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    Overland Pros is a company that was born out of pure passion. It was started in 2017 by a couple of friends who love Overlanding. They have been making some high-quality roof top tents and awnings since then.

    Overland Pros Awnings have gained a lot of popularity in recent years as they are affordable and are known to handle extreme weather conditions and high winds like a pro.

    All Overland Pros products come with a 12-month warranty and free shipping. Also, if you ever face any technical issues with their products -- we will always be here to fix them.

    Overland Pros Awning on a Truck

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    Top Overland Pros Awnings

    Overland Pros Wraptor 6k Awning On a Jeep

    Overland Pros Wraptor 6k Awning

    #1 Best Selling Overland Pros Awning.

    The main reason Overland Pros Wraptor 6k is so popular is because of the massive coverage it provides. Unlike most 270-degree awnings that offer 100-110 sq ft coverage, Wraptor 6k delivers a massive 130 sq/ft of coverage. So no matter how sunny it is, you can trust Wraptor 6k to give you all the shade you need.

    The body of the Wraptor 6k is made using 280gsm poly-cotton ripstop waterproof canvas; This makes sure that Wraptor 6k can handle extreme weather conditions like a pro and water doesn't leak through the shade when there's heavy rainfall.

    One of the main issues with 270-degree awnings is that they don't stand well in windy conditions. To avoid such issues, Wraptor 6k comes with rigid support poles and guy lines to keep it sturdy and steady when camping you are camping in windy conditions.

    Starting at



    • Durable Construction
    • Optional Walls Add-on
    • Can be used in Windy Conditions
    • It covers 130 sq ft of area
    • Waterproof Canvas
    Overland Pros Wraptor 4k Awning On a 4runner

    Overland Pros Wraptor 4k Awning

    Best Freestanding 270 Degree Awning.

    Wraptor 4k is the younger brother of Wraptor 6k. It has a very similar design and covers about 80 sq ft of area. The fabric of the Wraptor 4k is made using waterproof 280G ripstop canvas to make sure you stay protected even in bad weather conditions.

    Wraptor 4k has the option of adding a wall set to it, transforming it into a proper private room that may be used as an extra sleeping place. The walls cover all six sides of the awning (4 outer sides + 2 walls run along the side and back of your vehicle). They are also super easy to install.

    Installing 270 awnings on your rack can be a pain sometimes. But that's not the case at all with Overland Pros Wraptor 4k. They are designed in such a way that they can be installed on almost any aftermarket and factory roof rack.

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    • It covers 80 sq ft of area
    • Optional Wall Set Add-on
    • Waterproof Canvas Fabric
    • All-Weather Protection
    • Super easy to install
    Overland Pros Wraptor 2000 Awning with Walls

    Overland Pros Wraptor 2000 Awning

    Most Affordable 270 Degree Awning on the Market.

    Wraptor 2000 is one of the most affordable 270-degree awnings on the market today, and it is us go top recommendation for people with two-door vehicles or smaller SUVs.

    Constructed of waterproof 280G ripstop canvas, Wraptor 2000 can be used in high windy conditions and provides about 6.5 feet (2 meters) of coverage around your vehicle. It also includes 4 structural poles that pivot around your vehicle and connect to height adjustable poles for varied ground.

    Like the Wraptor 4k and 6k, Overland Pros Wraptor 2000 also has the option for you to add a wall set to it and turn it into a proper room. Also, The wall set is made using waterproof 200D polyester to ensure there won't be any leaks during heavy rainfall.

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    • Provides 6.5 feet of coverage around the vehicle
    • Perfect for Small SUVs
    • Waterproof Construction
    • Optional Wall Set
    • Can be used in High Winds

    Overland Pros FAQ

    Does Overland Pros Awnings come with a warranty?
    Yes! All Overland Pros awnings come with a minimum of a 1-year warranty.

    Can you mount the awnings on any roof rack?
    For the most part, Yes! Overland Pros awnings are designed to mount on most aftermarket and factory roof racks.

    Do they mount on both sides of the vehicle?
    When placing your order, You will have an option to select which side mount you are looking for. It's either passenger or driver side.

    Do the awnings come with a travel cover?
    Yes, All Overland Pros awnings come with a 200gsm PVC transit cover with a YKK zipper.

    Do you offer free shipping?
    Yes, we do. We offer free shipping on all Overland Pros products.

    How long does it take for the order to be delivered?
    Depending on your location, It takes anywhere from 5-7 days to deliver the order.

    Why choose Overland Pros?

    Overland Pros products are durable

    Durable Products

    No matter which product you choose -- Durability is one thing that's common with all Overland Pros products.

    Overland Pros Products are made by Overlanders

    Built by Overlanders for Overlanders

    This is a company that is built by 2 passionate overlanders who genuinely want to help people have a better overlanding experience. You can trust them like your own family.

    Overland Pros products are affodable


    On a tight budget? No problem! Almost all Overland Pros products are affordable when compared to other brands.

    Real Life Experiences with Overland Pros Awnings

    We recently interviewed a few people who have been using Overland Pros Awnings for a while to know their experience so far. You can check it out below:

    Overland Pros Wraptor 4k with Walls On a Jeep

    Roland (@ovrlnder)

    Awning: Overland Pros Wraptor 4k 270 Awning

    "There is nothing like the Overland Pros Wraptor 2500. I have had it for over 2 years now and I still love it. I have used it for many different occasions; from just opening it up for shade at an event in my hometown to sheltering from the weather in the Grand Tetons during my cross country trip with the family in 2020.

    It has been a beast and I couldn't ask for anything more. I love that it has a very simple set-up, I can easily put it up myself while my wife is setting up the rest of camp. The take down is just as simple as the set-up, even for just one person."

    Overland Pros Wraptor 6K Awning Lifestyle Image

    Gabriel Fitzgerald (@narwhal.roverland)

    Awning: Overland Pros Wraptor 6k 270 Awning

    "With their 270 awnings, I purchased their Wraptor 4K late last year when they came out, but quickly realized I wanted their 6K after being on a trip to the Mojave and seeing a 6K in action. Besides local camping or just needing shade around town, my 6K has seen action from the Grand Canyon to Baja California.

    Deploying is super fast, and stowing takes maybe 30 seconds longer. The practical experience is fantastic because it is a piece of equipment that doesn’t take much time away from camp set up or tear down, and that’s where the value lies for me.

    The features are par for competing products in the 270 space, and this because of it’s price point, it’s hard to find a reason NOT to own one.

    Construction-wise, I’d give it a 90% because the finishing details aren’t quite as polished as you might find in a premium offering. The places where pets are welded aren’t impressive to me, because I work in aviation and have experience in the cycling world, and those qualities are the best.

    The awning comes from a Chinese factory, and they supply other vendors as well, and the lack of finish quality shows through in some places, but honestly, you have to look for them. But for $950 or so, a purchaser is getting a great value product."

    Overland Pros Wraptor 4k on Tacoma

    Lechon James (@truck_norriz)

    Awning: Overland Pros Wraptor 4k 270 Awning

    "Overland pros awning comes at a fraction of the cost of others in the market. it has really good build for the price. the welds and workmanship on the materials is not bad for something coming from asia.

    It took a while for the materials to loosen up a bit so my only con is it took a couple break in trips to become easy to put away and for the leather to break in. awnings are hit or miss since you only get shade right at 12pm. overall for the price I think it’s great. not super heavy. the awning mounting components are extremely versatile and strong as well."

    Overland Pros Wraptor 4k on Jeep Wrangler

    Tony Ellis (@badluckoverland)

    Awning: Overland Pros Wraptor 4k 270 Awning

    The wraptor 4k is our third awning and will definitely be our last. After needing a solution for a not so subtle 85lb dog at camp, we knew that legs were going to have to be an option at most. Enter the Wraptor 4k! Setup is super fast and can be done with one person if need be.

    The shade coverage is awesome and it doesn't interfere with the lift gate on my Jeep. Packing it away can be a bit challenging at first due to the bag size being a tad small but like anything practice makes perfect.

    For the price point you can't go wrong with this sturdy awning, and their customer service was on point when I interacted with them during the purchase. We were heading on a trip and I was concerned it wouldn't make it in time but they assured me I would be good. 8 months later I'm happy to say we are definitely still good.

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