Overland Junction Golden Roof Top Tent

At Overland Junction, our mission is to help more people spend more time outside.

And this year, we're super excited to be taking a big next step in that mission: launching our own tents, the Golden and Labrador.

Golden Roof Top Tent from Overland Junction

Here's Our Overland Junction Story:

2020: We set out to make it easier for others to find roof top tents, as we did, launching this site.

2021: Our site took off, and we added roof top tents from more great brands to the mix.

2022: We added roof racks, bed racks, and awnings to our collection to help people get the full camping set-ups.

2023: We began designing and testing our own line of unique roof top tents based on customer feedback on others.

2024: We launched the Labrador and Golden, while still carrying our favorite tents, roof racks, bed racks, and awnings from other great brands.

Introducing: The Overland Junction Golden

In this post, we want to introduce you to: THE GOLDEN!

Overland Junction Golden Roof Top Tent Hard Shell


You have jaw-dropping views in every direction.

Fresh air in every direction.

And still...

A plush mattress under you.

A roof over you.

And weather-proof walls ready to go.

The Overland Junction Golden Roof Top Tent is redefining camping with its 360-degree views.

Overland Junction Golden: 360-Degree Views

Like most tents, the Golden has a door or window on each side. But that's never been truly 360-degree views, and you know it.

So the Golden enables you to drop all of the walls, creating an open-air, panoramic camping experience like nothing you've ever experienced.

Overland Junction Golden

Worried about bugs in an open air tent? Simply zip up the mesh layer to keep the views and keep out the bugs.

And if the weather turns, zip the walls back up for some of the best weatherproof fabrics around.

We designed and tested this tent at 9,000' in the Colorado Rockies, where we get 300 inches of snow a year. It works great in snow, rain, and hot summer sun.

Overland Junction Golden: Extra Comfort

Overland Junction Golden Extreme Protection

Wait, wait, there's more!

We know views alone are not enough.

You need comfort.

The Overland Junction Golden has a 2.75 inch high-density foam mattress with a washable cover that you'll wish you had on your bed at home.

Plus, there's a polyester anti-condensation mat underneath the mattress to help you avoid any moisture buildup and stay dry no matter how tightly you've zipped yourself in.

If you're sleeping with the walls up and doors and windows closed, the thick, all black tent fabric also helps keep the inside dark.

Overland Junction Golden: Features

And we didn't skimp on any features.

There's a USB-powered LED light for late night reading.

Tons of storage so you're never climbing back down the ladder for something you left in the car.

Hydraulic rods to ensure a less than 1-minute setup.

A telescoping ladder for easy tent access no matter how high you mount it.

Overland Junction Golden

Secure latches to hold the tent closed when not in use.

A sturdy shell to protect the tent while you're traveling.

And so much more.

Don't Miss Out: The Overland Junction Golden

Check out the Overland Junction Golden so that you can lie on your plush mattress, take in the 360-degree views, and wonder where the heck this tent has been all your life.

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