Best Overland Ground Tents of 2024

Even though roof top tents are the first choice for Overlanding -- You can still use ground tents. After all, they are way more affordable when compared to roof top tents.

With so many ground tents in the market today, it's hard to say which one is good for Overlanding. So today, we will review a couple of the best overland ground tents and we will also talk about everything you need to look at before buying a ground tent for Overlanding. Without further due, let's jump right into it.

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Alpha Kilo Bow Tent

Alpha Kilo Ground Tent For Overlanding

To start off, we will be looking at the Alpha Kilo Bow Tent by BushTec Adventure USA. With an accommodation capacity of over 6 people, Alpha Kilo Bow Tent is perfect for large families who go on Overlanding trips often.

Built with 550gsm Rip-stop Military Grade Canvas, It is one of the strongest and durable ground tent for Overlanding currently on the market. Alpha kilo is also a wind tunnel tested tent which means that it will keep you and your family safe when heavy winds are blowing at you.

Aside from being wind tunnel tested, Alpha Kilo is also completely waterproof (550mm water head tested) and comes with a storm strap. With all these features and tests combined, It makes Alpha Kilo Ground Tent one of the best tents for extreme weather conditions.

Alpha Kilo also features a built-in PVC floor and a sidewall. The windows in this tent come with a mosquito gauze to keep you safe from all the mosquitos at night.

One of the coolest features of the Alpha Kilo is its Extended Porch. It provides a good shade and is perfect for you and your family to sit and chill in the evenings. The extended porch can fit around 4 chairs at once easily.

Here are some other features and specs of the Alpha Kilo Ground Tent:

  • CPAI 84 Fire retardant
  • UV and Rot protected
  • There won't be any noticeable color fading for at least 15 years
  • Inner and outer flaps for extra warmth or cooling
  • Electric supply socket pocket
  • Very easy to install. Won't take more than 20 minutes.
  • Frame: Spring steel frame

Delta Zulu 3000

Delta Zulu Ground Tent For Overlanding

Next up we will be looking at another ground tent by BushTec Adventure USA. Delta Zulu Ground Tent is a 4 person tent that is very similar to Alpha Kilo Tent. Like the Alpha Kilo, Delta Zulu is also built with 550gsm Rip-stop Military Grade Canvas and has the ability to withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

Here's a quick overview of the Delta Zulu features and specs:

  • Installation takes under 30 minutes
  • You can use internal heating with some general precautions
  • Includes 19 oz. PVC
  • Includes 1 Inner and 1 Outer flap for extra warmth or cooling
  • Includes 1 Unbendable Ground Stakes
  • Includes 1 Waterproof Carry Bag (Makes it easy to transport During Rainfall)
  • Includes an Extended Proch
  • Comes with an Electric Supply Socket For Charging Phones 
  • Durable YKK Zippers
  • CPAI 84 Fire Retardant: This means it is not easy for the tent to catch on fire

What to Look for When Buying an Overland Ground Tent?

In this section, we will quickly review all the features you need to look at when buying an overland ground tent.


One of the most important features you need to look at when buying an overland ground tent is the Size. Ground tents come in different sizes, so ask yourself how many people do you often go camping with. No matter how big that number might be, You will find a ground tent of that size.

Built for All Kinds of Weather

Overlanding is all about the journey and sometimes during that journey the Mother Nature might throw some crazy weather at you. That's why it's always safe to buy ground tents that are built strong and can withstand all kinds of weather conditions just like Alpha Kilo and Delta Zulu tents.

Durable and Long Lasting

Lastly, You need to make sure that the tent is durable and long-lasting. Most cheap ground tents are not -- So try to avoid buying them. Invest in a good ground tent that has the ability to last for a lifetime.

That's it, folks! We reviewed over 2 of the best ground tents for Overlanding and quickly went through the features you need to look at when buying a ground tent. Hope you found some value in this article. If you have any questions or thoughts, just leave a comment below and let us know.


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