Top 62 Overlanding Influencers (2024)

#1 Expedition Portal

Expedition portal logo

Founded in 2005, Expedition Portal is a community of adventure travelers, where the primary means of exploration is by 4wd and motorcycle. With the growing popularity of overland travel, Expedition Portal has expanded its membership and content to represent the single-largest repository of online overland resources on the web.

#2 Overland Journal

Overland Journal Logo

Started in 2007, Overland Journal is an archive quality, journal format publication dedicated to expedition travel and exploration in North America and around the world. The magazine is published five times per year with a print and digital circulation of 20,000 copies. It features over 140 pages of expedition vehicles, travel stories, equipment reviews and breathtaking photography.

#3 Overland Expo

Overland Expo Lifestyle Image

Overland Expo is the world's premier overland, outdoor lifestyle and adventure travel event series. Their team comprises a diverse group of explorers, journalists, scientists, and artists, who have come together because of a common passion: traveling unknown parts of the world by vehicle or motorcycle.

#4 Overland Bound

Overland Bound Logo

Overland Bound is global community of adventure seekers and explorers. Overland Bound's forums offer a wealth of community generated knowledge in all things overlanding. There is no cost to join and there are no advertisements. They also overland trip planning software to makmoe it easy for you to plan your overlanding trips. You can check out their awesome YouTube Channel here.

#5 Trans-Americas Journey

Trans Americas Journey

Started by Karen and Eric , Trans-Americas is a blog about their journey road trip. For more than a decade they have been traveling full time through the Americas exploring North, Central, and South America in their truck. They share what they learn about travel in the Americas on their travel blog.

#6 Eamon & Bec

Eamon & Bec

Eamon & Bec are a Canadian couple driving around the world in their self converted Sprinter Van. Their goal here is to inspire you to chase after your own dreams however big they may be.

#7 The Road Chose Me

The Road Chose Me Lifestyle Image

The Road Chose Me is a overlanding blog by Dan. He has set out to drive his Jeep Wrangler 80,000 miles in a circumnavigation of the African continent. In his blog,  you can read all about his ongoing adventure, see his photos and watch his videos.

#8 Last Line of Defense

Last Line of Defense Lifestyle Image

Last Line of Defense is a popular overlanding Youtube channel by Mike. He mainly talks about gear and good times - most of his videos revolve around those and general preparedness. He encourages people to just get out there, even if it's only for a weekend. Click the link below to check out his awesome channel.

#9 Dare2Go

Dare2Go Logo

Founded in 2006, Dare2Go is a overlanding blog where you can read about undiscovered, beautiful destinations in Central & South America and many other great locations. You will find a wealth of information on their site, especially if you love road trips.

#10 Primal Outdoors

Primal Outdoors Lifestyle Image

Primal Outdoors is a Youtube Channel started by Jason Darrah. He has been Overlanding in his Ford E350 4x4 Van Conversion in the thousands of square miles of wilderness, national forests and Public Lands (BLM) for a long time now. His channel is perfect for folks that enjoy Overlanding and camping.

#11 Expedition Overland

XOverland Logo

Founded in 2010, Expedition Overland is a video series produced by Hiline Productions that follows a team of adventurers and their outfitted vehicles through some of the world’s most remote placesThe series showcases the adventures, struggles, and unique people and places they meet along the way.

#12 Epic Family Road Trip

Epic Family Road Trip Lifestyle Image

Epic Family Road Trip is a channel started by the van Stralen family. They sold everything except their Jeeps to drive around the World guided by their core values that had helped them find success in business and in life. You can know more about their channel by clicking the link below.

#13 Dragoman

Dragoman Logo

Dragoman is a company that helps people plan and travel overlanding trips. They offer over 30 purpose built overland trucks as well. You can know more about them on their website.

#14 Drew Simms

Drew Simms Lifestyle Image

Drew Simms is a 25 year old freelance photographer and film maker living out of his 2013 Jeep Wrangler. His Youtube channel is full of his great adventures and couple of gear reviews. Click the link below to check out his channel.

#15 Overland + Adventure

Overland + Adventure Lifestyle Image

If you love Jeep's then you will love this profile! Overland + Adventure features a overland adventure vehicle built based on a 2015 Jeep Wrangler Rubico. Click the link below check out their Instagram profile.

#16 Outdoorx4

Outdoorx4 Lifestyle Image

OutdoorX4 is a Magazine (pronounced “outdoor by 4”) that is fully independent vehicle-based adventure lifestyle publication which includes overland travel. Their focus is on visual storytelling that appeals to the broadest range of outdoors enthusiast while providing expert advice in the field as well as dynamic photography and editorial that inspires.

#17 Roam Overlanding

Roam Overlanding Lifestyle Image

Roam Overlanding is a youtube chananel that is all about seeing and experiencing the beautiful places in your country and beyond! Over the past year they have created a powerful community of overlanding, offroad and Jimny lovers!

#18 Exploring Overland

Exploring Overland Lifestyle Image

Founded by Roseann & Jonathan Hanson, Exploring Overland showcases their trips, overland training opportunities, creative workshops, and publications—print, digital, and video for overland adventure travel and field arts. They are also the founders of Overland Expo.

#19 Lifestyle Overland

Lifestyle Overland Logo

Founded by a small family living and adventuring across North America, Lifestyle Overland is a page dedicated to the wheeled pursuit of adventure. Their main mission is to encourage and educate others who desire to venture away from civilization and experience a more adventurous side of life.

#20 Bound For Nowhere

Bound for Nowhere Youtube Channel

Started by Owen Chikazawa and Mary Ashley Krogh, Bound for Nowhere is a Youtube channel with tons of videos about their everyday adventures and much more.

#21 Mr & Mrs Overlander

Mr & Mrs Overlander Lifestyle Image

Started by couple from Hawaii who love overlanding, Mr & Mrs Overlander is a YouTube Channel that documents their trips and much more. They sold everything to buy a Jeep Gladiator to travel around the USA and Canada to explore and meet as many places and people as they can!

#22 Truck House Life

Truck House Life Lifestyle Image

Started by Tim Johnson, Truck House Life youtube channel is full of his Overland journeys, extreme outdoor sports in crazy remote places, wacky misadventures, how-to instructionals and much more.

#23 Navigation Nowhere

Navigation Nowhere Lifestyle Image

Started by Michael Fuehrer, Navigation Nowhere is a documentation of his everyday life and adventures. One cool thing is that he lives in a School Bus full-time!

#24 Arkansas Offroad

Arkansas Offroad Lifestyle Image

Started by Grant, Arkansas Offroad is a popular overlanding Youtube channel with over 50K+ subscribers. The videos range from fun adventure to awesome gear reviews. Click the link below to check out the channel.

#25 Lite Brite

Lite Brite Lifestyle Image

Started by Brittany and Kevin Williams, They hope to bring everyone along for the ride, and hopefully inspire some along the way to chase their own passions and enjoy every moment possible!

#26 Krokem Outdoors

Krokem Outdoors Loog

Started by Edward Shin, Krokem Outdoors is a youtube channel find videos related to Car camping, overlanding, gear reviews, and everything outdoors. The goal of the channel is to inspire you to go out and enjoy the great outdoors, and maybe help you save a few bucks along the way through testing, reviews, and informed decisions!

#27 TREAD Magazine

Tread Magazine Logo

TREAD Magazine is magazine dedicated to automotive adventure and outdoor lifestyle. They publish about everything from fun adventures to detailed rig reviews.

#28 Revere Overland

Revere Overland Lifestyle Image

Revere Overland is a YouTube channel with over 41K subscribers. Their videos contain everything from gear reviews, adventure documentaries to much more. Click the link below and check out their channel.

#29 Nora

Nora's Youtube Channel Lifestyle Image

Nora is a female ADV Rider. On her YouTube channel, she posts awesome videos once a week of her adventures. They are truly inspiring and totally worth subscribing to.

#30 The Way Overland

The Way Overland Lifestyle Image

Started by Jolie and Mark, Their channel The Way Overland showcase the landscapes and culture of the countries they visit along their route to give some insight into lesser known places off the tourist trail. Click the link below and check out their channel and subscribe to it.

#31 Jesse Rizo

Jesse Rizo Youtube Channel

Jesse's Youtube Chanel is full of awesome how to install videos and some dope product reviews. Click the link below and check out his channel and subscribe to it.

#32 Justin B. McBride

Justin B. McBride Lifestyle Image

Justin's Youtube channel is all about overlanding. If you start watching his videos -- you’ll be inspired to explore the world around you, you'll learn what gear you actually need in order to do it, and how to best preserve your own adventures into lasting memories.

#33 Desk To Glory

Desk To Glory Logo

Started by Ashley & Richard, Desk To Glory is blog that documents their awesome overlanding adventures. Click the link below to check it out.

#34 Rock Creek Overland

Rock Creek Overland

Rock Creek Overland is a adventure & expedition based media group. Their Instagram is full of their awesome adventure pics. Click the link below to give them a follow.

#35 Feldon Shelter

Feldon Shelter Lifestyle Image

Feldon Shelter is a roof top tent brand that post some great overlanding images on their Instagram Page. Click the link below to check out their profile.

#36 Sinuhe Xavier

Sinuhe Xavier Lifestyle Image

Sinuhe Xavier is a photographer / filmmaker who posts his own adventure images and videos on his Instagram Profile. Click the link below check his profile out.

#37 Drew Martin

Drew Martin Lifestyle Image

If you love rusty overland photos then Drew's Instagram Profile is perfect for you. Click the link below to check it out.

#38 Markus Wollenberger

Markus Wollenberger

Markus is a filmmaker and photographer based out of Berlin, Germany. His profile is full awesome pictures of his overland adventures and rigs. Click the link below to check it out.

#39 All-Terrain Family

All-Terrain Family Lifestyle Image

#40 Rogue Overland

Rogue Overland Lifestyle Image

Rogue Overland is a vehicle based outdoor reality channel featuring awesome overland adventures, gear reviews, and informational videos. You can know more about their channel by clicking the link below.

#41 Pacific Overlander

Pacific Overlander Lifestyle Image

Pacific Overlander is a San-Francisco based overland vehicle rental company. Their Instagram profile is full of awesome pics of their rigs and adventures. Click the link below to check it out.

#42 Nathan Mueller

Nathan Mueller

Nathan Mueller's youtube channels is full of tips, tricks and stories from the outdoors to help you GET outdoors. If you want some inspiration, information or ideas on how to get out in the world and explore, his channel is perfect for you.

#43 Brandon Haley

Brandon Haley Lifestyle Image

Brandon Haley is a awesome guy who lives out of his land rover and post amazing pictures of his everyday adventures and lifestyle. Click the link below to check out his profile.

#44 Expedition Extreme

Expedition Extreme Lifestyle Image

Expedition Extreme is a Youtube channel started by a couple of people who explore the UAE and Oman in search of the best 4 wheel drive routes and camp sites. They film everything and share it on their channel.

#45 Overland Lady

Overland Lady Lifestyle Image

Monique Song brings a unique voice from a young Asian female overlander. Her story of breaking racial, gender, and social stereotype norms from being a City Girl to Overlander won the Best Short Film in the first Overlander Film Fest by XOverland. She is currently exploring Canada with her Landcrusier from Australia. Her channel aims to encourage and empower women to go out explore by sharing her adventure stories from a female’s perspective.

#46 Only A Road Trip Away

Only A Road Trip Away Lifestyle Image

Only A Road Trip Away is a page by David who is a freelance filmmaker/photographer but also an avid car enthusiast. His Instagram is full of awesome images of his overland adventures. Click the link below to check it out.

#47 Drive The Globe

Drive The Globe

Michael Ladden, founder of Drive The Globe is currently embarked on a 220,000 mile trip overland around the world in a 1979 Mercedes Unimog & our custom built overland expedition trailer. Follow the weekly series on YouTube. New videos each Tuesday at 2pm EST (UTC-5). He is also an instructor at Overland Expo & in his spare time is an avid cyclist & pilot.

#48 Tomek Gdawiec

Tomek Gdawiec Lifestyle Image

Tomek Gdawiec is a Instagram Influencer who posts amazing pictures of his overlanding adventures. He has over 8k followers. Click the link below to check out his profile.

#49 Dirt Sunrise

Dirt Sunrise Lifestyle Image

Dirt Sunrise is a youtube channel that documents the life of a couple that sold everything and are now exploring the world as much as possible. So far they've overlanded from Canada to Patagonia and are getting ready to head to a new continent! Click the below link to check out the channel.

#50 Overland The Americas

Overland The Americas Logo

Overland The Americas is a blog by Ernesto & Taisa. On their blog, they share everything from their adventures to gear reviews. They have driven across all 23 contiguous countries in the Americas while living out of their car for the past 4 years

#51 SubOverland

SubOverland Logo

Located in Twin Falls, Idaho and specialize in making 4x4 Chevrolet Suburbans into ultimate adventure vehicles. They bring the rugged side of Overlanding and the simple side of Vanlife together. In their channel, you will see videos on build walkarounds, product reviews, overlanding tips, vanlife content, camping videos and much more!

#52 Ben Stinnett

Ben Stinnett Lifestyle Image

Ben is an outdoor enthusiast that starts the day with too much coffee and probably ends it with too much whiskey around the campfire. On his channel you will find everything from visual journals of his overland trips, to tips, tricks, and gear reviews related to all things outdoors.

#53 Juba's Journey

Juba's Journey Lifestyle Image

Started by Juba, His youtube channel is full of great videos on his overland adventure through Southern Africa. Click the link below to check out his channel and subscribe to it.

#54 WeGoPlacez

WeGoPlacez Lifestyle Image

Started by Justin and Jessica, Wegoplacez is a youtube channel where they share their awesome overlanding adventures. Click the link below to check out their channel.

#55 Roof Tent Insider

Roof Tent Insider Loog

Started by Alex Nicoll, Roof Tent Insider is a blog where you will detailed and very help reviews on some of the best roof top tents on the market. Click the link below to check out the website or you can check out his YouTube channel here.

#56 The Lone Overlander

The Lone Overlander

Started by Willie Suarez, The Lone Overlander is a Instagram Page where he shares all his overlanding adventures and much more. Click the link below to check him out.

#57 HelloJohann Overland

HelloJohann Overland Lifestyle Image

HelloJohann Overland is a Youtube that channel that documents some crazy overlanding adventures of guy from Paris. Click the link below to check out his Youtube Channel.

#58 Off-Road Recon

Off-Road Recon Logo

Off-Road Recon is a great Youtube Channel with videos ranging from off-road trail riding, camping, DIY, and How-To, Off-Road info and much more. Click the link below to checkout their channel.

#59 Jaffa Adventures

Jaffa Adventures Logo

Started by Terry, Jaffa Adventures is channel for people with a passion for adventure travel, four wheel driving, camping, vehicle modifications, and a bit of light hearted humor.

#60 Alexander Ednie

Alexander Ednie Lifestyle Image

On Alexander's Youtube Channel you will find videos ranging from Overlanding essentials, expeditions, tutorials, outdoors, vlogging and much more! Click the link below to checkout their channel.

#61 Overland Eats

Overland Eats Lifestyle Image

Overland Eats is YouTube Channel full awesome recipes for your next overlanding trip. Click the link below to check it out.

#62 OutdoorsMan1


Started by Brandon, OutdoorsMan1 is all about great outdoors. On his channel, you will find everything from awesome gear reviews to crazy gear adventures.

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