Alpha Kilo is also wind tunnel test and has the ability to withstand winds blowing at 30mph to 40mph making it a perfect for windy conditions.

Alpha Kilo is a bigger tent when compared to Delta Zulu. It can accomodate up to 6 people easily. It also features a Sewn-in 550gsm PVC floor and flood walls. The walls are strong, durable and is designed to keep you safe during heavy rainfall or flooding.

Alpha Kilo also comes with a extended porch. The porch is big enough for 4 people. One awesome thing about the Alpha Kilo is that it is very easy to install. You can install it under 20 minutes.

Here are some other features of the Alpha Kilo:

  • Built with 550gsm Rip-stop Military Grade Canvas
  • CPAI 84 Fire retardant
  • Bow tent suspended on a spring steel frame
  • Inner and outer flaps for extra warmth or cooling
  • Includes 1 Waterproof carry bag
  • Safe to use internal heating with normal precautions

That's a wrap, folks! We reviewed 2 of the best family tents for windy conditions. If you have any questions or thoughts, please comment below and let you know.


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