4 Best Gx470 Roof Top Tents

    Gx470 Roof Top Tents Review

    You've come to the correct place if you're looking for a roof top tent for your Lexus Gx470.

    Roof top tents give your adventures a touch of luxury and perfect comfort, making them even more enjoyable! Unlike ground tents, Roof top tents are incredibly comfortable to sleep in and can be set up in minutes.

    In the sections below, We'll go through 4 of the top Gx470 roof top tents currently available and answer some common questions you might have about them.

    Grey Lexus Gx470

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    Top Gx470 Roof Top Tents (2024)

    The TMBK Gx470 Roof Top Tent from Overland Vehicle Systems is ideal for those on a tight budget. In comparison to other RTTs, it's quite light (Weighs 110 lbs) and can comfortably sleep three people. It also takes less than five minutes to set up and dismantle.

    • ✔ Sleeps 3 People
    • ✔ Affordable
    • ✔ Lightweight

    With a lightning-quick 30-second setup and takedown, the Alpha Gx470 Roof Top Tent is currently one of the best hard shell roof top tents on the market. It can comfortably sleep four people and comes with a super thick memory foam mattress.

    • ✔ Sleeps 4 People
    • ✔ 30 Second Setup
    • ✔ Optional Add-On-Room

    Nomadic by Overland Vehicle Systems is a two-person Lexus Gx470 Roof Top Tent designed to withstand the elements and keep you comfortable even under the most extreme weather conditions. It comes with a built-in skylight window to make your nights more magical.

    • ✔ Sleeps 2 People
    • ✔ Memory Foam Mattress
    • ✔ Quick Setup

    With a sleeping capacity of 5 people, Tuff Stuff Elite is one of the largest Gx470 roof top tents currently available on the market. It is extremely durable and can keep you safe and warm even in the worst of conditions.

    • ✔ Sleeps 5 People
    • ✔ Setup in under 5 min
    • ✔ Extreme Weather Protection

    Gx470 Roof Top Tents FAQ

    To install a roof top tent on my Gx470, what would I need?
    To put a roof top tent on your Gx470, you'll need crossbars or a roof rack system.

    Will a roof top tent lower the MPG (Miles per Gallon) of my Lexus Gx470?
    When you install a roof top tent, your Gx470's MPG may drop by 1-3 miles. The size and weight of your roof top tent will decide this. Most lightweight and hard shell roof top tents don't affect your MPG.

    Do these roof top tents include a mattress or must I purchase one separately?
    Each of the roof top tents displayed above comes with a nice memory foam mattress.

    How long does it take to set up these tents?
    These roof top tents can be set up and taken down in less 1-5 minutes.

    Is there a warranty on these roof top tents?
    Yes, every roof top tent on this list comes with an excellent warranty.

    Why Purchase A Roof Top Tent for your Gx470?

    Roof Top Tent on grey jeep

    Camp Anywhere

    You won't need to look for level terrain to set up your tent any more. With a roof tent on your Gx470, you can camp anywhere, from a muddy mountain to a sandy beach!

    Man setting up a roof top tent

    Quick Setup

    The days when pitching a tent took 15 to 30 minutes are long gone. Rooftop tents have the benefit of being quick to set up and dismantle, taking only 1 to 5 minutes.

    Roof top tent mattress with skylight window

    Extremely Comfortable

    No more leaking tents or sleeping on the ground for you! All roof top tents come with a plush mattress and a rainfly to keep you warm and cozy in all weather conditions.

    Overland Junction Labrador Roof Top Tent on Subaru Forester
    Overland Junction Labrador Roof Top Tent
    Overland Junction Labrador Roof Top Tent
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    Overland Junction Golden Roof Top Tent
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